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Hi! How do you mean glitchy? Without more information all I can tell you is you may try launching the game after connecting all your controllers, rather than connecting your controllers while the game is already running.

Thank you so much for your support! ♥️

Thanks! Unfortunately we do not have control over the sales for the Switch version, as that's handled by our friends at Headbang Club, who ported the game there, so no the sale won't extend there, but we're sure there will be an eshop sale at some other point in the near future. 🙂

No sorry, local multiplayer means on the same machine with multiple controllers (though one player can use the keyboard), however your Itch purchase comes with a Steam key, and if you redeem it Steam has a Remote Play Together feature which would let you play online with your friends. I hope this helps.

Hi again, we've just added MacOS support at last for Hexle, so you can check it out now if you still want to. :)

Mac support for the full game is finally here!! Sorry for the wait, we hope you enjoy the game if you get it! :)

Hi! The Mac version of the full game is finally here!! Sorry about the confusion previously, but we hope you enjoy the game!

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We made this game with our own custom engine, called Sugar, but it's not available to the public yet. 🙂 

We'll get to it soon! The demo version was mostly just a test, but we have the full thing almost ready now!

No online leaderboard currently no, but we encourage you to join our Discord where people will be posting their scores!

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Just couch co-op, though the Steam version will support Remote Play Together. (and buying the game on Itch gets you a Steam key) 🙂

Because this is a roguelike, you have to be careful about your card choices every time you get one, or  indeed you may end up in an unwinnable position.

Yes it will! It has controller support, a tutorial, new graphics, and better modding support! It comes out of beta on January 20th!

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Hi everyone!

Our new game Hexle  just came out! It's an original take on Sudoku with 16 numbers and extra rules! It features daily and weekly challenges, as well as 4 difficulties of generated puzzles, and a ton of palettes to unlock! Check out the trailer below to see what it looks like!

Hexle is available here on Itch for 6$, or you can get it with our Patreon subscription  for only 3€!

Thanks for the support, have a lovely weekend! 💖
-PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Hi! Thanks for the praise and sorry about your wrists! 😅

You can already swipe across multiple cells to remove possibilities, though you'll have to click them one by one to add them back. 🙂

It will yes! It's in the works :)

Sorry about this! We just fixed it. :)

Hi! I'm not sure what you're trying to run the game with but unfortunately it was made with our custom engine Sugar which is not available to the public at this time. I shared the source files mostly to comply with the Ludum Dare Compo rules, and so people can have a peek at them, but there's no way for you to actually build the game sorry.

That being said, I'll be trying to provide a Mac version myself soon, and I will add a Linux build today as well!

The game came out earlier this year as a gamejam entry, that is still available as a free demo for the full premium version we put out more recently. 🙂

Hi everyone!

Almost 4 months after its original Ludum Dare #53 version,  Superfetch Dog is finally getting a full release  here on itch!

In this one-of-a-kind platformer fetching game, play as Gale, the goodest boy, and retrieve a mysterious orb for your little owner who keeps throwing it away, though she clearly needs it!  As you run against time, you may find a way to save her once and for all…

Compared to the original jam version, this new release contains:

🐦 A revisited gameplay, with new interactions and mechanisms
🗻 An extended environment that may differ between runs
🃏 More upgrades
🐝 More enemies
🌅 A true ending
🎶 An improved soundtrack by Pentadrangle

Check out the trailer here:

You can get this new release for just 3€ by  subscribing to our Patreon now, and then receive our future games as we put them out!

Or you can   get it here on Itch  for 6$!

If you didn't get a chance to test it yet, or if you’d like to play it again, the jam version is still available for free on Superfetch Dog’s itch page as a sort of free demo!

We hope you enjoy the game! Take care!

-PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞

I think you should do the tutorial again because you definitely can check the enemies' health and it's explained there. 😄 You just need to press the - button. For the shotgun cone unfortunately this was the best solution we could come up with without making the controls unnecessarily complicated. Thanks for getting it on Switch! 💖

Simple but  effective concept! Really liked the  presentation, it's minimalist but has a ton of personality imo!

This is a winner for me, such a good game. Premise is simple and effecient, art works really well, general execution is just really solid all around. At first I found myself wanting a button to end my turn more quickly but then I realized that I could also score matches and get more points. Trying to do that as well as trying to keep track of the knives on the board was really fun. Add a few more difficulty elements and you honestly could sell this game imo.

Really fun idea to play as the wind! Game itself is a bit difficult due to the very raw randomness I think, but I like that you kept things simple and effective!

Very cool entry, well done! It was difficult to find the timing for perfect parries, maybe an additional effect right at that time would have helped, but once I got it it was super satisfying!

Very cool and funny concept! Maybe a bit too difficult though, which is a shame because there really is potential here I think! Anyway the premise did get a laugh out of me. 😄

That said, you may hear from our lawyers in the near future. (just kidding of course... unless?)

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Hey, yes sorry about this, we should've set the defeult window size to something smaller. ^^' You can use ctrl-F to go fullscreen!

It represents how often you choose a card when it is proposed by the game. : )

Done! Sorry about the oversight!

It gives you both a DRM-free copy and a  Steam code!

Thanks for the report! We updated the game with a fix!

If you go to the game's download page, you should have a button there to claim your Steam key!

Ranged minions attack automatically when they are aligned with enemies and you use turns with other minions. :)

That is correct yes. Modding was quite some work to make happen so we feel like it should be exclusive to the full version.

Hi! We have a few mods up on our Discord server:
And here's a fan-made guide which has a section for installing them:

Hi! One of our Discord member made this really nice guide:

If you still can't figure it out, please come to our Discord, we have active members who should be able to help you out. :)

Hi, you're playing the jam version. We recommend rather trying the new Demo version.

Hey, glad you're enjoying the game! You have to get to that purchase page to get your Steam key. You can ask that it be sent to you again here :

Owning the game on Steam doesn't get you the Itch version but the good news is you can mod the Steam version just as well. The Sample mod here can be downloaded for free, and it works for both versions. You can get some help (and other, actual mods) on our Discord if you'd like:

Hi, in that case you do need to find the mail we sent on Thursday, or your original purchase mail, from when you bought the game. Alternatively you can request a new purchase mail from this page:

All of these mails  contain a link to the page where you can redeem your key.