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Hey, thanks! I’m not working on the game actively anymore but I am using the engine for something else so the bug tracking is helpful.

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Thanks! I’ve now taken care of the bug, that’s a pretty big one!

Link Here

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Critter Sanctuary is a monster collecting RPG where instead of catching monsters from the wild, you help Critters who have been abused by treating them kindly and adopting them to new homes.

A protest

Outside the castle

I’ve added a feature where you can modify the pitch along with the volume of sound effects. I don’t think I’ll change the sound effects because it’s supposed to sound like a gameboy (the music is even composed on an emulator)

Is it volume or a particular sound? And at what part of the game? Thanks for the feedback, it’s very helpful.

It means give credit in the credits. List “PunishedFelix” as the creator of the music. There are no midis for these tracks, they were composed in LSDJ.

Yes, please give credit.

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Yes but please give credit. Sorry for not making clear.

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Thanks, I’ll look into it. I just started working on the game again after health issues, haha. Thanks so much for your support :)

I’m currently building out the AI and I should be finishing it in the next few days - this bug looks like it didn’t load one of the accessibility strings properly. An earlier version might not have this bug but I’ll try to make sure I get this fixed before my next release.

Expect something in the next week or so. Thanks so much for your support it means a lot! Especially for blind play testing!

Why does that matter, you can just disable it if you want a challenge.

DOOM has baby mode and nightmare and nobody would call DOOM an easy game.

I genuinely don’t think giving an audio cue would actually make things easier though. It might actually distract some users, hence why the option is important.

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Blind people use screen readers to read text on the screen. The problem is that not every application is built natively to support screen readers. Also, some games require additional navigation sound. The model I proposed in the OP would include a couple of extra special sound effects that would signal to a player what button to press shortly before pressing it. It would act as the equivalent to a visual cue.

Frankly I would want to help for free, it looks like the source code is up publicly. I wonder if its possible to build a module but I would really appreciate the developer if they could get back to me on accessibility. perhaps its time for a pull request

I guess I will have to find another way to contact the developer

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Guys blind people literally can’t play the guy’s game I just want to help

I guess I forgot this is full of kids

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I was exploring r/blind and I noticed people talking about how Friday Night Funkin’ doesn’t offer any blind accessibility. The OP was really upset by this and while I haven’t played the game myself I think that building this accessibility would not be very hard. I would love to offer free assistance so that my blind friends can be able to play this game as well, as well as recommending that you work with r/blind and to make the game more accessible to blind audiences.

For example, you could get started by offering a sound cue shortly before button presses. By using differentiated sound effects and working closely with the blind community, you could make the game much more accessible. This can be turned on/off with a simple option added to the options menu. I don’t mind offering free help to get a basic setup going so that blind players can give feedback and suggestions.

Also, if your game doesn’t already support TTS/navigable menus for blind people I can help you get started with building a frame work.

If you can get SAPI support in windows, that is workable. It’s on hold because I can’t develop it myself but I have a DLL I built if you can’t natively inject SAPI into your program. Also, we plan on doing NVDA support in the future. NVDA is a screen reader.

To test a blind accessibility mode, try to turn off your monitor after you run the game, and try to play it without a screen. Not only will it be incredibly cool, but it will make for a much more playable experience for blind people.

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks, I’ll look into it. My current updates that I’m working on might actually fix this problem though. I’m currently developing replays so you can submit a crash report.

Do you know what card(s) triggers the bug? That will make it a lot easier to test.

thanks for the suggestions

I probably will add more animations but not in this next update since I’m trying to get all the card effects working. Sometimes I get distracted and add something though lol.

I removed a lot of the “phase” animations since it was taking up most of the time in the duel and was mostly unnecessary.


Several people are struggling because there is no in game tutorial. Please read the game page for instructions, I was short on time. This should help with controls but also gameplay. Thanks.

Can you describe the issue? If it’s caused by inconsistent behavior I can release a patch.

I didnt have time to add the tutorial so i added it on the main page.

Yup! thats the plan… and thanks!

I dig the UI, has a lot of potential as a final product. Gameplay is really simple, would benefit from a tutorial in the future. Its not too hard to get a hang of though. The generator is a nice addition too.

Can you update the discord link so that it never expires? thanks