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You are right. The problem was due to Google's change regarding the OAuth login process. Your comment helped me determine the problem's source and make the necessary changes. I uploaded the desktop versions. Hence, you may try again. The android version is pending.

I will study your thesis as soon as I find spare time to read the details about the implementations of the genetic algorithms. I expected that the version that utilizes the crossover process would have better results. In any case, the usage of the genetic algorithm is exciting.

I'm looking forward to seeing a newer version. I'm sure it will be even better.

It's a fantastic game, especially for people who have little spare time but still want to play a strategy game. As the creator describes, it is a little game, so it does not have much depth, which I find very convenient. Whenever I have free time, I play Ocean Tribes.

It would be great for the game to have the potential to expand somehow and save the player's current state. Furthermore, I would like the expansion to take place procedurally so that the game never ends!

I like the artificial intelligence it incorporates, as well as the balance in the game.

Congratulations again on the beautiful work.

Great game mechanics and graphics.

Excellent mechanics, great flat-style graphics.

I like the faces from I generally like the graphics of the game as they are simple and have a flat style. The game is also easy to play, and the concept is exciting and funny! Excellent orientation, ideal for playing mobile games using one hand!

So much fun!

Great and innovative idea.

This is the educational version of the popular board game Guess Who (click here to view the game page). The user can play the game to test her/his knowledge regarding questions in English about people's characteristics. There is an absence of numerous functionalities, such as AI implementation, additional levels and faces, statistics, leaderboards, login without copying and pasting the code. However, I intend to add the mentioned features soon.

This is my first time using the Godot Game engine, which, I think, is very handy and easy. My background involves primarily developing enterprise web applications using Java EE (Jakarta) or Spring MVC. 

If anyone wants to contribute by providing assets for the faces (e.g. head, hair, eyes, moustache, beard, hat, glasses) to generate levels with diverse faces, it will be appreciated.

Please feel free to post your feedback or any ideas.

I was thinking to upload the database as well. Do I have to submit all data or just some indicative? I was thinking about an educational game but I wouldn't like the users to see the answers ;) At least not all of them.

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Can someone create a browser (HTML, CSS, javascript) game, accompanied by a database and/or web services?

Thank you in advance.