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Forgot to tick the Windows checkbox on the upload file.  Should be okay now!

Oh thanks for letting me know, I will fix that bubble bug tonight. 

As for paid, think I'd need a lot more content to justify that. Originally did think about it but creating that much content put me off

The backgrounds can get a bit much.  Luckily for everybody, you can change them in the Options menu.  You can turn them off completely or use a more subtle setting like this:

Thanks for playing!

Marty Mouse's Missing Millions is available now

This is a a colourful old-school style arcade game.  Collect coins and avoid the cats

Use power ups to your advantage, but be careful as each cat has its own personality to deal with

Download Here

Ha yeah that's me.  There was Attack of the Robot Cats from Mars, And Revenge of... but I don't have the source to build either, and I suspect they wouldn't go down particularly well these days either :)

Great, glad you are enjoying it.  Got a big update coming soon so keep an eye out for that :)




Yeah, the Wales level is based on Caerphilly, which is just up the road from me👍

Thank you for your kind comment. It is always gratifying when people appreciate the effort put in. Glad you enjoyed it.

Hi. Glad you enjoyed the music. I composed it all myself, you can listen to it all on my soundcloud page:

Thank you for letting me know. I will get it sorted. 

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Would like to donate my game :

This is good simple fun.  Easy to play, and the difficulty ramps up at just about the right rate.  Enjoyed it!


No problem at all, glad it's working and you enjoy it.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

So sorry about this.  Could you try and re-download for me and see if it works? 

Hi.  Sorry to be clear, are you saying the version that you download from doesn't work properly? 

Destructivator 2 demo now available

A fast paced platform shooter with many types of enemies, ships to fly and bosses to defeat.