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i got to fuse 2 smithed rares into him really early. that made it possible to try for a 2 monster win with super as a backup. if you nerf him, super will be get used like what? once? twice? per game. as is you can try to roll 2 monster combos that make it to lvl 2 and gamble on events. anyway, i don't think i could have done it without fusing a dmg and regen rare.  also, yes, declining the food would be it :-)

looks like mana can't go below 10 .. and if you try, you loose the nut. bug? p.s. that run was a great deal of fun, please don't nerf tuskal, he's great for learning about the other guys!

Hi Jay -- this is a very cool game; It runs on Wine, except for one thing:  Once you mouse-away from the window you can no longer click or drag anything. The mouse-over events continue to fire, but the buttons don't work.   ... also the sound/music settings and window position don't save. if they did then restarting would be less of an issue ;-)   had a great time, just thought i'd let you know!

Version: 6.8/Wine64

Message: invalid command name ".memberdialog.canvas.frame.table"
raised TCL.ADA.TCL_ERROR_EXCEPTION : invalid command name ".memberdialog.canvas.frame.table"

Message: studying Bronze plates
raised CRAFTS.CRAFTING_NO_TOOLS : studying Bronze plates

Message: cargv.adb:79 explicit raise
raised CONSTRAINT_ERROR : cargv.adb:79 explicit raise

these last two.. ouch.

this isn't windows. any version of libc can call the kernel; but i defer to your experience.

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>:~$ ldd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

    /lib64/ (0x00007f3f00017000) (0x00007ffd795f6000)

you mean

i don't see the dependencies yet?  its just seems to be libc alone that's missing.

Thought you could ship the missing bits with the appimage, but I'll try wine. ty!

Hi, I'd love to play with steam-sky again -- but i find the instructions on how to build 'impossible to follow', and can play neither the linux-dev nor the appimage-stable versions due to library version mismatches.

fully up-to-date debian buster here.

./steamsky: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.33' not found (required by ./steamsky)

./steamsky: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.34' not found (required by ./steamsky)

./steamsky: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /tmp/.mount_steams3rkBpY/usr/lib/

./steamsky: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /tmp/.mount_steams3rkBpY/usr/lib/

its been like this for several of your versions/releases now.

will try again when you have a 'thing that runs!'  ty!

Fishing poles. I had one awesome run, then nothing afterwards the few times i tried to farm runes.

Digging up a map - exactly that. dig every square. plop down a 3x in the middle to sleep after traveling to/fro to drop off the crystal you make and collect runes while you do it.

Shovels, Fishing poles, pick-axes etc, will be in your /recipes, and if they aren't of the right material for you, then craft what you can to level them up. And if there's ever a recipe you don't know, then you need to find it by chance.. or obtain it with the help of staff from settlement buildings.

I understood what you said about the elementals. I'd just never cast one. But I like your new explanation of they work from the caster's perspective so much .. i just stuck it into the notes for the rune.

Again, aside from being able to help carry things, only ranged Mercs staying out of melee have been any help at all. I've gotten a lot more out of Moose and Grizzly since it takes just getting stuck in a font once or twice before you wind up with them nakedly running into melee.. i've had big equipment losses misjudging their staying power and only the beasts have anything close to the Gatekeeper's resilience. As one, it took just a few refined bits of iron before i could farm ruins without having to pay much attention , never loosing anyone.. until my young grizzly died while helping me conquer the first den.

Its not that i don't like them at all, I've hired every last one i've found and have them hanging out, parked at the tavern. My extra pets and domestic animals at the stables :)

Completing a Den gave me a title - which the next level merc wanted to see before joining up. At that time you're not worried about finding enough loot to hire or equip them with and might be a bit more conscious about how you spend your shards.

There's no 'where exactly' in the land. Things spawn, you find them, beat them and fewer things of that type spawn where that was. I can't explain it, but the map contents is always a surprise while you will also always find some landmark, like a castle or fortress just by wandering around. Some things are very rare, but not castles. They seem to start maybe 15..20km from settlements, e.g. 1.5 maps 'over' in any direction you'll run into one eventually. Sometimes even 2 or three no closer than perhaps 8 squares from another. 

A good exploration strategy might be to set your compass to the nearest settlement you know about and then to walk to there and back, this way you'll see the map as it really is. say you want to go NW to another settlement. "X" relica and start NW right away. the next time, walk W 3 steps, then go NW.. it never winds up working perfectly, because you'll get distracted by things you find, but you can cover/check the entire space for landmarks that way.

Wow, a truly impressive reply; I'm glad I took the time to write back to you earlier.

No, you can't salvage spells and in a while you won't want or need to because with a refined workbench and your insight/charisma gear you'll try your hand at fishing (ignoring/butchering all the fish into nothingness) and/or digging up a beach-map (you can only fall down a tripple dug hole once per map, so even if you get hurt, it wont happen again on that beach), crafting crystal from sand (and then crafting every last recipe you can in crystal just to level up your recipes so that you could do them with steel next), and getting a good number of runes from there. There are some numbers in the guide from my experiment -- good returns and i have multiples of everything from there.

You might want to look at the Jade faction traits and see if you can boost your luck while also aiming for attunement and diplomat as I have done. Rather than going into dungeons, and i might have worded that warning too strongly because they are very fun as you have experienced .. if you can get out that is, and that is tricky because you've not the half of how devious they are yet! ... I'd want you to farm points and key-fragments by killing as many Jade Nobles as you can. Seriously. become an attuned diplomat, hunt the castles, put up an airtight 5x5 shelter around you and the noble, kill them, get the fragment and move on.

... do this in the Relica area as soon as you can handle the normal quests from a little further out and have your never-any-repairs needed stout or deadly pets.  Invest the 9th fragment into your character and repeat that a few dozen times before you actually complete the key -- which will only give you temp weapons on demand that make some fights go faster but which have not been essential for me. you'll also start having to worry about sleeping with the door locked after that 'win' and farming the 9th fragment while still staying the hell out of champion fights for a while longer and picking up as many labyrinths as you can is easy and gives you the most points! you'll find plenty of castles within 20..80 miles from relica to up both your insight and stamina while loosing the least reputation with your faction since you'll make 1 instead of 10ish kills per fragment.

I do believe charm matters a lot with rewards, yes. Rearranging relica with a pick-axe and some paint so you can do multiple find-item quests right away is fun. I'd not keep my stash in relica but allow myself the extra time/encounters and stash at your 2nd or most distant other settlement, transfering items through the warehouse and looking around for next tier mines and npcs while you're out there.

Experiment with which waypoint connections/direction dump you into a lake and which don't. and keep fighting your own  faction's nobles, donating a medal here and there to make up for lost rep if you want to keep it; or just buy the remaining trait manuals and plan on which faction you want to do that with next. at least you'll no longer be worried about your health stat at this point!

you can /name npc you meet to encode what they are and what they can do for you.  /slw their positions in town, complete a den and pick as many good mercs as you want -- careful to not trash their items, they dont seem to like that -- and park at them at your base away from relica. ... as you do all this you will start collecting quite a few legendary items. and with these you can build different sets, and figure out how to get your elemental alignments up high.  boy, that was a long-winded way of saying, yep, attunement is that important, and that's why you want gear that lets you infuse runes.

ropes.. from plant-fibers. can't have enough of them ;)  ok.. you will have more than enough; of everything.  storages seem unlimited, but put no more items into them as fit on the screen and you'll have the mechanics down.  keep looking into the local maps as you travel, there are quite a few mysteries in there, some of them quite rare, others quite puzzling.

"(d.) do NOT combine Condition effector runes with the Elemental rune."  .. beautiful insight; I wish I understood how the elemental became an AOE rather than a Direct Damage Dealer..  If not at the beach, you'll be able to obtain runes from the staff when you complete your first obelisk. Its not the right spell for my Gatekeeper; if you learn more, lmk.

I'm looking for another gatekeeper to gear up in legendaries to take into dungeons with me and the magic DD's i'm hoping to hire in taverns from around the realm. 'our' stuff only takes half the damage and I don't mind shield-bashing mobs and playing 'a dummy' this time 'round ;)   See you at the rift!


/say follow me! or /shout come here  will get the attention of any freaked out and therefore stealthed child within earshot. You might need to move around and look into different corners of the map for them them to hear you. not too far when you shout or use a "!" when you say something. 

escorting people gets a whole lot easier when you /stealth travel from here to there. of course you'll likely wind up almost drowning in the middle of a lake when you're only halfway to your destination, and likely at night and in the middle of a desert where there's no wood to be found to build an overnight shelter. So take two wooden logs, one for planks for a shelter, and one for a door to install there. do /stealth again to unstealth the moment you wind up in that lake i mentioned or you might really drown and die.

the rewards vary a lot in quality and can be rather silly bad if you've not done other quests with that person before. so keep than in mind and take another quest or two from them so the rewards get better. sometimes you get someone who has to do a lot of travel
for spoilery reasons and you might get lucky with something really great that you can use for a while. but hey.. none of their goodies can take runes which makes them useful only within a few 100 km from home.

Fragile stuff? yes. totally. that will make sense -- and yes, /salvage and /drop things into your stash house with /ds when you get home
traveling in /stealth while /wearing your equally fragile at first bags!

Avoid Blights and deaths with "the strategy of running away" and hoping that the next map you drop into to heal won't have some imp nuking the last bit of life out of you. And simply .. never enter dungeons, dens or coliseums. simply don't.  Always upgrade to the best stuff you can find and consider holding a shield or two for their damage reduction ..

.. and getting at least a grizzly to accompany you. or a lake-monster, or an elk or something bigger than you!  /pet them until they are happy and /give them a treat. if they like you well enough you'll have their loyalty for life. that means you can leave them somewhere and they will rejoin you later when you remind them of your friendship with another treat!  Pets are FARA's better people. At least until you find a merc that's not simply a stuff-dropping idiot without any spells or buff-giving abilities that help instead of hinder you.

Once you have a few bags you can swap a grizzlies for a merc to help you carry things. In combat though, they might cost you more in equipment repair than you're willing to pay at first! So, /inspect and /salvage everything so you collect /recipes right from the start, make some big shields and troll the woods around the farthest away from home place you've ever been - in hopes for a bear that's not a young bear. mind you, a young grizzly will totally rock for a long time, but look for the strongest you can find and take them back into the easier zones around Relica to make it easy on yourself.

Once you used a tool you'll have its recipe available. Click on a runic shard from a salvaged rune for the details. And yes, the
upgrade do make the equipment stronger and more durable. Its hard to see sometimes. But you want that. Consider also a
workbench for all your repairs .. and repair that with a repair kit. keeps costs down.  -- don't upgrade too much stuff, look instead
to improve your relation with any npc in the next town you find by doing quests for them. This will give you better stuff without
you needing to upgrade things you'll only need until you for a transition to iron or steel or whatever the better cloths are for mages.  idk, i'm playing melee, not a mage. 

And hey, heavy attacks with your wand will heal you a little bit. normal attacks dont do that. the more water runes you have in your gear, the more that healing will be, but you want to find and treasure any rejuvenation rune you find and then upgrade to the hilt any spell you make with that. That's what you want to keep some of the shards you're making for!  

Two more things.. unlock the warehouse!  and read my notes. they have a pretty good index and a whole bunch of tables full of detailed info for my next run at the game. They should help you too.. and if something's missing, send me your notes via DM on the discord or a comment on the github or perhaps even here.

Consider keeping a keen eye out for Moose, Grizzlies and other large beasts. They are as easy to tame as all the other animals and often have incredible stats. They also don't need to be equipped -- which means you don't have to worry about repairing the precious gear you gave them. Gratz on that 15k unlock!

p.s. You can play the desktop version with the save-file from the browser, but its complicated. Best to take what you learned and start the next game using a downloaded version. 

I don't really play a Necros (Morticians in FARA)  much but let me answer your ancient question anyway.. supposing you didn't "S" stealth and go back to your settlement to sleep, you would have pressed "R" and chosen to rest until morning -- after closing the door and perhaps building a Bed for the "well-rested" buff.  Other than that, one day seems to equal about 120 steps on the overland map.

Cheers. Pug out.

I share you pain! 

Turns out you can scroll using [Home] and [End], line by line, not screen by screen, but at least you can scroll any of the game's three panels with the keyboard and mouse-wheel.  Anytime you have a full-screen popup, it's considered the middle panel and you use [Home] and [End]. The keys to the left and right of these do the same in the other panels.

When you're in the game at last, press [?] and scroll down all the way to the bottom for more useful keys.

I too get the problem with the game-log taking over your screen.  For that, type 

/setkey ; layout1
/setkey : layout3 

into the game once. i mean, press [/] to get the prompt, then type the rest over two lines. *then* you can press ';' to get your game-screen. Weird, i know, but its an alpha and learning to use it as most people do for best effect isn't all that obvious at times. *BUT* the quality and stability of the thing are both improving at a rapid clip .. and you can have some really cool adventures playing in that world.

I first tried the game 3 years ago and have written up all the notes i've found on the web and stuff. You can read them here. They ought to be in good enough shape already to help you understand what's going on in this cool game. 


From my notes:

go to the directory where you unpacked the game, then type

sudo chmod +x FARA 
sudo chmod 4755 chrome-sandbox 
sudo chown root:root chrome-sandbox

after that you can start the game using 


from there through the terminal. this may not work through your file-manager, but you can make a little script that will make it work. 

Again, from where you unpacked the game type:

echo ./FARA >./fara 
sudo chmod +x ./fara

There's no .desktop shipped with the game. If you know where these go on your system, perhaps ~/.local/share/applications/ as on my system, you could install it in the menu saving the following there as, say, fara.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName="Open World Roguelike Sandbox"
Comment="The Roguelike that tries to do too much :)"

I just just bookmarked the path with my file-manager to make it work from there through the little script above and didn't actually test the .desktop file i conjured up for you.

Anyway, it works fine. Check my notes for things I've been researching about the world so I know what I'm doing the next time I play.


Hey Guys, I wrote up everything about FARA I could find on the web.
The game is very much alive, fun and has a lot more QoL than it once did.  .. Linux Notes included.
Send me Feedback and your Tips using Discord or Github.