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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative

Screen size frustration

A topic by xyncht created Jan 02, 2020 Views: 386 Replies: 1
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How do I scroll text?  For example, I can't see most of the classes in the starting class list because they are off the bottom of the screen but I also can't, as far as I can tell, scroll the text.  Is this a sizing issue?  Is there a way to fullscreen or window the game so that it works?  I tried downloading the standalone but that doesn't work either.  How can I make text scroll so I can read it?

Furthermore, my map has disappeared and I don't know how to bring it back.  And the lack of information about these kinds of commands in general is frustrating.

I share you pain! 

Turns out you can scroll using [Home] and [End], line by line, not screen by screen, but at least you can scroll any of the game's three panels with the keyboard and mouse-wheel.  Anytime you have a full-screen popup, it's considered the middle panel and you use [Home] and [End]. The keys to the left and right of these do the same in the other panels.

When you're in the game at last, press [?] and scroll down all the way to the bottom for more useful keys.

I too get the problem with the game-log taking over your screen.  For that, type 

/setkey ; layout1
/setkey : layout3 

into the game once. i mean, press [/] to get the prompt, then type the rest over two lines. *then* you can press ';' to get your game-screen. Weird, i know, but its an alpha and learning to use it as most people do for best effect isn't all that obvious at times. *BUT* the quality and stability of the thing are both improving at a rapid clip .. and you can have some really cool adventures playing in that world.

I first tried the game 3 years ago and have written up all the notes i've found on the web and stuff. You can read them here. They ought to be in good enough shape already to help you understand what's going on in this cool game.