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Very good

I loved the idea. Very clever

Very fun game, and nice visuals

I didn't know this game, looks very similar indeed :)

Thanks a lot! I won't judge you, Super Meat Boy is one of my favourite games ever 😉

Please, please, please, please, make a mac build! It looks so fun and polished

Thank you for your feedback.

The tutorial is one of the many things i would have spent more time on. But it was my first godot project and i lost a LOT of time figurine out how to do things. But i learned a lot of things and my next projects will benefit from it.

Screenshake Valhalla. It could have been the game's title 😂 You're right the controls needs some adjustments.

There is a sound effect for shooting but i admit it's barely noticable.

Thanks for your comments 😁

Thanks a lot 😉

Yeah i may have added a LOT of screenshaking 😆

Thanks for your feedback

Thank you. The aesthetics is rather simple but it works.

I really loved your game by the way

Thanks. I'm glad you had fun playing it.

Hey. Thanks a lot. For the glowing effect i just used the WorldEnvironnement node. There is no 2D lightning, i was afraid to make the game even more shinny.

Thanks for your feedback. The auto shield trigger may be a good thing to add indeed.

I think the first level is the harderst one, even though you have all your abilities in this one.

That's a really nice feedback. Thank you.
I'm glad someone played this long :) How could you finish the game since it has no end? ^^

I might continue developing it, but not for now. This was fun to make but i spent a lot of time on this and i usually don't have much time for projects like this one.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the game :) Sorry for the difficulty :p

Thanks for playing the game. It sure is hard. I'm pretty bad at balancing difficulty. :p

Sorry for your keyboards :) I have to admit my finger hurt a lot when i played the "no brakes" level :p

Thanks :)

Thanks for this long and lovely comment. =)

For the color changing in all levels, it's very simple. Every "sprite" is made of one or multiple polygon2D nodes. I have a global script which contains a palette array, so that each polygon2D sets its color when it's instanciated.

For the ground and ceiling spikes, they're also polygon2D to which i added a script. When the ground/ceiling is instanciated, the script adds a rigidbody2D node as a child and a polygonShape2D (a simply copy of the polygon2D coordinates). The advantage is that i'm able to directly modify the shape of the background and then the collision shape is auto generated.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Awesome loved it

Nice game. Finished in 10 min

4:56 I hate those spikes !
Nice work on sound and graphics i loved it.

very nice :)

Amazing pixel art and very fun concept.

You could defenitivly make a whole bunch of levels with these mechanics.

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Thanks. Yes, it gets hard at some point, that's why i added the infinite life option (and also because i'm bad at level designing)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Great work ! I enjoyed it

That was amazing. Nice work

Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks 😃

Great gameplay idea !

Thanks man

Thanks, I thought about the WASD inputs after uploading the game. Next time i'll do it.

I was asking myself the same question

Title :) Enjoy your pizza. :p

Congratulations to all the other entries, there where some really good ideas.

nah i like to torture players 😆. I will add this functionality later.

thanks for your feedback. I agree with you and will add the possibily to skip the music in the next updates

Thanks 😃

It's planned to be done. The music parody is funny the first two times but gets annoying :)

I also plan to add much more mechanics.. 

Thanks for your feedback