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Cool design!

I loved the vibe of the game! I had fun reading the SRD. It's really the kind of game that compels the reader to produce content for.

Unfortunately the dollar exchange rate is very high for now, but I hope to be able to buy the full version of Arcane Ugly in the not too distant future.

Congratulations for this great work!

Very cool, Jason! Is your game also CC-BY licensed like Knave? I saw some things that I already want to "steal" for my hack (with due credits). ^^


CC is great for this. :)

I'm in the mood to make a Crestfall hack. Do you allow this under any license? :)

Not yet. :/

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Very cool game! I really liked the minimalism.

Two things that weren't so clear to me:

  1. Does the model that delivers the objective token to the edge of the board leave or remain in the game?
  2. In the Rally special ability, is it one model (the leader?) motivating others so this one wouldn't receive the benefit, or multiple nearby models motivating each other?

Overall, I loved the game. I'm just wondering if the move structure wouldn't allow a player (possibly the first) to secure an objective token simply by activating a single model with 10 actions and not attacking any opponents along the way.

Posso traduzir um skirmish game ou vale somente RPG nesta jam?

Realy cool game. An OGL or CC license would be great!

Cool. Thanks!

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Hi. I got to know the game from the jam and found it very interesting. However, looking at the license I was in doubt about an excerpt:

"Art and text from our books may not be reused or translated, unless you have our explicit permission."

According to this excerpt, although the rules are open for use, the text cannot be copied. Does this mean that hack authors must rewrite everything in their own words, even rules identical to the original?

Weird... the buy button is gone. Must be some platform bug.

Wonderful. ^^

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. ^^

I loved it! I'm already thinking about hacking. Is there a license for this? ^^

I've never used miniatures in game so I would like to know to try to make something useful. :)

Wonderful. :)

John, does this game's license allow hacks?

If you want help, I can edit the remaining pages of the bestiary for you

Amazing. I am among those who wanted to hack Brighthammer.  :)


Patricio Gonzalez is another Argentine who creates interesting games, like "Lobo Blanco", a fan-RPG in the world of Elric of Melniboné. The game is available for free in Spanish and English.

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Benjamín Aníbal Reyna is an Argentine game designer who makes great minimalist RPGs.

Cool game, Christina!

Very cool stuff! Can I translate your game for the Brazilian community, gayhalforc?


(Like Encho, I'm also Brazilian, and my English is no good, so I'm sorry about that. I'm using Google Translate to communicate.)

The first idea I had when reading about this jam stuck in my mind, so I'll probably stick with it. It's pretty silly, but maybe it can result in fun scenes.

Basically, it's a game about platonic loves. The only move would be "Don't be pathetic!" or something like that. It's a little game about those kind of cool people who turn into complete failure in the presence of the person they love. :)