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Thanks so much for the game report, IGKU! I will seriously consider your suggestions, but I do not guarantee that I will implement them. These changes would affect many rules of the game so I can't take them lightly, but nothing is written in stone. ^^

What happens depends on the specific edge. Let's take Trickster as an example:

Trickster: When an enemy model spends Karma to re-roll within 3", this model can spend 1 Karma to steal initiative after its activation. This model must be able to act in order to use this ability.

In the case of this edge, the trigger is "When an enemy model spends Karma to re-roll within 3" ". The activation is "this model can spend 1 Karma" and the effect is "to steal initiative after its activation". So, if there was a trigger and the player activated it, after the enemy activates, this model can be activated (its owner can make an Activation roll to try to activate it). The requirement is "This model must be able to act in order to use this ability", that is, if the model has already been activated or is inactive for other reasons, it cannot activate this edge.

Basically, when you steal initiative, you interrupt your opponent's sequence of activations. Each edge indicates when this can be done and, if a model is identified as a catalyst for that edge, it is it that must be activated if it is capable of being activated.

Is it clearer now?

Well observed, GGFreak.

As you mentioned, these different expressions mean the same thing: the player rolls additional dice in search of successes. Standardizing this text is a really good suggestion and I will do this in future updates.

Each die rolled in an attack can generate a hit and each hit is defended separately. This is explained in the section about Defense rolls:

Defense Roll: For each hit suffered, the enemy makes a Defense roll (1d6). Each success absorbs 1 hit, each failure causes 1 wound token.

Jadasc, this is associated with the Activation session:

"The player continues to activate models as long as they have successes on the Activation rolls and have models available. Thus, it is possible to activate all your models in sequence if you get at least 1 success with each."

The function of initiative stealing edges is to interrupt the opponent's sequence of activations.

Thank you for the question. I will try to explain this better in future updates.

Jadasc, I replaced it with ".ZIP" files. Thanks for letting me know.

Very cool, GGFreak. I liked your choices. :)

I would change a few things to fit better:

Unliving: When this model is out of action, you can spend 1 Karma to place a Resurrection die where the model was. The die starts with the face equal to the model's Activation stat. Place the unliving model outside the battlefield as close to the die as possible. At the end of each turn, the Resurrection die decreases by -1 and you can spend any amount of Karma to reduce it by the same amount. When the Resurrection die reaches zero, remove it from the battlefield and place the unliving model back in its place.

Design Choices: Using the Karma cost to place the die makes this more of a player choice than an element of luck. Associated with the Activation stat means that weaker models tend to be quicker and cheaper to return to the game. Bosses and Underbosses are expensive to return before the end of the game. Positioning the model outside the battlefield but as close as possible to the die helps to differentiate if more than one unliving model uses this edge at the same time.

Necromancy: As an action, this model can choose one Resurrection die within 3" and reduce it by -1. Additionally, when a Resurrection die is placed in this model's line of sight, reduce the size of the die by - 1. This model cannot have Unliving.

Design Choices: This makes the necromancer less passive. The necromancer must be near the die and spend an action to reduce it. In some ways, this is similar to the Healer of Mages. I kept your limitation of not being unliving (it's a good idea!).

I have to test these edges, but I believe they are good additions to the Risen society I am creating. Probably Unliving would be the special edge of this society. :)

I would love to see your version. :)

Don't worry, eventually necromancy should return as a revised edge and more coherent with the new mechanics. ^^

GGFreak, are you unable to extract the files?

I decided to update with the files compressed due to their quantity. I believe this is simpler than having a huge list of files to download.

Version 0.2 Updates

  • Several rules were better explained.
  • The objective of the game and the ending has become more defined: the player who accumulates the most victory points after 5 turns wins.
  • Karma stops being a stat and becomes a meta-economy of the game, allowing greater flexibility in strategies.
  • The game now has a pre-defined number of turns (5 turns).
  • Initiative is now rolled every turn and the last player receives 1 Karma.
  • The term Unruly was replaced with Hesitant to better fit the theme.
  • A new Drain Node action has been added that is related to the basic objective of the game.
  • There is no longer a movement penalty for climbing (after all, we are dealing with supernatural beings in this game).
  • When creating a faction, there is now an incentive for the player to develop their personal lore.
  • In the basic stat lines, F2 was added for Bosses and Underbosses, and F1 for Minions.
  • Activation now costs 3 points on the upgrade table.
  • Defense now costs 3 and is capped at 4 points.
  • Most edges have been rewritten and there are no repetitions of edges between occult societies.
  • Each society gets 1 edge of its own to steal initiative.
  • Each society gets 2 edges to generate Karma.
  • Edges that were equivalent to stat points have been changed.
  • A small section on creating new societies has been added.

Well noted! I'll take that into account. I sincerely thank you for your observations.

Good question. I'll make this clearer in the rules. This is the revised version:

Consecutive Shots: Each shot after the first suffers a cumulative +1 penalty to the Fire roll (+1 for the second, +2 for the third, and so on).

Cold-Blooded: This model does not suffer penalties for consecutive shots.

True. It was something we observed in the playtest and should change in the update that I will release soon.

Thanks for the feedback, GGFreak. You raised very relevant questions. I'm working on an update and should release it soon. I hope it answers several of these questions.

About minions, you can have different minions. Only the base stats are the same.

Nice! Don't forget to change the file name. ;)

A version of FLEAUX! with this system it would be really interesting... Just saying. :)

Thank you, Gasini. I'm glad you liked it! ^^

Noted, IGKU. I will take this into consideration for future updates. Thanks.

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Some people asked me for recommendations on models to use in Gothic-Punk, so I thought I'd make a post here gathering ideas.

As far as I researched, there aren't many collections specifically with an urban fantasy theme, much less with a 90s vibe. So, the way is to work with what we have available at the moment.

Many modern and urban models can be used with little adaptation. Pulling the vibe in the painting should work in many cases.

Here are some suggestions when looking for models:

Apocalypse Survivors might be a good starting point. Zombicide models, for example, could work.

Modern Day Survivors Series by ColossalMiniatures

Modern Day Survivors Series by ColossalMiniatures

Many "punk" characters can be transported to the 90s vibe. Maybe some punks from Necromunda or cyberpunk collections could work.



For anachronistic characters such as ancient vampires, wizards in ceremonial robes, werewolves in battle form, and more inhuman fairies, gothic fantasy models can work.

Vampire Lucien Hesus by Titan Forge Miniatures

Vampire Lucien Hesus by Titan Forge Miniatures

If you want to go deep into customization, kitbashing can be a rewarding way to put together models you wouldn't otherwise find out there.

If you want some examples, I've put together some on MyMiniFactory:

And you, do you have other model recommendations for Gothic-Punk?

Noted, IGKU. I will take this into consideration for future updates. Thanks for the feedback.

I understood. I will take this into consideration for future updates. Thanks!

I am going to try. I just need to see if my MEI CNPJ is still valid. Thanks for the tip.

Great questions, Botchbrother!

Regarding scenarios, I fully encourage the creation of new scenarios. In fact, you can even publish them if you want! I intend to create new scenarios in future expansions.

The current victory conditions of the game are this:

Objective: A Faction wins if it is the only one with models on the table, or if it finishes three consecutive rounds controlling more Nodes than its rival.

Regarding campaign rules, it is something that is in the plans, but has not yet been developed. Suggestions are very welcome. My first impulse would be to offer extra points for faction upgrades, but it remains to be seen how that would work in practice.

Candyflowers, I'm very happy with your feedback! It's great to hear your impression of the game in practice!

Regarding the number of Nodes, it is a part that really needs to be polished. For two players, the proposal is for there to be 3, as you did. The idea is that few Nodes would encourage players to fight them, while having many of them would spread out the characters and reduce conflict.

Regarding the action economy, it really is something with a certain chaos. It is curious that there were no casualties. No one was injured?

There are some ways to have more control over activation. The Leader's special edge can help nearby characters. Another way is to spend Karma for rerolls. By the way, did you even use Karma in this game?

Candyflowers, thanks for your feedback! I will take into account everything you mentioned for future updates.

Quill, it's simpler than it seems. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose which version of the zine you want to print (photocopy or print-friendly).
  2. Get the related "booklet" file.
  3. Print the pages double-sided on A4 paper. You can print on letter paper reducing it to print size, but you will have an unprinted remainder.
  4. Once the pages are printed, simply fold them following the direction of the cover and the page numbering. Not all pages have a number, but just look at the logical sequence of the text. Werewolves are in the central part of the open zine. If you're lost, I recommend using a file named something like "(zine type) pages".
  5. Once the fold is done, just staple the zine and that's it! :)

I don't know why, but this kind of thing happens quite often to me.

It's not always, but it is frequent that duplicate payments appear (which I reject) or that I need to manually accept a payment on Paypal for the download to be released to the customer on Itch.

If anyone knows how to resolve this, please let me know.

Thanks Scott!!!

Com certeza, OSRaccoon! Só não tenho certeza quando ainda. ^^

Haha. Cool!

(1 edit)

I understand your confusion. It was just a "personalized" way of calling the faction.

I think I forgot to mention that the player can call their faction whatever they find most evocative: a pack of werewolves, a cabal of mages, a horde of fae, etc.

I will note this point for future updates. Thanks.

News about GOTHIC-PUNK will be released here. :)

Please tell us your thoughts and tell us what it was like playing GOTHIC-PUNK.

Show us your faction. Suggest models for the game. Share painting and kitbashing tutorials freely. ^^

Ask your questions about GOTHIC-PUNK here. :)

An optional rule that seems super simple to use with this system is advantage and disadvantage by flipping the roll digits for better or worse respectively. :)

Good idea. It is a practical method. It makes me want to do some hack! ^^

I loved this. Kobayashi, any suggestions for how to use the attack roll directly for damage?