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I find the game boring. No enemies that menace the monster? Destroy trees and buildings and eat people are only walk over? This game need more work to be funny.

Also, the control have serious problems. If I release left/right buttons while press up/down, the monster keeps moving in the old horizontal direction.

It's uncomfortable to be in aim mode. I suggest that you only must press the right buttom of the mouse to change to free camera mode to aim mode instead of need pressing the button to don't return to free camera mode.

It's funny, but I don't see where is the scale theme.

You need to polish the enemy IA, because they run to the dragon embers instead of avoid the fire.

The idea is very original, but the way you acquire objects is not intuitive.

The load screen takes much time, and the collision not always work, so your attack can cross the enemy and don't hit.

You can use the tongue to destroy enemies.

Don't worry, the tongue will get thicker the more people you eat. The frog's tongue is also something that you will have to scale up in size.

I suppose that the idea is that you only can have a few bullets in screen, and when you reach that limit, you can't shoot again until that bullets disappear.

Yes, to beat the game, you must scale until reach to the top of the building.

The mechanics are interesting. It is a game thinking to keyboard and mouse, but is hard to play if you are left-handed.

This game has a control scheme complicated. You need had the option to configure the keyboard control to left-handed. Also, I have the sensation that the game has trouble responding when I change where the shield is pointing.

Suddenly, enemies stopped to appear in circle 5, preventing me from going beat the circle.

The character had an ability of scale, but isn't funny to use because it is only pressing a button to automatically run in the wall.

The character had an ability of scale, but isn't funny to use because it is only pressing a button to automatically run in the wall.

Doctor Solano is already fed up with his son's grades not even improving at once, and he plans to take drastic measures!

He has discovered that the fault is because several of his schoolmates distract him with crazy parties in an apartment where students usually gather to rest after the school day.

To put these scoundrels in their place, Solano will use his most fabulous discovery: The Frogzillus! This frog continues to grow and grow even after reaching adulthood, as long as it gets food with which to continue developing.

Of course, a frog that is three times the size of a human being is not exactly a master of stealth, so you will have to help it defend itself from the army so that they do not prevent it from teaching Solano's son's colleagues a lesson.

This game is a prototype that we are developing for the Jam Game Off 2023. The theme of the Jam is "Scale", so your objective is to help Frogzillus scale the student apartment... And scale the size of the monster with the nutrients from their victims.

I finally see the game in the submissions!

I send the game just in time for some minutes, but I don't find it in the page of submissions.

I had problems with the controls, that don't respond well. Also, the game have many bugs with camera and movement (you can see that water is only a square without interior water, and you have problems running when you are in a climbing bar).

Un juego sencillo que cumple. Se me hizo un poco repetitivo que fuesen todos los enemigos iguales a pesar de que van ganando resistencia, aunque supongo que no hubo tiempo a más por las limitaciones.

So, the answer is yes?

I have interest to participate in this Jam, but I see that need to send to GitHub "the source code of the game".

Y can use Game Maker to this Jam? And if the answer is Yes, how I can extract the source code of my game?

It is interesting the illumination effect, but is boring to await when you don't see anything. Can be interesting if you are persecuted with 0 illumination to force being more risky. I unlock both endings.

You shot to the energy spheres (that blue and red balls) and they transform in spatial dust (convert energy in materia). That is the idea.

And the green bar is the energy of your ship.

This is a code! How I can play this game? With a C compiler?

Well, I use the direction key instead of WASD.

I find a bug: The Spawner Core don't cost spheres to buy upgrades.

The control clicking in the joystick is annoying. Is better make that the player press the mouse in one position and the black hole go to the position.

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I have interest to make some upgrades to my game, but the time is over.

I suppose that I can, but conserving the original project, that will be used to the evaluation...

How I can unlock the option to buy Splash Radius? I see that I can buy Splash Damage, but is useless without the other upgrade.

Thanks! I'll await for that moment!

When the place to the jam finish, someone will play the games to we can see his reaction?

Vale, es interesante por ser una comedia. Su toque retro requiere acostumbrarse, aunque le da un buen toque cómico. Lo único que pediria es si es posible jugarlo en castellano, para entender mejor como jugar.

The control with Joystick is strange. You need to shoot with X, when the ideal is use the Square.

Also, I don't know how to close the game.

Vale, no me fije que el personaje podía cavar. Ya pude superarlo. Deberías traducir al castellano las instrucciones para que sea más fácil notarlo.

Deberías permitir poder controlar al personaje con las flechas direccionales para quienes preferimos jugar con ella. Además, la cámara tiende a "quedarse atrás" cuando nos movemos y puedo perder porque no pude ver venir a tiempo un enemigo.

Por lo demás está bien el juego. El control es bueno y el desafío que propone es entretenido.

No se puede acceder al cofre porque está bajo suelo.

I find a bug in the crocodile boss that make this boss jump to the sky and disappearing, making to beat him impossible.

Where I can see the instructions of the game?

¡Hay una emergencia en el planeta Sivinina! Se ha producido una guerra civil orquestada por el malvado Pimolot, el cual no se ha tomado bien el haber quedado 2º en las elecciones y ha alentado a sus huestes a tomar las armas para tomar control del planeta por la fuerza. La Patrulla Nebulosa ha sido contactada para que ayudemos a la armada de Sivinina a derrotar la rebelión y rescatar al gobierno legítimo. Tu misión será encontrar y derrotar a Pimolot, liberando por el camino a los territorios que han caído bajo su puño de hierro.


There is an emergency on the planet Sivinina! There has been a civil war orchestrated by the evil Pimolot, who has not taken well being 2nd in the elections and has encouraged his hosts to take up arms to take control of the planet by force. The Nebula Patrol has been contacted to assist Sivinina's army in defeating the rebellion and rescuing the rightful government. Your mission will be to find and defeat Pimolot, liberating along the way the territories that have fallen under his iron fist. This game for now is an alpha to test the new gameplay, recycling sprites from Iliada Espacial. The final version will replace the sprites and add cinematics with which they will show the plot.

In Toy Station, your mission is protecting a toy train that must travel all the distance that can without collide.

Move the dices, explode the balloons, avoid activate the hidden traps, collect the piggy bank and use the lever to guide the train to the station!

Your toy train have 2 wagons. If you receive a hit, you lose a wagon. The third hit will derail the train, finishing the game.

Avoid going off the rails, or the toy train will derail instantly!

This game was created to the OperaGX Mobile Game Jam. You need install OperaGX in a mobile phone to play.

Link to the game:

Link to the page: