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It's also posted on Lexaloffle here so you can download the cart there.

Yeah, I implemented a custom codec using various tricks including RLE and prediction. It's heavily optimised for the specific video rather than being general purpose though.

Oh neat, there are so many and a bunch of really cool ones in here!

And the resources look really useful too, I'll have to have a look through them at some point. I made my own showcase a little while ago, but it's a lot more limited:

I don't usually add them for pico8 stuff because it's short, but it's easy enough to export, so I've added them :)

It's a prequel to a SHMUP I made, but that's an even shorter jam thing unfortunately.
I might go back and expand now I've made this though.

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Someone else made a Medusa game in this jam? I had to try it...

This is a really neat use of the limitations, and a cute story too!

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Ahh! I loved this, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes now!
The art is amazing, I really like the aesthetic, and the characters are all so beautiful. Also I feel like it does a really good job of including enough CG stuff to give impact to scenes that deserve it, and in visually interesting and varied ways too.
The story is really good too. It does a good job of balancing the realistic aspects of the story with the supernatural. Honestly the egg hatching scene in the first chapter could stand on its own as a really solid short romance VN.
And I kind of enjoyed that it's really not shy about its influences. It feels like the explicitly queer version of all those anime/games that we deserve!

Also, I played this right after the demo, and I was impressed by how much it was improved, it fixed pretty much everything I was unsure about the first time through. (Depending on how much effort it would take, it might be worth backporting into the demo release.)

One minor point I noticed: At a certain point everyone just starts using she/her for Kite, which felt right, but it also seemed a little odd that it was never discussed (unless I missed something) given they were so explicit about that earlier.

Hey, this looks cute, but when I started trying to play it, I found the background pattern on the text box made it quite hard for me to read.
Would it be possible to add an option to remove that?

This is lovely. Played through both arcs now, and both are sweet in their own way. And it's especially amazing that you made this in just a month!

My only complaint about the plot: Lesbians taking a year to move in together seems entirely unrealistic! XD

FYI the link goes through the steam community link filter.

Would it be possible to get a 64bit Mac version of this to support playing on Catalina? I'm quite interested in trying this :)

This is like some kind of art piece.
Endless incoherent nonsense is thrown at you faster than you can process, and there's no actual way to get rid of any of it, you just pile it up as much as possible until your die...

Oh neat. I made a demo tweetcart like this a while ago:
But yours is an actual game! That's cool :o

Oh neat you made a tron game too! Great minds think alike:
I did tried to fit it one tweet, but yours has a lot more feaures than mine in that extra tweet. Many players, sound, explosions! :o

Also found this recreation of the Nokia Composer, which might be useful for reference making sounds. Or even as a nostalgic tool to create music if you want!

I found some good public domain 3x5 and 4x5 fonts here:

I also found this recreation of the Nokia Composer online while playing around which might be useful for reference:

I haven't done a game jam before.
What are the rules/etiquette about doing work before the actual jam period?

I'm probably going to get an environment set up implementing the constraints in advance, but I guess doing much more than that would probably be too much?