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Doesn't it? Hmmm but yeah if it's not working it will be definitely added in the next build, thanks

Hi hello and congrats! I've added your score here on itch though it may take longer for other sites to update, maintenance been really out of touch over the years

Glad to see you enjoyed playing the game! Dream jam isn't really limiting me, thank you for the notice, generally we're moving the scope a little bit towards puzzle rpg currently, yet with all the same aesthetics and worlds nonetheless, just taking time to implement all the stuff^^

In the 0.38 version from new features there's now functional in-game menu with audio and sound volume options and fullscreen toggle, preview menu for future effects, you can equip them and see sprites for each while facing south, changed tracks for the wheat field, night balcony, day balcony, crossroads and night barn areas, WASD keys work for movement too now. 

Feel free too, just added the files download~

Now you can download the images!

Thank you! And I'm sorry we never planned physical prints or anything so I guess not really 

I packed it with Power Point Viewer app iirc which is free, so anyone can access the game.

I think it was called PPT to EXE Converter Pro but like it was so long ago im not sure XD

It's actually just not implemented, don't worry! I'm still working on subsequent updates, hope you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest soon

I've updated the game with a new Mac build, please check it out and see if it works for you! It should be runnable either just so, or with cmd-click>Open, or maybe through desktop app which usually helps with Mac games a lot.

Otherwise if this fails, please search for g_debug.txt or c_debug.txt files which are created temporarily somewhere in the game's directory when trying to run it.

Also you may try downloading the RPG file format player for Mac from the engine's website and running to open the .rpg file of the game:

Please let me know if you succeed with any of this!

Alright, I'll see if compiling newer build can fix it, let me get in contact with engine developer first, thank you for reporting!

What version of Mac OS do you have?

Can you describe what's happening or if there are any error logs?

Unsigned applications should be run with admin permission on Mac or sometimes it can block them otherwise

There are few programs out there for that, I believe I used one called the PPT to EXE Converter Pro but I don't really remember at this point, and I got some help with that from the jam host
Maybe you'd find something fitting in there


Obrigada! Na verdade, isso é graças aos scripts do meu amigo Kiefer Nemeth para ohrrpgce, "Pixel Walker":

I'm flattered! Yes, I keep working on it, slow but steady, thank you for playing and I will do my best to prove your hopes true ^^b

Thank you for pointing this out! Yes, SDL libraries are required to run game on Linux, I'm glad you managed to figure this out XD

Thank you for playing! I'm continuing work on the demo and hopefully there will be a playable update in the late June this year :D

Listened to the podcast, nice job! Glad to hear you noticing a lot of small details ahah XD

Oh, neat! I'll record it as "B" then, alright?

Your score is verified, thank you for submitting!

Great vid, watched it and registered the score!

Nice job, your review is much appreciated :D

Thank you for playing!
We're looking into making the possible content updates/continuation in the future!

Digital Soul Data is a short and intense top-down bullet hell shooter. Play as a hacker, Mia, who uses avatar NB4 to blast her way through cyberspace and retrieve her sister's Digital Soul from eternal virtual slavery!
There are 3 levels, 1 boss and 8 types of enemies to shoot and dodge, and we are hosting a global scoreboard on the game's page anyone can submit to!

Get it here:

Digital Soul Data community · Created a new topic Hi-Scores
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This is the thread for registering new Hi-Scores players can submit to the global DSD scoreboard
The score table is updated globally at all instances of the game page across different websites(currently, GameJolt, and SlimeSalad)

New Hi-Score will be added manually(we don't track your local game copy) upon reaching these conditions:

1) There is a video or a screenshot submitted in this thread with the score table from the game (High Scores option in the main menu)

2) The score is greater than one of the current scores in the table (only one highest score per user, until the higher is achieved)

3) Nickname tied to the score is appropriate to show publically and follows Community Guidelines 

It's fine! There sure will be more in the future :D

Is there enough characters to support Spanish language?

Oh, great vid! You did great with sound editing, much enjoyed ahah! Yes, that was rather a "demo" kind of game since I only had about a month to make, for a game jam, thank you for comment and playthrough!

There are no objects and effects in the game yet! This is a demo, so please take it for what it is, currently I'm working on the new content. And please, comment only once per question, thanks!

This is the warning that a part of game is not ready yet, ahah! 

First thing to do, press Z in front of hay bale bed in the up left corner - then you can expore dream worlds to the left and right from the crossroad, hope it helps!


Oh hey, nice let's play vid, watched through it!

Yes, exactly, it uses scancodes, I'm sorry for the inconvenience!


Oh, sorry, completely missed that! Will the one in the edit be sufficient?

(1 edit)

Beehive Simulator is a fun 5-minute procedural generation experience allowing you to play around with a simulated hive, BZZZZ!
Download Now!

Estou usando o google tradutor, espero que seja compreensível o suficiente XD


Muito obrigado por jogar, fico feliz que tenha gostado!
A melodia que você mencionou é uma velha canção inglesa "Green Sleeves", caso você queira ouvi-la novamente.

Sobre o ambiente, incomodou fisicamente? Tentei criar uma atmosfera um pouco assustadora e perturbadora, como para um jogo de terror lá, então tentei fazer parecer um pouco assustador, na verdade!

Além disso, devo me desculpar se a história o confundiu, eu estava com pressa por causa dos encontros do game jam, então está de alguma forma embaralhado. Você acha que sequências de diálogo mais curtas poderiam ajudar a transmitir informações melhor?

De qualquer forma, bom trabalho em encontrar todos os resultados possíveis de suas ações e muito obrigado por escrever este comentário!

So I should warn qwertz users to change keyboard layout accordingly to play in such note? Alright, got it, thanks!