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Great fun :) - well done. Thank you!

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Get your Jelly Cannon ready for all those tasty butter toasts jumping out of the toasters. But be careful - do not hit the dark toasts! 
Make the most out of 2 minutes of game play. A fun, free minigame...

Get it here: Toast Shooter on

Hi there, 

just released Spherical Alliance on itch - it is an Arcade style puzzle platformer which also includes a fun 2 player coop mode.


Love it - very well done!

Hi there!

Alien Wall is a great genre mix between a 'brick breaker' and a ‘galaxy invader’ / ‘shoot em up’ type of game.

In case you are up for some retro arcade action it might be worth a closer look: Alien Wall on

Hi there,

I just release FairyFire - it is a Defender clone. So something like sidescrolling acrade action.

FairyFire on

It contains an in-game shop to trade in your collected gems for weapon upgrades ( no real  money involved here ). FairyFire has an Arcade mode where the difficulty increases over time and a 'story' mode where you have to fight level by level to advance.

Well done! Very nice gameplay - also like the gfx very much.

Hi there,

Just published:

AcChen is an fun arcade style 'find the matching tile' game.

Feature list

  • fast arcade style 'find the matching tile' game
  • two game modes: arcade and 'chill' mode
  • 60 levels + various bonus maps
  • 3 different bonus level types: fill the board, spot the match, find the match
  • three relaxing sound tracks

Have fun!

Hi there,

Just published on itch:

The rules are easy

  • if it is colored, shoot it
  • if it is pale, catch it
  • all shot items drop down
  • catch 100 enemies to receive an extra shot
  • catch 100 mushrooms to receive an extra live
  • catch a Boss and you receive +30 enemy and +30 mushroom catches
  • catch a Snail to get a +10 seconds magnet bonus ( collect all falling things automatically )


  • fight huge BOSS enemies like Frogs, Spiders and Bees
  • easy to control with your mouse
  • two game modes for casual and experienced players
  • fun and fast arcade style action
  • challenging and well known game play