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That's very likely the cause, yes.  If possible I'd export as a directly run-able executable, especially for a jam.  Let me know if you do!  I'd really like to check it out and give a proper review/rating 😄

lol, funny one. Super easy with touchpad ;)

Wonderful take on this theme! Great music, cute art, and forgiving gameplay that teaches as you go.

Just stays on the unity loading screen. The loading bar never moves.

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I appreciate that WASD and arrow keys are both valid forms of input. This is good.

Great tile artwork. The bricks look really good.

Not a bad start, though I have some CC: Needing to collect a bunch of things before you can complete the level means you've started with nothing and ended with everything which would be more the opposite of the theme. Overall it has a feel of doing tasks rather than playing a game. That is to say: where's the fun? Maybe adding enemies could help. Something to make the task of getting the keys feel more interesting, you know? Keep it up. I believe this could end up being fairly fun with the right attention paid to it :)

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Level1: Controls are WAY too touchy/sensitive. When being sent back to the start make sure to set the player's velocity to zero.

Level2: Due to the aforementioned sensitive controls, trying to traverse this section was frustrating rather than fun. Frustration sent me off to the next game.

Overall: Reminds me a bit of Super Meat Boy. Not bad for a collect-em-up, though as a collect-em-up it does not follow the prompt. Work on those controls, please. I would have liked to have gotten much further than I did.

Intro: Storytelling! I love knowing what I'm getting into rather than being thrown into the unknown. This is good.

First level: The single peasant gets stuck on items easily and the floor texture causes a sort of moire effect than can irritate users who are photosensitive. Also inconsistent pixel sizes as others have stated. Good call having both arrow keys and WASD working for movement. Eliminates a bit of confusion there.

Second level: Okay, so its still just a single peasant that becomes easily stuck. Level is the same difficulty, just longer.

Third level: Oh. He cant get stuck when there's nothing to get him stuck on and there's nowhere to go. Nice way to force an ending

I think this is a good start overall. I would allow the between-levels textbox buttons to be pressed with keys/buttons instead of only clickable via mouse.

First scene: "Where am I? What is this place?" then nothing. Just a still image. is the user supposed to do something here? There is nothing to differentiate a cutscene/dialogue section and a playable section. WASD doesnt work. Some control/keybind prompts would be nice.

Second scene: I walked through the trees on the bottom right. Similarly, you can walk on top of the roof of the big building by walking upwards from the left side. I didn't check for other collision issues.

First note: Appears on screen but never goes away. No prompt or instructions detailing how to get rid of it. Can still walk around in the background.

Second note: Upon approaching there is some sort of video that begins to play. Way too long, and since nothing is discernible it is unnecessary. Upon leaving, more unskippable video that conveys nothing to the user and therefore adds no value to the game.

Third note: Another video. This one actually shows something! Great! We see a house. Not sure why, but its better than the last two.

Big house: Suddenly we can go inside the big building that we couldn't go inside before. This is not conveyed to the user.

Walking up right staircase: Another legible video! Good job!

I got permanently stuck at the corner where the top of the left staircase meets the upstairs railing.

- Restart -

Upstairs: I cant enter a clearly open doorway. Why?

Permanently stuck again trying to go down the stairs. Not restarting again. Maybe this is where the No Escape part comes in. Not sure.

It seemed like there might have been some audio from the videos but even at full volume I couldn't hear it. Not sure if that was intentional or not either.

Seems like a first foray into gamedev so just know that everyone starts somewhere. Don't be discouraged. Keep it up and be mindful of any and all feedback. Feedback is a view into a player's first impression and that is priceless. Answer user questions/concerns in updates rather than replying to them directly. Your goal should be for users to have as few questions about gameplay as possible.

Inability to define the angle a scaffold attaches to a sticky spot really ruined the playability for me, but I like the idea. Great music as well.

The game triggers a UAC prompt upon loading. There is no reason any game should request access to make changes to a user's machine.

Thanks! I'm definitely going to continue with it. I've got some great ideas that will fit in perfectly.

Using Aseprite v1.3-rc6-x64, tiling does not work at all regardless of whether "Force tiling" is checked or not.

Love the sound. I think your music and my pixel art style would compliment each other greatly. I added you on Discord so we can talk in more detail. 

This was really cool. Like Snake but with guns. Very nice!

There is no indication of how to do such things. Informing the player of this is paramount.

Needs some tutorial or self-teaching mechanics built-in but once you figure out what you're supposed to be doing, it plays well.

Reminds me of old NES games. I love the visual style and humor.

Kinda feels like a Mega Man game without weapons.  Plays well.  To say that this fits the theme is a bit of a stretch though.

Well, it runs way too fast to be playable and I can't tell if its intended to be this fast or if machines of different performance levels were not taken into consideration. Maybe try thinking of some other ways of converting the team as well. It feels very much like a pat-your-head-and-rub-your-stomach sort of thing at the moment.

Overall, I like the idea and think that its definitely something you should continue with. It has potential for sure.

Is there a game here? After pressing "Start" it just seems to play itself and gives me no more options.

Neat idea! I love a good puzzle game. Free feedback! :)

  • Bumping into a guard who is standing on a switch causes the switch to become unpressed even though the guard is still standing on it.
  • Level 3 potentially has the same solution as Level 2 depending on how the player solved Level 2
  • On one occasion I noticed guards staying alive on extended spikes, but dying on retracted spikes

Game crashed during opening scene

The game doesn't detect pressing the mouse button more than half the time. Out of about 10 times I attempted to throw the ball it only worked properly 3 times. Didn't get past the first screen/room.

I like the idea, but here's some feedback on a couple things.

  • Need more time to look at the map.  After the time is up, there's no way to get it back without killing yourself.  The timeout could be eliminated altogether as its really not necessary. 
  • If the game is played with keyboard, don't make the player use a mouse for menus, especially not between levels.

Such a fun, minimalistic game. Fits the theme perfectly as well. I love it!

Difficult to control, but nice concept

Fun concept, and the art looks very nice! A few bugs caused me to not get very far however:

  • Movements between linked enemy and player can easily get out of sync. this can even lead to the enemy ending up inside the player without the player taking damage.
  • There exists a condition where the player is unable to fire a quantum bullet after their linked enemy has died, causing the player to need to kill themselves and start the level over.

Fun idea for sure, though it couldn't hurt for the implementation to be a bit more forgiving. I think this definitely has potential to be a full game with a little work!

I like the concept! I found a few bugs that I think should be easy to solve:

  • The machines don't seem to actually update whether they're connected to power unless you disconnect and reconnect wires sometimes. This is both exploitable (to win without finding the proper solution) and can also, on the other hand, impede or prevent the player from finding the actual solution.
  • Finishing a level forces you to return to the title screen, which also forces you to need to use a mouse in a game where the mouse is otherwise unused.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I just need to share my game around more? I'm not sure what everyone else is doing to get so many ratings.

Thanks! I do have some other ideas I could throw in. I'll work with them and see what's fun.

Though there are quite a few bugs/glitches, I think this has a lot of potential. I hope you'll continue working on this in the future.

Really neat concept. I especially enjoyed saving via vending machines for some reason.

Nice art, and I love the easing used nearly everywhere. Feels very polished. I'll say I did find the record-then-play-back method of movements to be a bit frustrating. Overall nice work!

Game doesn't run.
"Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?"

Please try for GMS1 as well? There are a good number of us who still use it :)