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Absolutely incredible collection of beautiful fonts. If you bought the first pack, it's everything you'd expect and more. Really incredible quality and so much variation, great preview images too. You can feel the ideas brewing just looking at them - some of them you can just imagine a whole game around them.

dope story, i really enjoyed it and so did my stream chat. we were all big fans of the part where you (REDACTED) at the mansion in ending 4. well written and enjoyable with a nice message

Haven't gotten the tool to work for me yet but yeah, was thinking gif support would be incredibly useful for me. I'm interested in doing a static PNG sprite with a small gif of a mouth moving over top that toggles when the character is speaking, similar to an Ace Attorney sprite.

Really cool tool, thanks for developing it! I was looking forward to trying it, but unfortunately, when I open PNGTuberPlus on Windows 8.1, this happens:

PHOTOSENSITIVITY/FLASHING WARNING. Video description: Shortly after the program opens it starts flashing, with a 'ghost' of the window following behind it.

This happens with v1.1.4 64 bit and v1.1 (an older version I'd downloaded and hadn't tried yet). I tried v1.1.4 32 bit and it didn't even open.

Something something the graphics rendering mode for the newest version of Godot perhaps but I'm no dev and have barely touched Godot to know lol. Would be happy to provide additional details, can reply here or tag me on twitter (prettypinkpansy) for a faster response usually if you prefer. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.

Of course if you don't want to support 8.1 in general that's like, totally understandable, I need to update sooner or later anyway or Steam is going to crap out on me lmao.

incredible how much work this saved me. you are god's strongest soldier

This is a really solid piece of software. I've been using it for about 2 years. I know it hasn't been updated recently (though the dev intends to soon), but honestly, I wouldn't mind even if it never updated again, because for what it is, it feels feature-complete. I've even been lazy about updating and still use the 1.0 because it has everything I need.

It's a perfect piece of pngtubing software as far as I'm concerned. Wild value for the price (especially considering I bought it for $5 lol).

I'm planning on moving to a proper live2d vtuber soon, but Honk truly is great at what it does. I'm still impressed by how smooth the lipsyncing looks all the time. I'd recommend it to anyone.

this is what she deserves

i appreciated this. thank you for making it. i'm sorry.

Really enjoyed this tool, used it to make a little ascii thing for my code!

thank you so much 🥺 you're one of the best devs ever. i was trying to think of like a good word to describe the atmosphere of this game and i want to say like... "tranquil"? like the sort of calm when you stand in a cemetery in daylight and it's comfortably warm and a little breezy. it's peaceful but solemn. just honestly a really therapeutic experience with a really compassionate handling of grief. i can't wait for your next title!

an addon i forgot to mention to the last comment

i'd love to see more chronically ill characters in future nomnomnami games. not a criticism, just a hope! i love this game and i wish i could recommend it to my chronically ill friend but i fear it is too triggering. it'd be cool to have a game where a character is chronically ill and the subject of death does not come up, so i can share it and say "look this character is just like you"... something to consider, or not consider, obviously it's your games and i'm just a rando, i don't wanna infringe on nobody's creativity lmao. i love your games either way! thank you so much for making them.

made me cry

as someone who has a chronically ill loved one this hit me really hard. the most compassionate handling of the subject i've seen in any media.

great art, sound, gameplay. my ONLY criticism is the flashing "click customers to get more money!" thing when you get too low to plant anything. it felt a little redundant after the first few times, like yes game i know i'm just bad at finance lmao

i also feel like there could be a challenge mode where you have to keep planting to reach certain numbers because the plants are gradually bought by customers?? just an idea! loved this.

Can confirm the new build works for me! Thanks for the quick response!

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Hi! I'm using Windows 8.1. v0.6.0 works fine for me, but I just downloaded and unzipped the newest version (v0.6.1) and every time I run Masterplan.exe it just pops up, shows the splash screen for about a second, then the window closes.

My log.txt file states the following: 

2021/01/01 13:06:02 MasterPlan initialized successfully.
2021/01/01 13:06:02 # ERROR START #

C:/projects/masterplan/main.go:82 | Error: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference


v0.6.0 still works okay, it's just v0.6.1 that refuses to open!

oh, turns out the unrelated task doesn't get deleted, just the last task gets moved up as if it were - moving it away shows the task is still there. still indicates some weirdness with notes interfering with task hierarchy!

possibly related bug - deleting this note task gets rid of the task adjacent to it, and does so even when i drag the note task away first. you can also see some weirdness with the numbering when i click on the task.

(1 edit)

You can see the problem I'm having from this gif - having notes next to a task can cause the task hierarchy to break (making a task go from I.XXVIII to I). It doesn't only happen when a note is overlapping a task, that's just a reliable way to replicate the bug.

(Please ignore the absurdity of my to-do list, I have an art project where I draw all the Hades (game) characters eating a huge burger.)

I don't know if maybe there's a way to do this I missed, but currently when you make tasks with a deadline, there's a constant little clock icon to remind you "hey, this is timed".

The problem is that sometimes I want to make a task that will only light up on the due date. Like for example, if I have a task that says "water my plants". I don't need to water it UNTIL the due date, so I don't need the clock icon distracting me and reminding me until then - the plants don't need watering!

Is there a way to do this, or perhaps a "Scheduled Task" kind of thing might be in order?

Thanks! Love the program so far.

the twist was adorable lmfao, i literally had the thought and was delighted when it was true. very cute.

Cute! I liked the concept a lot, it being entirely in the browser is neat too.

loved this! the ending was actually kind of cute to me like 'aww look at that monster's big smile'. i had my back to the wall looking around frantically lol

i loved it! very cool, great job on the PS1 graphics. i'm not sure if the end where you have to mash to expand your luminance is on a timer, but if it is, try to take into account not everyone can do QTEs. if not then feel free to ignore that criticism haha

love a game where i can say "FUCK the moon"

I enjoyed it! the scare where the lights went off got me good haha. please consider adding arrow key controls (or remappable controls) for lefties in your future titles!

i enjoyed this! i liked the character models a lot. i did have an issue where it kinda bugged out when i picked someone to shoot right as time ran out, it was like he shot someone but the dialogue played for time running out and i had to restart. i do like the concept a lot though!

creepy as hell - really appreciated that the blinking mechanic was used for an interesting hallucination mechanic instead of a cheap jumpscare. loved the visuals, very well done!

real cute idea! i like the graphics a lot. i have a few small nitpicks - the controls screen shows up for such a short amount of time that i missed some of the controls the first time (it should have a button to advance when you're ready) and when you're testing out the shooting on the controls screen, you can run out of bullets for the real game... seems a bit punishing, you should have infinite ammo on the controls screen :) the audio was also a little loud

cool enemy design!

love this concept, nicely done low poly graphics too. the collecting notes is cool, and how it's on a short enough loop that you can see different things each time before putting together all the parts. good job!

i LOVED THIS so much!! i think this is my favorite entry so far. all the little areas are so cute and vibrant and i loved how when you head to the exit, the cutscenes are different for each area you break down in?? some of them were unexpectedly really funny to me like the one where the guy is hiding in the wall lmfao. this was so clever and cute. love the accessibility features too. and wow @ you making all the assets yourself!!! amazing work

loved the mechanic of shining the flashlight on spots to make things appear. only problem i had was that at the end, my flashlight wouldn't make the final spot appear - i had to stand back at a certain distance until my cursor lit up and it was a bit finicky.

i'd also suggest making the flashlight a toggle instead of holding down the mouse for accessibility reasons.

otherwise it's awesome! very cute!

loved this one and ESPECIALLY loved that nothing bad happens to the dog

amazing! perfect ending. loved the perspective switch from first person to third, too, so clever.

:O i didn't know there was multiple! i just got locked in by ayumi while she slowly approached me until i ?died?.

very cool aesthetic. i do wish the text had an option to be a little easier to read - not for my own sake but i feel like it might be hard for certain accessibility issues.

i haven't managed to pass the test :'(

i enjoyed it! but couldn't really tell what happened at the end, to be honest. i appreciated that it wasn't a jumpscare.

gorgeous game. loved it.

loved this one! lot of cute ideas here. i like the use of black and white graphics to accentuate the twine.

i liked it!! it seemed like there was no difference between winning or losing though? or maybe both times i just lost? lol

cute!! i love how simple but well-executed it is.