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Please, send me an email to, I need to ask you something.

Thank you for having a patience with me and explaining me principles of yor game. I am really interested, original idea.

Can not wait to see it!

What about Amiga this time? ;-)

Yes, last year she taught me how to play Connect, which I have now boxed.

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This sounds pretty interesting an I am looking forward to A38 for your presentation. BTW in meantime - Aquabyss already has over 130 realtime online players ;)

What I saw while AmigaBill was streaming the game it seems it is too easy to click out game messages without reading them.

Listened to it all, including Megamix. Nice work!

Unbelievably good

I like the new portrait, fits to the game much more than the manga one. Please replace it in the game title screen too.

This is so much awesome I can not find enough words to praise. BIG THANKYOU for this game!!! Greets from

The bootblock has a checksum error.

You can mount the iso in your Amiga of course.

WinUAE A1200 plus 8MB fast.

At last! Congratulation for the release!

On Amiga 1200 is is glitching like crazy. The same with Soko-ban.

Watch this place: Black Dawn Technomage (AGA Only) - ( - limited edition seems to be sold out, but the standard edition should come.

Is the game AGA?

This game is not cyberpunk only by its content, but even by its creation!

Lemon entry: LUMA - Amiga Game - Download ADF - Lemon Amiga

AmigaBill will LOVE this!

Bought, downloaded a completed the game. I really appreciate a rather adult cyberpunk story. Graphics and music is excellent. Here is LemonAmiga link

Thank you for your game in this pretty unusual genre.

TECHNOMAGE is absolutely cool name!

Cyberpunk! I love it!

Is there at least a minimal chance for a minimal boxed release?

Connect - Amiga Game - Download ADF - Lemon Amiga

Thank you for this game, played at A37 and bought a box :)

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Purchased, that little ape is instant love.

Yes, but this game borrows some graphics from Horizon, so there definitely is a connection :

Great great! Please finish Project Horizon too, I am waiting impatiently.

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Nice game and plays well. But why is there such a long delay before I appear in the game again after killed? Nothing seems to be loading.

I am into Amiga (okay, also C64), but this game looks (and sounds) just fantastic! Congratulations for the release.

Oooooh! Christmas delivery boy!

He he, tomatoes go mad again.

Damn, I can not download the patch :(

Great game, I like it. Funny sounds, too.

Will the big box contain a manual? It is not listed.