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yea i was stupid, started building the executable just 10 mins before the actual deadline, could'nt do it so i dicided to just get something out, and published the .py files and went to sleep crying. theis wa the case in the last GMTK jam too

great idea! took me a second to realize that its not a race you have to follow the red dude. felt it needed a little more polish on the visuals and controls, but nice entry, keep it up

not quite sure if reversing a car fits the theme "roles reversed", but nevertheless, it was fun, yeah.

unbelievable how someone created this much thought out puzzles  in 48 hours

its hard, and the circle stops spinning once the mouse get far away, but nice, controling the obstacle, clever!

nice concept, but the arrow sprites were a bit hard to distinguish imo, got real challenging when it added rules.

nice idea, would have been better to know how much each beat lasts, but I kind of got the idea after finishing level 1

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here is the exe file, the zip above needs python & pygame to be installed to run. Sorry i couldn't upload the exe on time due to a pyinstaller error, but I managed to fix it and have uploaded it to my google drive. thanks!

sorry, i couldn't build the exe on time because of some pyinstaller error which i have now fixed by reinstallling python, if you want the exe, click here.

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great use of assets, fits the theme.  well done!

the train comes from anywhere but the railway track.

Great! Fits the theme really well 5/5. The falling blocks and the shattering blocks were really challenging. the jump height could be increased... but nevertheless, well done!

Certainly not what I expected :P maybe the main menu was the most unexpected xD. kept me playing for quite a while. Very nice visuals, maybe the population of those Monsters could've been displayed or something. but for a 3 hr game, just great!

I don't really understand how it fits the theme but other than that, fantastic game!

truly inspirational!

never thought I would play an OS


Thanks, Giving feedback after every move was exactly the plan but I just ran out of time

Wow, really nice! makes me wanna FLY AWAY!  =)

Me too

Such an amazing game! would've benefited a lot from  music


Nice and simple!

sick game page!

Good job!


What about you are the A.I yourself or something like that IDK.

just as exited as yauo're

IDK maybe...

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What!? Greatest Entry I've seen yet. So neat, very well execution with nice art & good polish.

 (BTW I'm also a python dev)


Cool! the Idea of playing a level again without seeing anything was awesome. just the image scaling was sometimes blurry. anyways, Great entry!

Great! the concept of adding more balls over time was interesting and made me wanna play more and more. But my 1 cubic millimeter brain couldn't understand how this game fits the theme? pls help

oh.. yea!

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very nice take on the theme! and also well executed. I'd love to see some improvements on the character controller. Simple and Good

NOICE!  good writing, used the theme in an innovative way (played it 2 times without even noticing lol). took some time to understand the controls as the controls were shown 1 level after they came into use and the controls also felt a bit off.

great little cute game! collecting stars was fun and the platforming was challenging, really nailed the colors, the music was NOICE and cute. The cutscenes(or those illustrations) added a lot to the purpose of the game. not quite sure how it fits the theme though?! and also the asteroids falling from the sky don't seem like a big challenge only tricked me into thinking it as a collectable star. otherwise, GREAT (and cute <3).