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These cats are great!!! The sprites are very well designed and each cat has their own personality. I love them. Thanks!!

The voiceovers in this game are awesome!! The game itself is hard.  By day 4 it was taking too long time to treat each patient given how fast new ones were coming in, so the patients were basically dead by the time they hit the bed.  Fun game once, but too hard for me to want to replay.

Hi Brian, I tried to download and play this game, but it was for Windows only.  Can you please indicate the platforms you support?  Thanks.

Also the ZIP file was named "CombarMiniGolf" (instead of Combat) for some reason :)

My highest score 320 - I think I'm not too good at this game! 

You read my mind! I'm working on enemies with higher health today, so they take more than 1 shot to kill.  And different weapons with different firing rates and damage.

Thanks for checking it out!

Agreed, and thanks for the feedback!

Confirmed fixed online and fixed on the Mac, thanks!  Fun little game!

I also downloaded the MacOS version and ran it locally, but the lasers didn't even turn on :(

So I tried to play this game (web version) but I can't get anywhere.... the bots start coming, I upgrade the turret on the second level, and it's hitting them, but the first bot doesn't die.  Neither does the second one.  They just keep marching and marching past the turret.

Chrome on Mac.

The fluid animations are neat! The red X things looks kind of bad in comparison.

I tried on a Nexus 5, which is a decently old phone.  It ran fine, not choppy at all.

I tried it and I like the controls and the physics, but found the first level too hard.  I thought there could be much more distance between the rocks, especially when the player is just trying to get a feel for the gravity and steering.

Great game, I like the mechanics of having to sneak up on the robots.

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No pressure, but Choplifter was my favorite VIC-20 game.  I still have the cartridge :)

The trailer looks good, looking forward to playing this.