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Heavy vertical thrust lifter-hauler
Submitted by Santi — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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I tried the game, but unfortunately I have an old and lame tablet, which couldn't handle it well (Prestigio Multipad 7.0). But apart from that, the game looks good. Maybe if there would be some story line, or some misterious animals on the planet, it would be even more interesting. Something to make the world alive. But this is just an idea, a very still planet works well too.



I'm sorry to hear your device can't handle the game very well.  You unfortunately cannot play it well too if it doesn't run smoothly on your device. 

I consider it my mistake from the start.  I should have considered much older devices so more people can play it.  I just hope the judges and most community members have devices that are "modern" enough so they can run the game smoothly.  This is a dilemma I'm facing right now while working on more levels.  Should I downscale the game in terms of graphics, resolution and visual effects in favor of much older (slower) devices or just carry on with what I have on the drawing table and hope for the best.

The full version definitely has a story line and later levels will begin to show aggression and hostility by "other" forces.   You work for one of the largest mining corporations in the galaxy as a Lifter pilot, mining neighboring planets.   Later in the game you will have assets like Sentry Drones that escort you to ward off hostile avians,  you upgrade the Drone skills and firepower, you will fly through "danger zones" where you have to evade enemy-installed turrets, etc...  The version I completed for CoronaDefoldJam is an early beta and doesn't have the goodies I  planned for it, nevertheless it is playable (considering your device can handle it).  

Planet Blue will be much "busier" as it is a planet teeming with live species of plants and creatures.

More work!  :)


Don't worry about these old devices, it's the device's fault, not your game :) From what I experienced, the physics engine is the cause of the problems, because at the end of the level it became smooth.

The full version will be a fun game, I'm sure! And this is a nice early beta :)


Thanks for the kind words.  There is a point there, and considering new models are rolling out the market every 3-6 months, more and more older devices will become obsolete by then.  It's the same thing when I was a hard-core PC gamer in the 90's to around 2008.   Games were always at the mercy of the hardware's  capacity, so you end up constantly upgrading lol... and that "Minimum Required Specs" on the game box weren't always honest ;) 

Just curious, do you make games in other engines?  Corona is my very first and currently the only engine I use.  I've been looking at Defold and Unity for some time now but I have limited time and I want to finish what's on my Corona plate first ;) 


If you're testing your game on a device with average capabilities and it's smooth, then you'll be fine, yes. :)

Corona is the only engine I currently use. I tried a few other engines before, but since I consider myself a beginner game developer I stick to simple games. You know, the K.I.S.S. rule. Defold looks promising, but I found Corona first, and it was perfect for a simple game like WOTA. You can iterate really fast on ideas in Corona, and it's easy to learn. At first I was missing a graphical editor like Defold or Unity has, but it wasn't really a problem for this project.


The trailer looks good, looking forward to playing this.


Thank you.  Hope you'll like it  :)


I tried it and I like the controls and the physics, but found the first level too hard.  I thought there could be much more distance between the rocks, especially when the player is just trying to get a feel for the gravity and steering.


I got you on that one, and thanks for the feedback!  I agree.  Yes, I actually made an update so that in level one, the player can just let it drop straight without hitting a rock until he's near the base :)     The steering also doesn't require too much tilt on teh device. Slight and brief tilts will move the ship sideways.   

May I know what device are you testing it on?  I am a bit disappointed on some feedback that it is horribly laggy on older devices.  DOes it run like a real 60fps or does it show choppiness?   

Two things:  I guess I have to limit future downloads to minimum Android 5 or downscale the whole thing  :(   It's a mistake I made from the start.   


I tried on a Nexus 5, which is a decently old phone.  It ran fine, not choppy at all.


Thank you.  That helped a lot.