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So I tried to play this game (web version) but I can't get anywhere.... the bots start coming, I upgrade the turret on the second level, and it's hitting them, but the first bot doesn't die.  Neither does the second one.  They just keep marching and marching past the turret.

Chrome on Mac.

I also downloaded the MacOS version and ran it locally, but the lasers didn't even turn on :(

Sorry for that. There are some bugs, causing unpredictable behavior sometimes. Hope to fix it asap. :) I'll let you know when it'll be done.

All the bugs fixed! Would you like to play the game once more? Hope to hear your feedback!

P.S. Thanks for pointing on to bug with MacOS version, I think it's fixed now. But I could not test MacOS version (have no mac). Could you please check it if you have some free time? Thank you!

Confirmed fixed online and fixed on the Mac, thanks!  Fun little game!