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There's "experimental" controller support.

Oooh, it's in the registry. I started playing on Windows, but have since switched to Linux, but the game seems to run fine through proton. 

But sounds like I no longer have my save game then... Bummer.

Oh well, I'll start over then 😊

Thanks for your reply!

Hey. I really love this game, and got pretty far, so I want to backup my savegame. But I can't find it? What's the location of the savegame?

Here's qps processlist filtered by "itch".

exact same problem as topic

I also have no virus scanner.

Lubuntu 22.04 LTS
kernel 5.15.0-47-generic
Nvidia RTX 3070
Intel i7-8700T

I immediatly tried to run it in the terminal with ./itch & to show that it exits out, right after starting.

all I see is the twitch window at the center of my second monitor for about 1 sec, and then it exits.

Console output:

tim@Tim-Lubuntu:~/.itch$ ./itch &

[1] 48630

tim@Tim-Lubuntu:~/.itch$ 2023/01/11 20:27:59 itch-setup will log to /tmp/itch-setup-log.txt

2023/01/11 20:27:59 =========================================

2023/01/11 20:27:59 itch-setup "v1.26.0, built on Apr 22 2021 @ 03:48:12, ref 48f97b3e7b0b065a2478811b8d0ebcae414845fd" starting up at "2023-01-11 20:27:59.989996762 +0100 CET m=+0.002636724" with arguments:

2023/01/11 20:27:59 "/home/tim/.itch/itch-setup"

2023/01/11 20:27:59 "--prefer-launch"

2023/01/11 20:27:59 "--appname"

2023/01/11 20:27:59 "itch"

2023/01/11 20:27:59 "--"

2023/01/11 20:27:59 =========================================

2023/01/11 20:27:59 App name specified on command-line: itch

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Locale:  da-DK

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Initializing installer GUI...

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Using GTK UI

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Initializing (itch) multiverse @ (/home/tim/.itch)

2023/01/11 20:27:59 (/home/tim/.itch)(current = "25.5.1", ready = "")

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Launch preferred, attempting...

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Launching (25.5.1) from (/home/tim/.itch/app-25.5.1)

2023/01/11 20:27:59 Kernel should support SUID sandboxing, leaving it enabled

2023/01/11 20:28:00 App launched, getting out of the way

[1]+  Done                    ./itch


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But again, I've heard of artists saying they've got vastly more people to their patreon (for example) because people know they can go to the source, to get more of the same good stuff! Take it as forced advertisement 😅

I'd only fight piracy if it's absolutely 100% ruining your job.... and you're certain about it not giving you free PR!

Fighting piracy by making the game worse for actual fans (by moving crucial game logic server-side) is a very bad solution imo. I believe in the way of

Because if people really like your content, they'll pay for it.

So I think the best solution for all is make it easier to get the game the legit way, and not the illegal way, by:

1. Make sure you're visible on the web. Search engines, SoMe, etc.

2. Make people emtionally invest in you and your work (by being sincere, and not by trickery).

3. Asking hosters of your pirated content to take it down, or if they refuse, make them include a link to where to by the content, if they like it (i've seen work before).

As of how I found your game, I saw it on youtube (the video below) and I wanted to search for your itch page, but the first result (on duckgogo) was a clearly illegal site: 

Thank you so much. I'll try that =) and yes, I'm working off your project. I'm thinking about making it into a template.

Hi dev_dwarf. I've bought your advanced tutorial on sprite stacking for 2$=D and I was wondering if it's possible to make a zoom function for the camera? To scroll the view in and out. I realize that it's not real 3D, and this technique has it's limits, but I'm still curious to know if it's possible. I hope it's possible even with Isometric view (and not perspective).

I tried to reach you on discord but you don't accept DM's from strangers =P

I've played it on PC and the first time I didn't turn the game off before 6 hours had passed and I completed the game and did everything there was to do (before it changed name) 😂😂

And I just donated 10$ to the developer yesterday and started the game.... would you know, another hour passed like nothing 😂 I've still some bosses and stuff to do in the game after the previous patches 🤩

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I really dig the visual style! It looks like 90's prerendered 3D, but highly polished!

It also reminds me of .kkrieger (which is the 96kb 3d FPS if any knows it).

A pleasure to help ☺️

Great little game. The difficulty was spot on for such a small game. I liked the style and music, although some characters was completely unrecognizable. But that's also hard with such low res.

All in all well done :)

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Hmm, I'm a windows user, but maybe just drag the ".app" folder into the Applications folder?

Else google how to programs that come in a ".app" folder :)

That's my best guess.

All freaking people are speaking meme!

Maybe you should tick the NSFW box at the bottom of your games Meta Data settings ^^

Aharharhar! I DID IT!! But it was more "stressful" than "stressrelief".... but VERY funny... Aharharhar! GJ.