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Thank you so much. I'll try that =) and yes, I'm working off your project. I'm thinking about making it into a template.

Hi dev_dwarf. I've bought your advanced tutorial on sprite stacking for 2$=D and I was wondering if it's possible to make a zoom function for the camera? To scroll the view in and out. I realize that it's not real 3D, and this technique has it's limits, but I'm still curious to know if it's possible. I hope it's possible even with Isometric view (and not perspective).

I tried to reach you on discord but you don't accept DM's from strangers =P

I've played it on PC and the first time I didn't turn the game off before 6 hours had passed and I completed the game and did everything there was to do (before it changed name) 😂😂

And I just donated 10$ to the developer yesterday and started the game.... would you know, another hour passed like nothing 😂 I've still some bosses and stuff to do in the game after the previous patches 🤩

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I really dig the visual style! It looks like 90's prerendered 3D, but highly polished!

It also reminds me of .kkrieger (which is the 96kb 3d FPS if any knows it).

A pleasure to help ☺️

Great little game. The difficulty was spot on for such a small game. I liked the style and music, although some characters was completely unrecognizable. But that's also hard with such low res.

All in all well done :)

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Hmm, I'm a windows user, but maybe just drag the ".app" folder into the Applications folder?

Else google how to programs that come in a ".app" folder :)

That's my best guess.

All freaking people are speaking meme!

Maybe you should tick the NSFW box at the bottom of your games Meta Data settings ^^

Aharharhar! I DID IT!! But it was more "stressful" than "stressrelief".... but VERY funny... Aharharhar! GJ.