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Oh yea, you can't live after death =)

Game feel is ok but gameplay is so bad and you can't jump when you need to cross a way long ditch

This game needs improvement in ending 😐 cause it stucks when you die lol

It's been a month since game jam was running. Anyway today it's submission period has been over and there are 7 days as of now to rate entries. There are only 3 entries to make sure rate all of them. Thanks all who submitted/joined the jam. 

F that ending!!!

a 1.5 minute game with best ending I've ever seen. 1 like for this game 👍👍

Lol didn't understood what to do, and too it stucks when batstate gone 0, not any option what to do next

Animation are not available in game and sometimes you couldn't understand what to do next..

Hello everyone, only 55 minutes are left to rate. If you haven't rated rate right now. Well in the replies of this post give me your Discord name with tag (ex.:- Peeyush Tiwari#8409) so I could give you the role and category to promote and send announcement/do stream of your game. Well if you haven't join the discord consider joining it:- because only there you can get it. The server is ready with everything and only left to give the role to someone.

Thanks for joining/submitting/rating. I hope you will come in next jams too :D

OK, It's a good game.. I wanna ask if you gave demo in the link in another comment(if yes then good but if no then your game shouldn't be paid right now). Well it matches the theme and I too liked sound effect, art and style. I wanna say that when you right-

 Press Restart to restart and Press cancel to exit

You can right it like this-

Press Restart(key) to restart and Press cancel(key) to exit

Cause I don't seem to remember the keys XD. Or you may add button instead of this. That's it

Thank You, I am gonna test it!

Sorry but I can't pay you right now... could we've a demo please?

I want a score system. Well this game is bitwise hard but I liked it :)

well controls was bitwise.. I would say WASD/Arrow keys control will be more better so consider add those. Anyway it's online so players are less so I would say add an offline mode too :)

Oh yeah, jam got ended 😉😉. Time to rate till 22th april. So please try to rate all 6 submissions. Don't worry if you can't it's just a humble request. Thanks Y'all for joining and submitting ✌✌

Well pretty smoll game... seems familier with jam.. now add more levels in it. Yes in the suggestion i wanna say it's hard to shoot in every direction it auto shoot in one direction if you press 'space'. Like smiley and the other one i want to shoot in all direction and yes to complete you should've make it more hard

Now to complete this game I would say "Add an online mode"... thanks for joining jam

Woah. Loved the game :). NoicE job buddy...

But there is a glitch that I can enter the professor who is giving you travel licensure


another type of game I love :). But I can say it was bitwise hard to do. Cause as one place we are above 5-7 peoples so we can't shoot them. If we go down they instantly kill us that's why. Anyway Loving game 😘

as other comments planet upgrade wasn't working. But the game was nice looking 👍

Couldn't understand what to do. Also in starting the long voice bored me a lot. And also it's a bitwise laggy.. :(

I have problem in opening. It stucks after showing the warning :(

It was fun playing. Liked our creativity idea and the thing of gravity :). Music was also nice. Such A cool game!. But couldn't complete lol 😆

Ok so problem in your game is when I die. Maybe you are using a effect on dying or anything. But it's hanged when I die. Please optimize and try to solve

Woah! Story was amazing. I am still not sure I should give a mail or not. BTW I will write the mail later. Enjoyed the game, sound and also the UI :). Cool job buddy 👍

Good game. But I was having some problems in finding enemy lol. Nice Sound, Credit menu. Good job! I think you could add a tutorial

(1 edit)

Cool game!. Really liked it. Killing starships was fun :). Just one suggestion that after going in credit window I couldn't found back button 😥. Anyway small fun and cool game 😘

Edit: Sorry tho cause of lack of issues it got posted 3 times! sorry

Your game needs optimization. Problem is when I die :(

ok sure

Good game, But hard 😊. I didn't even crossed level 1 😆. Sound effect was great and also hovering/clicking button was good. I need more practice to complete level 1 lol. Anyway Nice Job and keep going

(1 edit)

The game started. Looks fine and then stuck after couple of seconds. :/ couldn't play

Edit: It mostly stuck when I die

Played the game and enjoyed :). But there are some bugs I think or maybe glitch don't know. So when going to down and killing 3 aliens I gone in right and it stucked there. Then I waited for some time with regular pressing wasd and space I got me back. Also when dying it lags and don't found a way to restart. Else the game was fun. Good job buddy! =)

Waoh! Game with unique type. I liked your UI shaking , effect on clicking on play button, audio much much much. But it gives me an audio special game more than a sci-fi game :). Still it's sci-fi so it's in theme. I loved the game. Such a great game 

It looks like game inspiration is took by space shooter. I don't have a problem with that but tell if I am right.

Ok so as an average I gave you 4 star rating. Somehow reason can feel me this game more better:-

1. Please Give a sprint key. Cause without sprint it feels me slow a lot. That's why I give 4 star in entertainment

2. Yeah player looks Sci-Fi and his gun. Also alien crash looks but I think enemies feels me bitwise different. Is your player comes from alien and we have to kill earth people's then tell me if I am wrong. Otherwise could improve it.

3. I mind you could give some power ups as restore health, increase bullets, laser etc.

Why I am getting feeling of one of the default unity game? or is it just me?

I know that Ui and music is bad.. I am not too good at both of them. I will try to improve them with time. Thanks for your suggestion