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Thank you for playing my game and for sharing your video, it was great to watch you play and I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh merci beaucoup, ton commentaire m'a fait chaud au coeur😻

Je suis ravi que ce petit jeu t'ait plu!

Thank you for playing it and for recording your gameplay, I really enjoyed watching it!

Thanks for the info and don't worry, do what you love the most, that's the most important thing!

I personally enjoyed playing your latest game and I'm eager to see what you have in store for the future!

This was the most heartbreaking and mindblowing game I played! Really complexe story and lore with many twists (and explosions!), deep characters arcs and a powerful message at the end!

Thank you so much for this life changing experience and can't wait for the sequel to see how Barry will do as mayor😁

Really fun game! The combat system works really well! You have solid fundation to develop it even further!

Thank you so much for playing my short game and for posting this really nice comment! I'm really happy that you enjoyed this small experience🤗

Wow, thank you so much for your nice comment. I'm really happy you enjoyed this short experience and it inspired you!

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Absolutely loved the artstyle and the intro sequence, cute little premise too! I also liked the fact that you were very generous with checkpoints, thanks for that! The torch mechanic was a nice touch.

Really enjoyed my time with this little game, thank you for creating it!

This was really nice! Loved the graphics with the N64 vibe, the menu looks really clean. Took me a while to finally find the hole but when I did, it was awesome seeing the big cave underneath ready to be explored, kind of reminded me a bit  of Zelda TotK when going in the Depths. The custom battle system was cool and the flying ability was a nice touch! The ending scene was funny! Overall, I enjoyed my time playing this game, thanks you for making it!!

You did well, this was a really charming game and I had fun with it! Didn't mention it but I also really liked the minimalist combat system, it was nice and made grinding easy and addictive🤩

This is a charming game! Love the concept, super simple to understand and fun to play! Also an original take on the game jam theme! I can see it as a cool little phone game to play on the go to pass the time!

My best score was 103.

This was really nice, always awesome to see other game genre made using RPG Maker but I don't recommend this one to arachnophobes🕷! Liked the weapon upgrade system (shooting 3 shurikens was a life saver!) and the physic on the chest in the bonus area, nice little detail! This game has a strong arcade feel and it was pretty fun!

Thanks for this game, this was really cute and loved the little scene at the end!

Also loved the character design, looks so grumpy!

Thank you, can't wait and I hope you'll enjoy it :)

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Thank you so much for playing my game and for taking the time to record it, I'm glad you enjoyed it😽

Your playthrough was amazing to watch!

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Hi! I recently made a game for a game jam, it's a short atmospheric First-person point&click game with a black&white aesthetic.

It's called "The Hole in my Living Room" and here is the link to the page if you're interested: Thanks😀

Thanks for playing my short game and I'm glad you liked it. I loved watching your playthrough, it was really entainterning with some nice edits! Thanks again😸

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I really enjoyed playing this collection of mini-games! And love the concept! My favourites were the very first one (Fast Food because it take me by surprise and showed me what to expect), the n°5 (Market Switcharoo, because it's just "side-quest the game"😁), the n°14 (Doctor FeelGood because it was super cute!), the n°15 (Kickball), the n°19 (Raini Drive Home because it make me chuckle when the first car exploded, yeah I am easily amused!), the n°22 (Cold Feet because the idea is so simple but so funny) and the very last because some questions where really tricky and I had to write some of them down before replaying some of the mini-games to finally answer them correctly!

Fun time so thanks for that!

I enjoyed my time with this cute little game! Cute graphics and a simple but effective concept!

I clicked on the win tile too quickly without paying attention to the time but it was definitely not under the 2 minutes mark, I'm a slow meerkat!😁

Thank you so much for playing my game and for sharing your playthrough! Even though I don't speak German at all, I enjoyed watching you play and I noticed the bug with the window text shifting downwards (which should be fixed now) so thanks for that too!

Thank you for this nice comment!

Thank you for playing my game and I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks for the clarification, I was searching for a super secret ending😁 But I also think death being the only available ending fits well with the theme of the game jam!

Haha! Thank you for sharing this tiny game!

Was hugged to death by an army of cute cats🙀

Is there an end goal or is death the only escape?💀

Oh yes you're right it's free, totally forget about that detail, definitely should check it out then! Florence really looks like a sweet game to play, I added it to my Steam wishlist!👌

No need to apologize! I slowed down as well, never wrote that much in my life lol, must been running out of juice! I just hope you'll feel better and less tense soon, I truly mean it! Don't feel obligated to continue this conversation if you don't feel like it right now, we can continue writing novels later😁

Never played Doki Doki, I really should because this OST is great! Wow, forgot how good Prince of Persia OST was, they really nailed the oriental sounds! Oh Florence, I hesitated to buy it, the same for GRIS, and I never did. Is it good? Either way, lovely OST! Thanks for all that!

It's important to know our limits, so do what you think is best for you! Take a well deserved rest, do what you enjoy the most and above all, do it at your own pace. We will wait patiently, don't worry about that!

You have all my support, take care🥞

If it's your choice, then it's definitely the right one! True that you've already got two big projects in the work. Ooouh, a secret project?😋 Speaking of pressure... I followed your recommendations and watched some GoodnightMoon's ASMR videos and actually enjoyed them, cute and soothing! So thanks😊

Nintendo? Did someone say Nintendo?😁 Yes, I love Nintendo musics as much as their games actually! Yeah, Mario's musics are really good and cheerful! I really enjoy Animal Crossing Wild World OST, Its so chill, perfect to work to and so nostalgic (my heart litteraly melt eveytime I hear the title screen music🥰). Pokémon Black/White got some awesome musics too (Route 10Undella Town and Castelia City are among my favourite). And Zelda... of course Zelda but I can't pick one I prefere, there is so many I love (from the latest game there is this boss battle theme and the main theme that I really enjoyed, still haven't finished it so maybe they're more)! But in general, I love video game soundtracks, they make the experience so much more enjoyable and memorable! What about you? Any video game music you would like to share?

Yeah you're right lol, it can be infuriating too😁 But since we're so good at it, it always go well... ALWAYS!

Thanks you so much! Oh yeah, you told me about that Horror game jam! Nice, can't wait to see what you have in store for the next updates😉 Oh, it's up to you whether you feel it or not, just don't put too much pressure on yourself! Also, if you ever want to debrief ideas or anything with me I can try to help you as best as I can.


Yeah, you must be right!🦸‍♂️


Nice! Yes it's so cool, sometimes it's even more fun making them than actually playing games!

Yes I've made progress, thank you for asking🤗 I've been working on the intro map, which is a street, and I wasn't sure how to go about it but I really like the way things are shaping up! What about you? On what projects did you work recently? 

Also, don't know if you want to but here is my Steam profile if you ever want to add me.

Loved the graphics, they have a really cool retro feel to them, and all the little details you've put in the voxel models! I also liked the top-down view and the turn-based combat system, it was nice to see them in action since they aren't the most used in RPGiaB!

I was a little sad that the demo ended at the stairs but, nonetheless, I enjoyed my time with this one and I think you have a good foundation there if you ever want to return to it! Good job👍

Yes, maybe you should. I'm sure he will let you sit on his back, could be cool! Just hoping he agrees to become your personnal taxi between two missions to save the world from destruction🚕

Thank you, I needed that, I'm gonna be super productive today😤 There are days like that but I'm happy to hear that you were able to make progress in the end. It's always satisfying to see things slowly taking shape, even more so when it's finally in a playable state! You can do it too!! We're the best💪😎✌

Yeah, I completely follow you on that. Haha yes, and there are some awesome and super creative hidden gems on! Have you heard of a guy named 8Crêpes4Lunch or something like that? He makes some pretty neat games😊

No problem! Ouuh, Prince of Persia, these games were fun! I actually never played any DOOM games, shame on me! Rollercoaster Tycoon also looks really fun but I was always bad at management games! I'm going to talk about Nintendo again but... when I was a kid I practically only played their games! Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Pokémon and Animal Crossing were my jam (and still are)! I also remember loving Harry Potter, Tomb Raider and Rayman on the PS1! But just like you, played a lot of games back then and I must have forgotten a lot of them😢

... and a little tiring during long trips, also much slower than an airplane... and it's better not to have a cramp mid-flight💀 But yes, you're right!

That is, without a doubt, the best solution! Everyone wins!

I definitely was inspired by these type of games when making it, and thanks! Yeah you're right, It remind me that I should also work more on my project if I ever want it to see the light of day😅 By the way, how are things going for you?

Never played Raving Rabbids, but I know about these crazy creatures🐇 Was it good? The Rabbids games are party games, right?

Yeah, same for me for FF7R, especially since the game will be in two part, so more or less 160€ for the full experience😨 Dragon Quest is a charming turn-based RPG series, haven't played all of them but the last one (DQ11) is very good and is available on Steam!

Been a little while since I played APT but I really liked it! The gameplay was good, it's all about being stealthy. Graphics looks REALLY good, the the main characters are likable, the story is good and original, the atmosphere is quite dark. It definitely was a nice surprise. Poulet approved this game🥇

I guess you just have to flap your arm really fast, like wings? Not as cool as Superman, but hey!

You must be right. Damn, that's gonna be hard🤣

Oh don't worry I completely understand, sorry for asking!

Yeah these kind of games are super time-consuming! FlyFF is really addictive, just turning off your brain and killing monsters, it's almost therapeutic in a way😁 Hey, it's never too late to try, we could do a monster genocide together some day💀 What were your favorite games when you were little? I already know about Star Wars but dit you have any others that you enjoyed?

Haha! The FF7 remake looks nice but it's super expensive! What about the Dragon Quest games, have you played any?

I don't think so... well, I enjoyed playing Rayman back in the day, also played A Plague Tale: Innocence some times ago and while I liked them, they're not my favorite. Haven't played Stray but it looks really cute😻

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Maybe you're right!! I should try to fly someday!

Shoot, my perfect plan to be rich is ruined! Wait, so that mean pancakes for everyone and no more world hunger, right? Why didn't politicians think of cloning you sooner? Can't wait to see presidential elections with a bunch of you as participants, it's going to be hard to vote🤔

In a way, you're kind of learning by trying things, no? It may not be the traditional method but it still works in the end😋. That's awesome! Do you remember the name of the band, if it had one? Seems like good times indeed!

Yes you really should write him a letter! Looks like there's still at least one McDonald's with arcades, it's in Florida and it's said to be the largest McDonald's in the world!! Yay, that make me happy😊

Haha, we all had an "obsession" like that when we were kids! Yeah, it's funny to think about it now but it was so frustrating😏 My pleasure, it was a fun and relatable game, plus spending 31 days failing at making a game was rewarded with a big hug so it was worth it! 

Yeah I can imagine, a lot of these older Korean  MMORPG are pretty similar! FlyFF is pretty much a grindfest, but hey you can fly after reaching a certain level🛫. You begin as a vagrant and at level 15 you have to choose between 4 classes and then at level 60 you have another set of classes to choose from depending of your current one, that's pretty much it😁. It's fun in small doses and a bit easier to grind than when it first came out. They also updated the game so you can now play in your browser which is pretty good for some quick sessions!

I'm not too familliar with the Final Fantasy series either, I only played FF10 and FF13 and liked them! I think FF11 was also an MMORPG but I don't know if there is any other...

Me when I have a deadline to meet!

Ouch, that actually hit way too close to home, I wasn't expecting that at all! Thanks for that short experience and for the monster's hug🤗

Hehe, and with only one hand, easy peasy! 💪😎

Perfect! (The more you spread the word, the more my wallet is filling up🤑)

Yeah, I can only imagine that making a soundtrack for a game must be difficult and time consumming. Just checked and wow, some drumps really are super expensive! How did you get into playing drums in the first place?

I really should, hoping there is one. The pancakes will soon rule over the world *add machiavellian laugh there*😈🥞

Really?! I didn't know, that's soo awesome! Oh too bad they stopped doing it, it's such a fun concept and kids must have loved it! You have INSIDE, then yeah you should give it a try, it's not a very long game (maybe like 4 hours) and if you like atmospheric game you'll love it for sure!

You were a tiny pancake padawan then😊 Yes I think that was that one, played it a bit but a the time my PC was pretty bad! I'm sure that will be the case, I've liked all your games so far! Oh nice, I might play ASoL first then🎶

For me it was mainly FlyFF and World of Warcraft, but I also played a bit of Runescape! Never played MapleStory but I remember it was very popular back in the day! Well, I replayed FlyFF a year or two ago for a nostalgia trip and from time to time I'll come back to it a little. I bought FF14 two days ago because my brother sold it to me like an awesome game... so I couldn't resist🤭 For now, I'm enjoying it!

How could I not think of that? I'm ready to catch it in mid-flight!

Awesome, and don't forget to tell the same things to your friends and family!

So cool🥁 Awesome, I would love to hear your music some days if you don't mind! Yeah I agree, lo-fi music is great for working and concentrating and pretty much the same as you in term of music preferences. No I don't make music but I couldn't live without it! I never tried an instrument but if I started learning one, it would be the piano, love the sound of it🎹

Yeah, I break a keyboard almost every day with my beak, that's why I'm so slow! I will ask them the recipe and, thanks to my frying pan, we'll start the cloning process!! But when your clones take over the world, how will I know who the original is? I would still like to talk to the Pancake Prime!

Oups🤐! How did you end up playing Zelda OOT at a McDonalds? I'm curious! Well... I love pretty much everything about INSIDE! The minimalist graphics, the sound design and the dark atmosphere, the lighting effects, the animations that are so smooth, the simple puzzle that add to the narrative... Now I have the urge to play it again😁 Yeah I played LIMBO as well and I liked it and I can't wait for their next game!

Nice, I heard a lot of good things about Dragon Age: Origins, especially on the story side! I liked watching the first few Star Wars movies but I only played one related game that was an MMO. The Star Wars universe is so rich and vast, I can understand the enthusiasm you have for it! Ooh that's so sweet of you to say🤗 The next one of your games I'm going to play is Hoss The Unsatisfied Skeleton 3D and I should also play A Slice of Loaf since it's your very first game, where it all began!

Since I talked about an MMO(RPG), do you enjoy playing them? 

First and foremost, I never liked public toilets, now I fear them thanks to this game! What if, after innocently washing my hands, I open the door to find myself in the infamous Buttrooms? With the endless buzzing of neon lights, the infinite corridors that all looks the same but the most horrifying of them all is the constent smell of fart... true nightmare! If this ever happens to me, I will use this game as a guide to survival.

(It was actually spoopy, liked the atmosphere😁 Found the secret ending and loved the farting painting, I want one now!)