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<3 im really happy to hear, when i made this game i hadnt realised i was genderfluid until over a year later!

Oh god this game succeeded in making me emotional about rocks,  it's super interesting though, to talk through the meaning of existence and seeing it in rocks. To have this thing that is just there and always part of your world and around you, and remembering that is had a past and just like you, it had no control over what it is now, and yet that isn't a bad thing. It's like a much healthier version of the bullshit 'everything happens for a reason' rhetoric, because no, there is no reason, you exist and you are here and what does that mean to you? This is cute, fun, calming, introspective and queer and i am here for it.

The voice acting is probably the pillar of this game in how emotional it is, and the music is a huge contributor to that. I see that subtitles have been added in a newer release which is a relief as the version I played had none and it was a shame. The story is simple, but it's a realistic grief story. The voice talks about missing 'her' less as time passes, but still having harder days- that is pretty damn true of grief, and it made me relate much more. Its quite refreshing to have a sad story about the gays, where being gay isnt the sad part. Instead, its a raw story of grief from the queer perspective, which is healthy and comforting rather than distressing. We need more sad queer stories that are sad in a normal and healthy way.

I love this game so much!! In my opinion this game succeeds in containing elements of Catholicism in the exploration of a trans narrative using the (usually transphobic) religious lens to describe a queer martyr in a fictional world. Using a layout similar to stations of the cross, this game not only explores the idea of a trans saint and how her life would be sectioned into selfless deeds (not unlike the bible with Jesus) but in doing so, this game works as a discussion of martyrdom in minority groups that can happen often against the victims will; where a person can turn from a role model to a symbol in the fight against injustice. It also does this is a way that is entertaining and successful as a true to life parody.  For queer people it is a cathartic and visually appealing game that talks about their community from a perspective that they recognise, and for allies or cisgender heterosexual players it contains insight into the struggles of the trans experience (the stress of being accepted for hormone replacement therapy, exploring sexuality and personal acceptance through night life and queer clubs, the fear of how queer people are portrayed in the media etc.)

The use of environmental story-telling is wonderful. The display and shape of each room creates the atmosphere of a museum, and this makes sense as each room contains a new concept to do with gender and identity. This actually reminds me of an in-person sexuality museum I visited in Glasgow; It was so validating and comforting seeing our community presented in a space made for the retention of historically important knowledge. The Queer community has lost so much of our history throughout time because of the lack of acceptance within the general public. Even when we have been documented in popular history it's been from an outsider point of view.  Sometimes it feels we have been made a spectacle, not something to be understood but instead observed. To hear us tell our own stories and for them to be kept in a museum and seen as experiences worthy of sharing and protecting is unlike anything I've ever seen, and here I see it again in this game. Games can create an interactive narrative, providing a space for queer stories and experiences to survive, be shared and retold. Making a queer game and displaying it is revolutionary, because it demonstrates how we will never be lost to history again. This game is important, thank you for making it. 

I even sent it to a friend who was questioning their own identity and it helped them feel so much better.

five stars

Im listening to some celtic music to get into the mood for my writing for this jam! if anyone has music they think is super folk horror feeling post it here,,  

Hey i totally played this in highschool and i still remember it so vividly and adore it and it makes me super happy that i can play it again- i was a huge not doppler fan when i was 16 and this was probably my fave game on there, i replayed it a lot and now im 23 and playing it again cause it made than much impact just in how fun and interesting it is, and now i wanna make games too! love it, love games like it

oooo i love the pacing and use of panels in the combat! wonderful character design and i great quick glimpse into a bigger story, the palette is absolutely gorgeous and suits the comic so much- would love to see more! also i have a crush on bird witch  sadly.

i love this game so much i cant even tell you

great game! has a lot of soul and feeling, i loved the text input part and the beautiful image of hands holding, as well as the symbolic but easily understandable imagery and actions 

The imagery is so effective, I feel the void. I love the simplicity, it feels personal and yet I know many will see themselves in it- thank you for a lovely game!

Link to play here

a game about being lost, asking tall antlered men for help and finding hidden opossums 

simple and effective, exactly what bitsy welcomes- please keep making games!

yessssss good colours good path and it stresses me out a tiny bit imagining being here- love it

beautiful, short, effective- you really know how to make bitsys in a way that shows how much potential the genre has! I cant wait for your next piece <3

I gave this game 5 stars but i also wanna comment! this is a wonderful and touching game, i want to again compliment how polished it feels and the writing is effective as hell with simple and short scenes and scripting- well done! please keep creating!

i loved it <3 your writing style is welcoming and easy to read, especially when capturing trains of thought, cant wait to enjoy more of your work!

i adore this game, the art and use of a phone as the consistent background helps makes it feel more real, inviting and different rather than just being text to click, and it feels like the perfect length. well done!!! keep making games!!! pls!!

cute and sweet!

I adore this game! It's so beautiful and the music is perfect- I hope you keep working on it because I would love to play more- Some things I hope you change are- the buttons for the flowers, its very hard to select and drag a flower without accidentally clicking more buttons, leaving you with many unwanted flowers on screen with no way to remove them (it would be nice if there was somewhere to put them like a bin or even just back into their buttons). I also wish there was a way to flip the flowers so that the arrangement can be even more tailored. I also really want to play it full screen!! I really adore this game and I'll be following you to see if you include more missions!! (please do) <3

super great idea! love the art and music and mechanic- the difficulty might wanna be a little scaled however- really early on there seems to be stack points that are tiny and tricky to pull off without much lead up/warm up- maybe consider making it a little easier early on so that we feel motivated to keep trying as it gets harder- i think this will be a great success !!! well done on a cute fun game <3