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Its a simple game for sure but with a bit of a narrative and maybe more complex puzzles the art and feel could really shine good job!

Great levels, think there was something weird with the rotation. It was affecting the ball in weird ways!

That was so confusing and weird. Art was nice

Loved the feeling of this game and having an easy to undertsand but difficult to master game mechanic. Made it very satisfying to finally get a handle on it. Besides the collisons great game :D

Great game especially considering all the limitations and challenges you had! Only thing i would have liked to see was  a way to get stronger in the later levels (Maybe there is i just couldnt reach it). But otherwise fantastic game jam entrant!

Strong effort but the controls were pretty unituitive, think mapping rotation to A and D would have felt smoother. Big project to undertake in 7 days tho with just the two of you! Keep it up!

Awesome entry! Loved these games as a kid and this was a cool take on the genre and all in one week excellent work. The mechanics were all really polished and killing the other planes was very satisfying!

Was great fun! Liked the killing bears mechanic :D was very satisfying good job!

Was surprisinglly addictive i can see this being a great mobile game with a bit of polish! Great effort for a game jam entry tho! Be sure to check out my entry GunRunner! Happy jamming!

Thanks ironpower! Looking forward to playing Flying Fish's revenge this weekend! 

Hi guys i may have missed it but is there a crowd forge page for this jam yet?

Thanks. Yeah i created the last two levels in a bit of a hurry :D not surprised that there were some bugs! The being able to move the ball with objects during the simulation was a big bug my sole tester didnt find :D But thanks for having a look

Yeah i realized i had zipped the build file instead of the game files. Unfortunately i realized this too late to correct my mistake :D

But thanks for playing! There are quite a few bugs in the game but my time got cut short on the last day!

Thanks for giving it a shot ! its the first time ive built a web app through Unity! So sorry for the glitches and the shoddy zipping ! But thanks so much for persevering and playing!