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Love the work you've done so far
!! :D Hope to see more over time!!

No tank controls? T-T lol jk. Thank you so fucking much. It would be kinda cool tho to have that as an option for nastolgia sake tho.

No english? :(

Is it possible to get a copy of the code? I've always wanted to make a kingdom hearts fan fix game and I love the mechanics of this.

Any way I can know what program you used to make the cut scenes?

Might want to put an epilepsy warning on this due to the flashing light that happens at points

I wish there were more story mode games tbh

Litteraly was about to start the link before you commented this XD thank you so much!

I think the one thing preventing me from wanting to buy this game is that I can't change the hair. I like the majority, But sometimes I'm not into pig tails ya know?

How do I get Roses friendship under fifty?

I did that too. Maybe I negotiated wrong and now it wont work?

You gonna make a VR version of this?

So I have the club all the way set up. But when I try to schedule the girtls to preform I get nothing popping up as an option. Is there anything I can do? Or is this not till the next update?

Why is it called Ripples? Is this a game where you're choices matter? I haven't downloaded the game yet. Just curious cause I normally get into visual novels where I  can make choices.

I've been trying to get her as much corruption as possible but I can't seem to get to any of the lewd parts...

How do I get to the lewd scenes?