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Send me your discord if u have. Otherwise send the email address :)

Thank you, appreciate it! I made the player controls by myself from scratch and wrote it in C#. If it would help you, I can extract the main mechanism and send you the code of the player!

The running setting should be applied even in the air state Mark!

Cool puzzles. Mainly the last one. It gave me a while but I feel accomplished after  solving it. Different possibilities came to my mind but after trying it execute it was clearly not it (like the fact that the magnet is not a solid object and can't hold the box over the button). Last puzzle is definitely my favourite.

Only problem I had was in the first level where I didn't know that magnets can go through the metal bar. I felt a little bit cheated. It would be maybe good idea to introduce them in the introduction level too.

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Try to make the background more different than the foreground. For example desaturate it. At the beginning I've had a bad time realizing where can I jump and where not.

Also jumping on key "just pressed"  would make more sense when jumping is so rare and the longer you're pressing the key makes you jump more. Often times I wanted to make a long jump and the second jump triggered right after landing.

Anyway I like the idea and art is really pretty!

Krásně graficky zpracované a vtipné. To hvízdání při správně opečeném špekáčku je super 😂 Velmi kreativní 👍🏻

That music is so relaxing. Love this game. Maybe it would be useful to have a little label about in which country you are (for begginers at least). But good job!

It would be cool to adjust the paddle movement according to the difficulty. Otherwise it's fun to play and the title animation in menu is humorous

I always wanted pixelart planets but this is far beyond my expectations. Take my money !!

Very well done. And extremely difficult.

Controls are great but after the third button i couldn't find the next. There were more than one doors but button nowhere. It would be good if every wall was not look the same and player could learn the path system. But I just run around in circles (i can't even say if it was circles) with no progress.

Really cool and challenging retro game :)

Thank you!

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Really cool and fun game. I liked there are multiple paths through the level in lvl3. But the fourth level is hell! :D Great work!

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Thank you so much for this asset pack, used it as one of the enemy characters. I especially enjoyed the reborn animation.

Here is a link to the game if somebody wants to look:

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Thank you so much for this great asset, used it as the main character for my game. So much possibilities with these animations.

Thank you so much!

In 2. level i collected like 3 chests and then i found the cage with stairs to the next level but i fell into it and died lol. Also whos idea it was to make chests to represent the keys? :D

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This game is epic. Very well done game mechanic and that soundtrack is fire. Great job!