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I come from the Touhou school of shmups, so it took a little while getting used to. it But I love just about everything about Demonizer. The music, how easy it is to get new bombs, the variety, hell I love the lore too. The difficulty on Normal is firm enough, can't wait to have my butt sent to Hell on Hard next time. I liked the part where Amy proves to the priest just how much she'd rather die instead of her Mommy, but the priest just doesn't have it.

I first tried the Android version, but honestly the controls just don't give the game justice. But I'm not sure how it can be improved - moving around in focused mode only is very limiting. Amy doesn't fly all over the screen on desktop, but that's okay, the game really shines there.
If only there could be more content~! Like a super long, super brutal Extra Stage for example.

Also, really appreciate having a DRM-free version. Extra thanks for that, and thanks for the game.

I got it on the first run. I saved 25 cocos in that run and was too late when beating the Mantis.

Yes it is.

Downloaded right away!

Thanks for releasing Helltaker, DRM-free, on!

Hello! Just tried out Stereo Driver. I like the concept, though I think a lot more could be done with it, for example more environments.

But most importantly, it shouldn't overwrite MP3 files. Had three of which turned into WAV files with their original versions non-retrievable. If you need more info, please let me know and I'll be glad to help.

Ah, if so, you might see what solutions they used and alleviate the issue. And yeah, was second on the leaderboards (before getting to third). Guess I should try hard to claim second again!

Hello! Just noticed the game was missing from Google Play after an update showed up for it but mysteriously disappeared later in the day. While I can do very well with itch, I am curious why it was taken down.

Wow. I like the weird circumstances leading to me reporting this error. I geniunely thought the original secret item wasn't shown as collected on the map as part of the error, only to learn everything was fine (sorta).  A suggestion of mine to make this less likely to happen is by making it clearer there are two secrets hidden (or showing which secrets were collected when selecting the stage, making it harder to guess how many there are before hunting for them). Or the hardcore way of not showing anything about secrets.

Anyway, thank you for looking into this and the tip, and sorry for wasting your time.

Also, I nearly forgot to provide my save file. Here it is now, I hope it helps in figuring out what went wrong. If you need anything else, please let me know. Thank you!

Hello! I played the game today, nearly two years after playing it the first time. I had finished the game again and started work on the secret collectibles, but I ran into a problem.

I collected the one in the fire stage, died, and finished the fire stage. However on the world map, it doesn't show the level as fully completed, so I went in again, only for the game to get stuck on an ERROR screen. Restarting the game and the level, the collectible is missing (collected?), but the world map says it's not collected. If there's chance to update this soon, it'll be nice.

Also, the ending still has "athmosphere."

Thanks again for the game!

If you're curious, the game only has access to its own folder, and its data folder under %appdata%/RenPy on Windows. All file manipulation done by the game is restricted to these two folders and are intentional.

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The game's visuals may not be impressive (the tiles and character sprites really need an improvement. Some backgrounds are good, some really need more life to them) but the level design is actually very good for a small six stage game like this.

The levels encourage you to explore every facet, up and down, using Missileman's ability to walljump ala Megaman X, and while the enemies may be simple in nature, the game finds ways to use them to their fullest potential. In fact, one thing to like about the game is that it asks you to use the full potential of Missileman's jumping, running, shooting and walljumping. The six levels themselves vary in what they contain. The first level is a plains where Missileman's entire school try to go past the obstacle course, a series of simple jumps. The second takes place in a laboratory's depths with platforms that get affected by your shooting and a second half where Missileman is flown across a large part of the laboratory while shooting and evading oncoming enemies.

It's one of those games where you have to see it for yourself in order to believe that it has the potential to keep you entertained for the hour or two that it takes to finish the game. Behind the simple art is definitely a game worth expanding on.

Other facets include the sound effects which should be improved. Especially bullets in the 4th level when they hit a wall. It feels like some old NES game glitching out a sound effect. The music goes well with the game. The one I liked the most was of the 3rd and 6th stages. The controls feel tight with the running and shooting, but you may miss some jumps especially when going off a ledge, and there's a bug where walljumping can get you stuck in a wall, forcing you to quit the game and load it again (or if you fancy, hitting the R key to replay the entire level section without regards to checkpoints). As has been said, the graphics could use some improvement in the art style sector, tiles and some backgrounds included. The story revolves around Missileman, one of the robots a newly founded robot school, trying to find a student who went missing as he unravels a deeper plot that threatens the school itself. While it's a pretty standard plot for a six stage game, it does tie and explain the game's setting well. It also tests Missileman as a hero and what he must do no matter what.

Missileman Origins is a 7/10 for me. 1- for the walljump glitch and various other glitches (such as the enemies getting stuck to a platform), -2 for art. Overall, I enjoyed it.

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Hi. I'm PookaMustard, the guy who asked a while ago for compatibility with Wine. I've repaired my Windows system and was able to play the game. I must admit it is quite enjoyable and a fun (and fair) ride. You avoided the unfair difficulty of Mighty No. 9 and provided a mostly consistent level of it. However, there are some points that need to be made.

  • In the ending, it's not "athmosphere" but "atmosphere.
  • You might want to have a musical track specifically for the final boss. It helps the final battle feel special in a lot of games.
  • Speaking of the final boss, you missed the opportunity to provide a Megaman staple, the boss rush before the final boss, wherein Giga Girl goes against the bosses she defeated in the earlier stages one after the other, before fighting X himself.
  • The stage lengths could be a tad bit longer, too.
  • Finally, the plot. What little of it doesn't explain much beyond "robots revolt, X leads them, Giga Girl must fight." You could instead explain why the bosses are where they are (Fire Boss is controlling the heating facility in a chaotic manner), their names, the stage's names, and the motivation for the robots to revolt and Giga Girl to fight. The plot doesn't even have to be explained in-game (most of it), as it can be no doubt written in a readme text file or even a manual PDF like games of old.

There were also things done just right.

  • Using the boomerang as the basic weapon is quite a nice break from the Megaman games, and makes the inability to toss out another boomerang make sense (there's only one around) as opposed to why Megaman can only shoot three Buster shots on-screen.
  • The bosses were really the right difficulty and not unfair, unlike some of Mighty No. 9's bosses. With their pattern down and a strategy successfully formulated, the bosses are of a right challenge.
  • The controls are very solid. Besides platforming sections that rely on jumping at the very tip of a platform to reach another, I don't think I felt like I wasn't in absolute control of Giga Girl.
  • The health system used for Giga Girl is also interesting. Rather than handling a couple of shots from a couple of enemies, six hits and it's over. Adds a lot of realistic challenge when confronting the bosses.

Looking forward to your next platforming game!

Ouch. The reason I have a 32-bit system is precisely Wine; Tahrpup 6.0.5 64-bit wouldn't like opening it for some absurd reason even when I did everything required, as it always ended up reading the wrong libraries. Only when I turned into Tahrpup 6.0.5 PAE that it actually worked. I'm not using Linux forever, it's a temporary solution to a problem (unreadable HDD). So hopefully I get my laptop fixed in time and then I'm able to use Windows like before.

And then maybe I'd also give the x86_64 package a spin in a VM.

So far though, thanks for your help! I appreciate it :)

Is that a 64-bit build? I'm getting an Exec format error in the terminal whenever I run the file Bitmaster/Bitmaster/Binaries/Linux/Bitmaster. I opened with the terminal to check that message too.

I have a feeling it is a 64-bit build. I did run into the same error message with a 64-bit Linux file (that I also got from Do you have a plan for a 32-bit build?

Alright! I will test out later and let you know how it goes for me.

That's good news!

Oh, on the Wine status update, I tried Bitmaster. Wine demanded the Visual C++ 2015 Runtime, but it doesn't install it for some reason (the window disappears without any kind of progress bars left behind, and the terminal claims there is an error of sorts). Trying to install the UE4 prerequisites also end in vain with an error.

However, the game's installer worked fine (even if it took some time to install). This was all with the 32-bit installer. Can't wait to see the Linux version!

In the meantime, I could try running the x32 executable later on with Wine. Perhaps it's going to be great enough on it. Thanks for the response!

The game looks interesting. Is there a Linux version incoming, or at the very least is the current Windows version supported on Wine? I will not be able to access a Windows PC for quite a while.

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As a Windows user gone Linux (because I lost access to my main HDD), I want to play this game. doesn't work with Linux (via Wine), to be exact, Tahrpup CE PAE.

So I want to ask, are there any Windows-based dependencies I need to have pre-installed to play the game? Or should I wait for future compatibility with Wine or even a native Linux build?

Awwwwwwwwww!!! What a big disaster! How dare it not be on a mediocre service like Steam!