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Is that a 64-bit build? I'm getting an Exec format error in the terminal whenever I run the file Bitmaster/Bitmaster/Binaries/Linux/Bitmaster. I opened with the terminal to check that message too.

I have a feeling it is a 64-bit build. I did run into the same error message with a 64-bit Linux file (that I also got from itch.io). Do you have a plan for a 32-bit build?

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It should be Linux-x86_64 package. Make sure there are no special (non-ascii) characters in game's full path — desktop folder suits well. There may be some Paper2D errors but such can be easily ignored 'cause game doesn't use Paper2D at all =) I'll try running the game on x32 VM asap.

Edit: it turned out that the game engine I use (Unreal Engine 4) doesn't support 32-bit Linux OS at all. Unfortunately, it's not what I can change, so there will not be 32-bit binaries.

Btw I googled a bit and it turned out that new versions of Wine are capable of running UE4 games like Mass Effect 1-2-3 :/

Ouch. The reason I have a 32-bit system is precisely Wine; Tahrpup 6.0.5 64-bit wouldn't like opening it for some absurd reason even when I did everything required, as it always ended up reading the wrong libraries. Only when I turned into Tahrpup 6.0.5 PAE that it actually worked. I'm not using Linux forever, it's a temporary solution to a problem (unreadable HDD). So hopefully I get my laptop fixed in time and then I'm able to use Windows like before.

And then maybe I'd also give the x86_64 package a spin in a VM.

So far though, thanks for your help! I appreciate it :)