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Hi. I'm PookaMustard, the guy who asked a while ago for compatibility with Wine. I've repaired my Windows system and was able to play the game. I must admit it is quite enjoyable and a fun (and fair) ride. You avoided the unfair difficulty of Mighty No. 9 and provided a mostly consistent level of it. However, there are some points that need to be made.

  • In the ending, it's not "athmosphere" but "atmosphere.
  • You might want to have a musical track specifically for the final boss. It helps the final battle feel special in a lot of games.
  • Speaking of the final boss, you missed the opportunity to provide a Megaman staple, the boss rush before the final boss, wherein Giga Girl goes against the bosses she defeated in the earlier stages one after the other, before fighting X himself.
  • The stage lengths could be a tad bit longer, too.
  • Finally, the plot. What little of it doesn't explain much beyond "robots revolt, X leads them, Giga Girl must fight." You could instead explain why the bosses are where they are (Fire Boss is controlling the heating facility in a chaotic manner), their names, the stage's names, and the motivation for the robots to revolt and Giga Girl to fight. The plot doesn't even have to be explained in-game (most of it), as it can be no doubt written in a readme text file or even a manual PDF like games of old.

There were also things done just right.

  • Using the boomerang as the basic weapon is quite a nice break from the Megaman games, and makes the inability to toss out another boomerang make sense (there's only one around) as opposed to why Megaman can only shoot three Buster shots on-screen.
  • The bosses were really the right difficulty and not unfair, unlike some of Mighty No. 9's bosses. With their pattern down and a strategy successfully formulated, the bosses are of a right challenge.
  • The controls are very solid. Besides platforming sections that rely on jumping at the very tip of a platform to reach another, I don't think I felt like I wasn't in absolute control of Giga Girl.
  • The health system used for Giga Girl is also interesting. Rather than handling a couple of shots from a couple of enemies, six hits and it's over. Adds a lot of realistic challenge when confronting the bosses.

Looking forward to your next platforming game!

Thanks for your feedback!

I'll have to fix that typo :)

Almost all of the issues you mentioned were a result of priorization. The project had already taken too long, so some stuff was simply left out / done as mvp to save time. Nice to hear that the things I actually spent a lot time on were to your liking.