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  • Fixed a bug that caused arpeggio and vibrato to get out of tune with high notes
  • Fine tuned notes
  • Increased volume when headphones are not connected


  • Support for modules with more than 64 patterns


  • Fixed a bug that made Dxx jump twice if placed on the last row of a pattern
  • F00 now stops the song. Some songs assume this behavior, so let’s go with that.


  • F00 now equals to F01

Sorry, not at the moment. I have some concerns about performance, but also really just want to scope the project down to a manageable size.

Just mod.


  • Fixed a bug in resampling that caused chiptunes to sound awful

Found the bug. The song should play nice in 1.14


  • Fixed a timing issue

Thanks, I’ll check it out when I have time.

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  • Fixed a bug that caused some notes to be silent when an instrument was not defined


  • Support note delay (EDx)
  • mod2pdm tool for external sample modules

Great that you got it working!

I’ll add restart to the documentation in case someone else encounters it. Might be a weird Playdate file system thing.

Here’s what my Data folder looks like in disk mode. settings.json is created at startup and modplayer.cache when you load a song.

And this is how it shows up in the app.

That’s odd. It should have worked.

The directory is created automatically when you start the app, so there’s no need to create it yourself. You can also have subdirectories in the latest version and they’ll show up in the file browser too.

It sure would be sweet, but a full tracker is a huge undertaking. Maybe some day. :)


  • Fixed 0xx Arpeggio
  • Fixed Dxx sometimes jumping to wrong row
  • Fixed a rare crash with missing sample
  • Optimized loading and resampling
  • Tuning and timer tweaks

Turns out there were three separate bugs affecting the song. Works pretty well now :)

-> Fixed in 1.10


  • Fixed a bug that caused self-correcting timer to, well, not self-correct
  • Fixed 9xx offset
  • Fixed handling of rows with partial information

Sounds like a timing thing. I’ll see what I can do


  • Fixed a bug that cause portamento effects to sometimes slide to an incorrect frequency.


  • Amiga 500 interpolation. This is now the default setting
  • Removed support for "cubic" and "hermite" interpolation
  • Self-correcting timer
  • Small fixes and tweaks


  • Fixed a bug that caused the file browser to crash when there were no files and the user pressed A.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when headphones were connected/removed before a song had been loaded
  • Fixed an issue in headphone detection code that sometimes resulted in headphones being used when they were not connected and vice versa
  • Added a settings.json file that can be manually edited. The file doubles as a convenient way to create the data folder.


  • Fixed a bug in vibrato and tremolo  that caused the effects to use incorrect starting values on some occasions.


  • The player now uses a more accurate timer
  • Proper CIA timer simulation. A new setting to change the clock mode (defaults to PAL)
  • Fixed a bug that caused tremolo and vibrato to be too strong
  • Fixed sample repeat at the end of a sample


  • Fixed incorrect sample base frequency.
  • Fixed tempo (again). At least it seems to match OpenMPT better now.
  • Separate volume range for headphones and speaker.
  • Improved sample playback timing.
  • Reduced loadSong callback frequency to 500ms. This should improve loading times.


  • Optimized PCM operations. This makes loading an uncached mod a bit faster (still pretty slow though).
  • Adjusted cubic spline algorithm gain
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  • 2x resampling with cubic spline interpolation by default
  • Improved tiny sample playback
  • Optimized pattern loading


  • Fixed tempo and related timing issues
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This topic contains changelog of different releases

The latest Android build is now available on Itch. Unfortunately I don't have any recent devices to test it on, but at least it seems to work fine on Samsung S7 edge.

Sure, why not. I try to get it done as soon as I find time.

Well, something obviously broke as you got the error screen, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unfortunately I wasn't able to  figure out what caused the error, but your save did have one uncollected secret item left in the fire stage. You need to reveal hidden blocks with Sonar Wave to get to it.

PS. I thought I fixed that typo already, but must have forgotten about it.


This might require some digging, but I’ll see if I can find what caused it. Thanks for the bug report.


  • New chapter: Mercury
  • New chapter: Sun
  • Added some new sound effects
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • New chapter: Venus
    • Teleports
  • Settings menu
    • Language selection
  • New languages
    • Chinese
    • Finnish