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I like it, it's addicting !

Funny I like it X) make me think of the dating sim with the pigeons lol

Thanks you ! I'm working on updates, the endings system in particular :D (for the moment the system is a bit off)

Great work, I like the story, music, everything lol, good job :D

The art is really good ! I think  if you could interact with objets or had something  a way to get hurt it would make the gameplay more diverse, (but it didn't bother me), X) Good game !

Great game, great art,  If you continue on this game I will play it again :D I took an elve

Good game, I saw the thumbnail on discord lol, I love the art :O !

I love the atmosphere, the creepy glitch effect is convincing :D I wonder what the full story is.

Love the glitch effect, it's a great game, I'm curious about the meaning of some images.

Great work ! I love the music and the narration, for a game made in only 2 days it's impressive,  It's the types of games demo I would put on my steam wishlist until it's a full game.

One of the top 10 games I played from the jam :D, really good ! I love the music

Trippy and scary, I love it 

Oh I was like "oh nice game" and when I heard the music "oh nice horror game", I love it X) the atmosphere is trippy and scary, remind me of a lucid dream.

I love this game ! I'm curious about the lore lol, I always get killed at day 4 :D

I love this game ! I'm curious about the lore lol, I always get killed at day 4 :D

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yeah i'm not english so I don't know how to say it lol, but the isekai parody funny vibe X)

I like this game a lot but I suck at it lol, died like 10 times.

Cool game ! the art is cool and the concept unique, it's a bit to hard for me X) but I suck at games in general lol

I was expecting a chaos, but I understood how to play very quick, nice little game ! it's original and fun.

Good game ! The isekai title made me smile X) it's very funny, the gameboy art and music are cool, I enjoyed it a lot, Well done !

Great game, the story is fun, I like the isekai vibe (if it's a thing lol)  the game boy graphics are cute :3 

Well, actually i'm surprised too ! It's my first time doing something like this on rpg maker mv, and I'm surprise it was even possible X) Some plugins on internet made this game possible, if you want to know what I used I can show you :D

I like how close the dino is to the camera,  cute animation when he jump, cool visuals maybe adding a count of how many objectives are left could make it easier :) but it doesn't affect the game a lot,  Good game !

Good graphics, cool idea, funny, a really good game ! I love the cute art of the fishes.

Simple but fun, the pixel art is really cute :3 my max is 8...i'm not very good lol

Love the animations, cute characters and I like that you can grab the edges (it seem im not alone lol) the gameplay is classic, but the doors system make it unique.

I like the animations and the design of the character :D 

Good game, kind of a issac like gameplay, I love the asthetic, fought a dino boss X) 10/10 ! the idea of changing the nighmares into dream is really in the theme :D

Took some time to load on my old computer X) but it's worth it,  really cool game, make me think of issac , I like the little sprites,  it's a cute asthetic :D

It's fun, if you put some bosses in the game I don't mind playing it,  but it's hard.

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I like it, but it's really hard  (maybe it's me ? yeah maybe X) ) 

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Nice concept I like the thing at the end and you have to reload, but it's way too short X)

Good game, it make me think of sort the court but with a dream esthetic :D

I don't see the limitation but the game is really cool, I does feel like being a dreaming cat :p

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So that's what my cat was dreaming about...

I like the pixel art, and I like boncing everywhere, good game :)

I love the esthetic 

I really love the esthetic, the filter on the game make me feel like I'm in a dream, I played this game while in school, one for my classmates like it too :p

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