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A fun little polished puzzler! Not too difficult, but a fun time nonetheless. Amazing pixel art as to be expected from cyangmou

Ah, so glad you like it! Thanks! :)

Thanks Menderbug! Yeah a cooldown after changing directions would be a great gameplay tweak, great idea :)

Thanks so much! Haha yup, running in circles is definitely the best strategy for most levels. Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks so much for playing, and for featuring us in your series!

Hey thanks so much for playing it through to the end! Yep, agreed, the difficulty does ramp up pretty quickly, it's one of those things that are hard to balance during the jam timeframe. Well done on beating the game, and thanks for taking the time to give us that feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah difficulty/balance is a hard thing to nail down under the time pressure of the jam. Thanks for the kind words too :)

This is a very well made little puzzle game! Good stuff. I found it a little hard to judge gaps and things with the forced perspective, some more free rotation and vertical rotation would go a long way (though maybe hard to implement movement control then) and an undo button would be a really nice QoL feature. Really great entry though, congrats to the dev/s

Thanks so much! Yeah the ghost sprites were some of the funnest to make in the whole project :)

Thank you thank you!  

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

such high praise! thank you so much :)

Thank you so much! So kind <3

Wow thanks for all the feedback! Haha we hadn't encountered that bug ourselves, cheers for the heads up :)
And super glad you found it enjoyable enough to play for so long!

Thank you!
Will check out your game now :)

Thanks for having a look and for the feedback! :)

That's a great idea, a multikill bonus would be a great addition. Thanks for playing!

That's awesome! And its quite satisfying getting a big crowd with a bomb arrow :D
Thanks for having a play! 

Thank you!
Yeah, we were a little unsure whether it was good or bad to make spikes around the edges or not. Definitely a more obvious cursor for where your aiming would be good!

Thanks so much for the kind words! :)

Thanks so much! :)

Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah a bit more feedback for hitting enemies would be a good addition

Thank you so much!

A really well done entry all round, congrats!

Thank you! Your game looks great too!

Thanks! Yeah that's a good point about the red skulls. Cheers!

I'll have a look at your game too

Thank you!
I'll check out your game now :)

Nice idea! And fits the jam theme very well :)

A really great game, well done on making something so polished in a week!

Amazing score!

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we would have liked to turn it into a little roguelite with different levels to get to and more powerups, but had to keep the scope in check for the jam.

I'll check out your game!

Thank you! Yes, we had loads of ideas that didn't make it into the game

Thank you! I think the concept has the potential to be expanded upon :)

Hey kkairos, thank you so much for the kind words! Really glad you enjoyed RITE :)

Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, the first 2 worlds aren't too challenging for experienced players.. it does ramp up late game :)

Hey! Don't quit!!
Also as for the framework, yes it's built in GameMaker Studio 2, but the character movement is based on code in tutorial videos by Shaun Spalding. Then tweeked as needed, as well as adding things like jump buffering. Fluid animations go a long way to gameplay feeling good too.

Thank you for the feedback! Greatly appreciated. The lack of story has been mentioned by a number of players, something I will focus on more in future projects :)

Hi again, the OST is available on itch now too :)

Thank you thank you!

Hey! I'll look into it, should be able to :)
For now, you can listen to the soundtrack on the artist's YouTube channel
Or his bandcamp