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Incredible, enjoyable, fast paced game with ways to trip you up if you're not careful. Love the idea and execution, one thing I would add is maybe like a counter of how many people or a timer on how much time has gone by. Amazing Game :D

Its very addictive (In a good way), I like the addition of the leaderboard as well to have a goal to get to. Amazing :D

Amazing game :), I got out on Day 6 because the generation wasn't all in my favour on the previous attempts. Overall Enjoyable Game :D

Nice idea to have them move around, you couldv'e also had a way to maybe get more sprinklers or smth. Very fun though!!

Very speedy, me and the enemies felt like sonic going around the level, very fun! Great Game!!! :)

Great Game!!! I feel like its one of the most fitting of the theme, only criticism being the building of the stairs was a bit hard to manage (although the may just be me). Amazing Game, Well Done :D

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I definitely agree with the other comments as this is probably my hardest game yet, thanks for playing :)

Thank you :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah the hit boxes are a bit big for them, I‘lol probably fix it after the jam, thanks for the feedback

Didn't really know what the controls were the first few attempts, but afterward I had lots of fun :D.

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Loved the boss fight, I didn't have the time to add a boss fight to my game so I am impressed you've done it so great as well! Lots of fun in a small package:)

Cool little game, I haven't seen many people add the rap around feature and the jumps using it all seem balanced. Enjoyable Game! :)

I was soo close to the end when the oxygen ran out, maybe have like bubbles to refill your oxygen on your way up. Enjoyable nonetheless!

I got to 150, but I always somehow lose to the spiders going to the edge of the platform as soon as i'm there. Maybe have it so you could kill the spiders or smth. Cool Game tho, Great Job :)

A cool relaxing peaceful game, love the atmospheric music you made. Amazing game to play while down:)

I liked the cute sprites used and the boss character at the end! Great Game :)

OMG THE BOTS, they kept flinging me to Jupiter. Great game 5 stars :)

Very difficult but a huge game for a week, well done!!

Loved the music, went really well with the monkey, and the level design was amazing, but as some others have said in the comments the W and Space should definitely be switched. Other than that, Great Game!!

I somehow managed to each the top, love the interesting different obstacles in the way like the ice and moving platform. Very fun :)

Haven't seen this type of game before. And I don't think i'm very good at it :D. Once you get used to the controls of the claw it gets much easier, Great Game!

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Try going full screen, the background for the menu is a bit bugged tho

I loved the relaxing background music and the calming feel of the game, Great for a game made in 7 days, Controls could be a bit confusing at times, especially when going near the edge of the area when your fuel rapidly decreases (a little panicked). Had a fun time overall tho !! :)

It looks like a game that was made in more than 7 days :), a Fun game, with unique controls, and a great atmosphere. Great job!

I used you're awesome player in my game jam game: 

Looks amazing Thanks so much!!! :)

Howdy, I love the tileset design and adjusted them slightly to the game for a game jam I was in:
Thanks for making these, you were the only  one I could find that had what I was looking for

I used your amazing parrallex effect in a game jam
if you wanna play it i'll like it here

Thank you for you criticism, I think all your points are fair and I get that the normal mode feels a bit slow, it's sort-of a tutorial to get used to the level for the later game modes when you don't feel like you're waiting for the next area to load. Thank you for playing my game :)

The only really top-down game I've seen in this jam so far, I like the art but maybe if it were pumpkins dating pumpkins it would've fit more with the theme, although I do like the addition of the pumpkin pies to add speed,

Very nice cute game overall regardless! 

Really cool, one of the best actual theme implications I've seen done so well. The painting mechanics could be more finetuned but I guess you only have a minute so you aren't gonna copy it one to one. I also love the rankings, I thought that was really well done. The only thing I could add is maybe an SFX on the actual painting, but that's just nitpicking. 

Well done on this game!

Amazing Graphics (probably the best in the whole game), movement took a bit of getting used to but after that was really enjoyable! Well done:)

I like the addition of the evil pumpkin as a thing to avoid and add another layer to the game. I would add some music though to add to the experience. Cool Game :)

The game size is huge, it took ages to load up but, when it did was an amazing atmosphere with the dimly lit pumpkin being a great idea. It really felt like I was gonna be jump scared at any point. However, trying to navigate where you're actually meant to be going to pretty difficult, with the total darkness and I had no clue where to go past the radio. Amazing game regardless though.

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For that, it may be worth having fullscreen on your computer by pressing f11

based thread

try doing it with full screen on your computer so it doesn't have the tabs or sidebar, then it should be fine (when I was making it I made it HD for some reason). Thank you for playing :)

As a fellow platformer developer I like your game, the speed is a bit too much though which makes it very difficult to go to fine controls, but regardless I still got quite far and I like the way that the platforms and background are similar enough to look the same but different enough to put the player off. Overall cool game!

I had a lot of fo fun with this! I liked how you use the mouse to control where the canon goes instead of keys so it makes it a bit more difficult (or maybe I'm just bad at it). One thing I would say is to maybe have something to do with the candy that you've collected, like an upgrade to the canon or smth. But other than that, a really fun short game:)

I like the aspect of the game where you have different stages to go through rather than just pressing space, (My highest was like 12,000) Great fun game !!