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I forgot

I think chromebook uses ChromeOS which is a modified version of Linux.

It is :)

Hey no worries, it’s completely safe to download. It probably occurs because the source files are contained in a zip folder.

Thank you so much for playing, loved the video!


Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you!!


Santa’s Risky Ride

Santa’s Risky Ride is a fast-paced sledding game where the goal is to slide down a mountain as far as possible. You’ll have to navigate around trees, rocks, and other obstacles to get the highest score. There are also snowmans which will give you extra points for hitting them.

Here’s the link:

Thank you :)

The grappling gun just uses a line-renderer, which is also used by Dani to make his grappling gun.

Great to hear!

Wow thank you so much for these amazing (and original) ideas, I really appreciate your comment! I’ll think about adding these features in a future update :)

Thank you so much for playing! Amazing video :)

Awesome video! :)

Wow, those times are impressive! even better than mine :)

well, here you go! I just recorded a clip of me doing lvl 5 :)

Amazing video :) thx for playing

Very funny! :) I rated it as well

Amazing video! And thank you so much for the feedback :)

I also really enjoyed your game :) Thanks for the comment!

Great video! Keep up the good work :)

hi! thank you :)

Thank you!

Amazing video!! :)

Really nice game! I love the controls and thrusters on the spaceships😄

Thank you so much for the compliments and the amazing idea, definitely writing that down 😊

Thank you! 😊


Hi grizeldi

Here’s my game, It’s about surviving the chaotic events that happen every few seconds.

Have fun!

You did a good job with the lighting, The hammer through is also a really nice touch. Well done!

The character movement was very smooth! For me ‘wasd’ wasn’t working so I had to do it with arrow keys (I don’t know if that is intentional). But overal an amazing game!! 😊


Here’s mine, I’ll check yours out too:

I’ll check yours out! Here’s mine:

Awesome and original idea, here’s my game: