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This is a very comfy game.

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72 hours is perfect.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! So far I've had equal number of people tell me they liked the tank controls and people tell me they hated them. I'm looking for a happy medium between the two, but the camera definitely will change regardless.

Good idea about the player invincibility. I'll look into implementing that.

The platforming is really fun, but it took me a moment to figure out the basic controls. A lot of the art is obviously placeholder but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the game. The current sound effects are a little grating though.

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I downloaded the mac build, but when I try to run it "The application 'FTB.app' can't be opened."

This happens sometimes when you make a mac build on a windows machine with Unity. Fellow macOS users, you can solve this by navigating to the FeedtheBeast folder you extracted and in your terminal run `sudo chmod -R +x FTB.app/Contents/MacOS`. Then you can run the app just fine.