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Can you make this font in italics and bold versions?

Do your premium fonts support italics and bold text?

I copied those scripts in and followed the manual.pdf but I am getting this error. I copied the folders from img/system to my project but the error still persists

I'm also interested in this.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I updated those three things you noticed in the new version 1.4.0

Certainly! There are more small games like this to come in the future!

This is also happening on mac OS 10.12.6 Sierra. Before the error kept popping up, the itch app seemed to hang on downloading a butler update.

Just fixed that mistake

I think I finally fixed it with the upload just now. Also, now sound settings should carry between plays.

This font is really awesome! Can you also make it in square pngs? Like as a 16x16 or a 32x32 size png. That would make it easy to load up in rouge-like engines.

I think I fixed it just now. Game is updated.

Like, it starts spawning 4 tiles at once?

You can submit to both jams.

There is a game breaking bug so the build itself isn't back up yet. We're working hard on it.

That sounds super interesting and I hope to read it soon.

I'm making a pretty small puzzle game. I just want to polish it a lot and for it to be fun to play.

Do you have an email or something that I can contact you with?

> The particular game mechanics, genre, level of sexual explicitness and fetishes represented are entirely up to the participants.


I think, like last year, you can start as early as the jam page was created. The deadline for the jam will not change.


I still look forward to it. Even if it turns out to be super small this time.

Probably because RenPy is super easy to build a visual novel with. You can go from nothing to a framework of a visual novel and have it build for all desktop platforms in 20 minutes. However, tools aside, the yuri genre lends itself to prose given the relationship between the characters is the most important.

This is a very comfy game.

72 hours is perfect.

Thanks so much for the feedback! So far I've had equal number of people tell me they liked the tank controls and people tell me they hated them. I'm looking for a happy medium between the two, but the camera definitely will change regardless.

Good idea about the player invincibility. I'll look into implementing that.

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I downloaded the mac build, but when I try to run it "The application '' can't be opened."

This happens sometimes when you make a mac build on a windows machine with Unity. Fellow macOS users, you can solve this by navigating to the FeedtheBeast folder you extracted and in your terminal run `sudo chmod -R +x`. Then you can run the app just fine.