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I got 1 and 2 working, should be in the next version :)

Hi, I'm glad that you're enjoying the game so far :)

1. I can try that adjustment. It should be pretty easy to add commas to all the currency numbers in the game actually because of the way I designed the currency display.

2. A mouse-over popup for the info bars, I'm not sure if I have the functionality for that but I will investigate. Maybe there is another way to display the information you want as well. I will think about this more.

3. You can see the type of work experience by clicking the "Character" button on your profile panel. It should be under the Experience heading.

Thanks very much for your suggestions, they really help me see the game from the player's perspective.

They really are endless!

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That's interesting, I used a Windows 7 machine to make that gif! 

If there's a certain resolution you are looking for, I could add it to the list of options so you could select it to avoid the crashing problem.

Posted in Game Crash Bug
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Hi, you should be able to resize the window to whatever size you want, I did not put any restrictions. Although if you play in too small a window, some of the in-game windows might not be on the screen. See below gif for demonstration.

I am not sure what would cause it to crash though - can you provide steps you use to make it happen? E.g "1. Start the game 2. Go to Options 3. Select 1920x1080...."

Also you can go into Options and resize the UI Scale to make text smaller if you want to play in a smaller window

Contract/freelance work and starting a business are things I have thought about. I have a huge list of things I want to add, but only limited time! We will see... =)

I've just uploaded a new demo, which provides a 'vertical slice' of the game to show what kind of experience the final product will be. You can download it from the link above. The full game will include three scenarios, a custom game mode, preset profiles and the full city-sized map!

The Kickstarter will be launching at 9pm 28/03 UTC / 2pm 28/03 PDT. Higher tiers will include a custom portrait of yourself in the game, a custom profile with your biography and traits, or even a whole scenario dedicated to you!

When it launches, you can back it by clicking here

Hi oddare, I downloaded the file and ran it again just in case something happened to it, and it was fine for me. I assume the mysterious file Avast is talking about is the ThisGrandLife.exe? Could Avast be going nuts because this is the first time I've released the game in any form, and it's never seen it before?

I've previously released a game on Steam, and you can rest assured I wouldn't be sticking viruses into my files!