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Hi, some people had issues with their anti-virus causing a crash at exactly 15 minutes after starting up the game (even if the game was left on the main menu screen the whole time). They just needed to add the game to their anti-virus whitelist. I am not sure if this is the same problem since it's only when the recording software is run, but worth a try.

Hi, sorry it's Windows only but you can try using Wine as an emulator for Mac. You can test it on the demo to make sure it works for you :)

Wow thanks for all the details, and I'm glad you worked out it was Bitdefender! I was looking all over the place for what could cause ntdll.dll to crash but there was so many different things.

And strange that it stops crashing by reverting to the older one and then back to the new one... I did find another problem with the latest patch when running on my super old laptop, so might be reverting some external dlls

Thanks for all the additional details. When it stops working and you get the "this program has stopped working" message, is there a "View Problem Details" below like this:

If so can you click on the little arrow and copy/paste the problem details here?

Also what version of the game are you playing? Did you have any trouble with previous versions, or is this the first version you've played?

Wow that is really weird, even with no input it crashes at 15 minutes.

After some googling I found links with what sounds like a similar thing for other games, and the problems seems to be a process called tabtip32.exe. Can you try killing it if you see it in task manager and follow these steps to disable it:

 1) Open Task Manager

2) Go to Services

3) Identify TabletInputService (Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service)

4) Stop the service


Also the turn off music and full screen will be saved if you exit the game properly (without crashing). So change those settings and then quit, and it will be saved for next time.

Wow I am flattered that you got a new graphics card to play my game! So no problems with the GTX 660 ? That's good to know that it was definitely the graphics card, I wish I knew why it was incompatible though.

Hi, there have been a few people reporting this issue, I am unable to find a fix for it at the moment. Please make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and if still no good, please request a refund. 

One thing it looks like you have in common with the other report is the Intel HD graphics card. Although I have a very old Intel HD 2000 card that the game works with, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Hm ok a workaround might be to try opening data\options.xml in notepad and change dimX and dimY to whatever you want, for fullscreen use


or for your native resolution use 


Hopefully that helps, let me know

Is it when you try switching to full screen or when you try switch to another nonfullscreen resolution?

Hi, have you been able to press 'Load' from the main menu before, or is this the first time pressing it and it crashes? Have you previously been able to save any games? Could you go into your game's folder and paste the contents of log.txt here?

Actually now that I reread it, the game just uses the default windows cursor. I can't think of anything in the game that might cause the actual cursor to move (rather than the game map itself moving, which I misunderstood as the original issue). This might sound silly but, is the bottom of your mouse clean? Is there perhaps a different mouse you could try? Sorry I can't be of much help beyond that at the moment :(

Hi thanks for the report, that's an interesting setup that I hadn't thought about. I suspect the game is getting confused about when you're on the edge of the screen. Can you try go into Options and set Edge Scroll Speed to 0, and then see if the cursor migrates anymore.

Hi, you can play without being online, the steam key is just for those players who want it. I update the game here on as well (DRM free version)

Hi, you should have received an email about it a few days ago! Here's the instructions in case you didn't get it:

Please find your Steam key for This Grand Life by clicking on the request key button on your purchase page. If you've lost your purchase page, you can get it again from this page

Less than 24 hours!

Hi, unfortunately there are no plans for a Mac version at this time

Hey ghostdragon75, did you get it working in the end?

When you unzip the files, can you check those files it says "not found" are in the folder where the ThisGrandLife.exe is located. For example the libbost_filesystem-mgw49-mt-1_60.dll as shown in the image below. If it's not there, then maybe your anti-virus is deleting it when you unzip the files. If it's there but the game still complains it's missing, then please let me know and we can try something else. Don't worry buddy, we will get you playing somehow

Hi, are you unzipping the files first? You cannot run the .exe from inside the zip folder, you have to unzip it first. Here are some instructions for Windows 10:

Open File Explorer and find the zipped folder.

  • To unzip the entire folder, right-click (or press and hold) it, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

  • To unzip a single file or folder, double-click the zipped folder to open it. Then, drag or copy the item from the zipped folder to a new location.

Let me know if this helps, otherwise could you let me know what the error message says exactly?

Good to hear =)

Thanks for the log, your specs should be fine. I *think* the problem was the screen resolution, I found an old laptop to run it on and could reproduce the problem.  Alpha 1.61 is uploaded to fix it, could you try that and see if it works?

Hi, thanks for the report, can I ask what specs are your computer? Does Alpha 1.51 work fine for you?

Could you also paste the stuff in your log.txt file here when it locks up?

I got 1 and 2 working, should be in the next version :)

Hi, I'm glad that you're enjoying the game so far :)

1. I can try that adjustment. It should be pretty easy to add commas to all the currency numbers in the game actually because of the way I designed the currency display.

2. A mouse-over popup for the info bars, I'm not sure if I have the functionality for that but I will investigate. Maybe there is another way to display the information you want as well. I will think about this more.

3. You can see the type of work experience by clicking the "Character" button on your profile panel. It should be under the Experience heading.

Thanks very much for your suggestions, they really help me see the game from the player's perspective.

They really are endless!

That's interesting, I used a Windows 7 machine to make that gif! 

If there's a certain resolution you are looking for, I could add it to the list of options so you could select it to avoid the crashing problem.

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Hi, you should be able to resize the window to whatever size you want, I did not put any restrictions. Although if you play in too small a window, some of the in-game windows might not be on the screen. See below gif for demonstration.

I am not sure what would cause it to crash though - can you provide steps you use to make it happen? E.g "1. Start the game 2. Go to Options 3. Select 1920x1080...."

Also you can go into Options and resize the UI Scale to make text smaller if you want to play in a smaller window

Contract/freelance work and starting a business are things I have thought about. I have a huge list of things I want to add, but only limited time! We will see... =)

I've just uploaded a new demo, which provides a 'vertical slice' of the game to show what kind of experience the final product will be. You can download it from the link above. The full game will include three scenarios, a custom game mode, preset profiles and the full city-sized map!

The Kickstarter will be launching at 9pm 28/03 UTC / 2pm 28/03 PDT. Higher tiers will include a custom portrait of yourself in the game, a custom profile with your biography and traits, or even a whole scenario dedicated to you!

When it launches, you can back it by clicking here

Hi oddare, I downloaded the file and ran it again just in case something happened to it, and it was fine for me. I assume the mysterious file Avast is talking about is the ThisGrandLife.exe? Could Avast be going nuts because this is the first time I've released the game in any form, and it's never seen it before?

I've previously released a game on Steam, and you can rest assured I wouldn't be sticking viruses into my files!