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Migrating Cursor

A topic by EdwardBishop created Nov 26, 2017 Views: 238 Replies: 4
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To whom it may concern (and be willing to help me out):  I've got the demo and would love to buy the full game, but I can't play it because the my cursor continues to move, sliding in the same direction after I stop moving the mouse.  I have a 4k monitor, but I'm running it at 1080p with 100% (regular) UI scaling.  It doesn't matter whether I run it in fullscreen or windowed (I would highly prefer fullscreen if possible, but sometimes fullscreen doesn't work properly, and all the buttons are off so you can't click on anything).


Hi thanks for the report, that's an interesting setup that I hadn't thought about. I suspect the game is getting confused about when you're on the edge of the screen. Can you try go into Options and set Edge Scroll Speed to 0, and then see if the cursor migrates anymore.

Thank you for the prompt response, PWG.  Unfortunately, that did not seem to fix it.


Actually now that I reread it, the game just uses the default windows cursor. I can't think of anything in the game that might cause the actual cursor to move (rather than the game map itself moving, which I misunderstood as the original issue). This might sound silly but, is the bottom of your mouse clean? Is there perhaps a different mouse you could try? Sorry I can't be of much help beyond that at the moment :(

Yeah the mouse is fine, this is the first and only application I've encountered the problem with/in.  I understand that you don't have an immediate solution, but I would appreciate if you keep me updated here if you have any further thoughts.  Thank you kindly.