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Oooh That sounds awesome ! :D

This is so simple, but it really made me smile <3

Thanks :D

This is genius! :D

Thank you! <3 It's nothing fancy, but I'm pleased with it :)

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I've got another submission that was originally written for the 12 word game jam. :P

I'm not entirely sure you can completely call 'remember matches' a proper rpg, but I think it fits the theme at least.

Bonfires are a way of celebrating, they provide hope, warmth and light. Ever since I can remember its been something I associate with people coming together - informaly with friends and drinks, or as big public events. Its symbol of community and friends. On the flipside I've also had people new to the neighbourhood seeing them as hostile and threatening to report us to the police... so theres a wee bit of defiance in there too.

Now the role play bit is simple. Stick a few people who like roleplaying around a fire and they'll roleplay/improvise. No rules needed! :P

This is such a lovely collection of games with beautiful illustrations. I think the 'constellations of loss' is my favourite thing so far in the 12  word jam <3

This game is lovely concept! :D

(Though I was unfortunate enough to draw the 2 of clubs as my first card, on my first try!)

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'A hundred years' is a GMless TTRPG game I designed for worldbuilding  with my players. It follows the relationships of a group of characters over several generations, building up a family tree and following how the world changes around them.

It is also pretty much setting/genre agnostic :)

Thanks! :D

(Also I realise this reply is a year late... its been a strange year!)

I love the mechanics of this- Am looking forward to running it!