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Phoenix Wright! Of course! You're probably right about Umineko, I just don't understand why I didn't reference the naming scheme they use.
I was very happy some devs recognized their game, it was a lot of fun to make a whole list, and I tried to reference as many lemmasoft ppl I could find.

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Thank you for the kind words :) 

 Most of the in-game books are references to fellow VN dev's games that were in production or recently released when we were making AWKI.
Unfortunately my original list has disappeared, but I can show the in-game list and you can try to figure out the ones I don't remember anymore. In addition a few titles were submitted by backers, while "Sexy Man Man #5" is Jaime's own creation ;)


Zombie Holmes and the Giant Crabs (not a VN reference)
Pinewood Island
Lets Feast Steve - Let's Meat Adam
Magnitude Death - possibly Quantum Suicide
Doki Doki School Club Series - DDLC
The Note - The Letter
Pursuer and Maniac - Stalker & Yandere
Censored Life - Redacted Life
Spirit Terminal - Yurei Station
Which one is the real Mich? - Might be Who is Mike?
Recognize Recall - ?
Prof. Wurst’s Construct-A-Companion - Dr. Frank's Build-a-Boyfriend
9 Moments, 9 Lives, 9 Archways - 999
Faith’s Terminal Award - Virtue's Last Reward
Consort or Croak - Date or Die
Awareness of the Lifeless - ?
When they Laugh - ?


XOXO: Tales of jerks in love - XOXO: Droplets
Owlful Partner - Hatoful Boyfriend
Lady’s Woman in a Tight Spot - Ladykiller in a Bind
Fantasy Father - Dream Daddy
Revelatr - Celestial Convoy - ?
Within the Basket - ?
Convenience Store Tale - Konbini Life
The Cutoff - ?
High Jinx Adept - could possibly be Prank Masters
Hoof & Tail: My horse is a Hominid! - Paws & Effect: My Dogs are Human!
My Mystic Annulment Office - My Magical Divorce Bureau!!
Pitching for the Win - Coming Out on Top
Sparrow Drue: Clover Counsel - ? 


The Rise of the Hawks (Not a VN reference)
The Final Rhino (Not a VN reference - The Last Unicorn)
Carbons - Cinders
Trunks: the Troll dating experience - Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim
The Enchantress in the Woods - The Witch in the Forest
Hotfoot Feline - Hustle Cat
An Elfishly Unique Fortnight - An old, unfinished VN I made
Stadium Bazaar - Arena Circus
The Seven Streets of Shortcomings - ?
Selfish Addiction - Ego Holic
A Worgen Advantage, Apparently - A Werewolf Opportunity, Obviously
WonderlandMafia - OZMAFIA
Reverbs of the Unholy - is this.. Echoes of the Fey
Aged - ?
Specter Procession - Spirit Parade
Demonconstruct - ?
The Core of Fables - The Heart of Tales 


Sexy Man Man #5 (Not a VN reference)
Checkers of Daggers - Chess of Blades
Moth Chowder - Butterfly Soup
A Palm in the Twilight - A Hand in the Darkness
Entice Me the Romance - Seduce Me the Otome
Longing: Ur Queer Story - Yearning: a Gay Story
Twosomes - Pairs
So Many Untruths - ?
Lovemade - ?
Where We Set Our Sight - Where We Lay Our Scene
Date Almost Everything - Date (Almost) Anything?
Affectionate Charlatan - Sentimental Trickster
Generic Cherry Blossoms - ?
Abnormal Physics - ?
Flatmates - Roommates


No Alternative Remedy - No Other Medicine
Phantoms of Florida - Ghosts of Miami
Onwards the Perimeter - Along the Edge
Delusion Liberator Daigaku - Dream Savior Gakuen
How We Have Changed - Who We Are Now
Father's Fibs - Daddy Lies (now The Secrets We Keep)
When Waterfowl Cry - ?
Felony Opus: The Ripple Effect - ?

Some of the parody titles are... less bad than others.
(Posting with the right account this time)

This is such a nice comment to read, and I'm so happy our silly little travelling adventure left an impact on you. <3

Yes, if you go to edit game and the uploads, each file needs to be marked with which OS they belong to for it to work in the app.
The itch app is basically a launcher like steam is. You have access to your library of installed games and any keys that are connected to your account.

Hmm, if it is any order, then both my friend and I had weird experiences with it. She swore she tried chalk, candle, goat and got nothing, while I tried flesh, blood, quill several times before trying quill, blood, flesh and got a result. I guess we might both be remembering wrong.

We both played the standard windows version, tho she gave up after not getting any result. It depends how puzzly you want it to be really. I didn't mind having to figure out the correct solutions and the resulting dialogue puzzles, while she doesn't like puzzles. You can't appeal to everyone. Some ppl would be upset if it was too easy.
If you manage to pull off a drag-and-drop interface, that'd be a very fluid way of doing it tho, less clicking.

I think it is a very neat idea and great work for a proof of concept!

An interesting premise and well pulled off, the voice acting is really impressive. Really enjoyed hearing the voices layer like that.

Also enjoyed the music a lot!

I wish there was an accessibility option to turn off the full-screen flashing effect, bc it is quite disorienting to look at. I'd also recommend adding a warning here on itch that there are flashing effects in-game, so that nobody gets harmed.

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Cute little experience with some nice dialogue puzzles. Having to pick the summoning items in the exact right order might be a little off-putting for some ppl, so if you expand I'd keep an eye on the difficulty curve.
I managed to figure out all 4 and get them to take me to the date tho.

I really loved Shoggoth and their little blush!

It was worth it downloading it manually as you haven't marked the files with which OS they work on, which means the app doesn't let you download :oP

(I often never get around to playing the games that can't download in the app bc I forget I have them, so I'm happy I remembered to play this)

Scarecrow is my fav, but I appreciate all the good ends, bc they all allow her to go out and find herself and learn more about the world.

Very neat concept and beautiful design and music!

If you haven't already, I'd recc joining the devtalk server and promoing there, ppl share a lot of their thoughts in the spooktober channel when they know the dev is there :)

Cute, light-hearted, looking forward to the next scooby-doo inspired installment of this band and their misadventures ^^

Neat to see this kind of "repeat the day" concept done in the Renpy engine, and the ending took me by surprise and made the previous ending I'd gotten way worse.

You made me sad. Good job ;)

Very interesting concept, the different candle spirits and their symbols are so intriguing, and the brief glimpse into this world and its inhabitants. Wouldn't mind owning a candle like this myself.

I guess my only suggestion would be some sort of hint on how to unlock the other houses for those of us less clever.
(Hint: gotta not get your fill)

Love the Mythology part that unlocks after finishing the game, please include this in all your games in the future too ^^

Take care of yourself, and I'll be waiting how long it takes to see your projects, I'm still really excited for your works and will be here whenever you're ready :)

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! It helps to know ppl care :)

It is just executive dysfunction kicking my ass :/
I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the first part tho! <3


It's so nice to hear ppl are still interested in Xenos! 
I really want to get back to writing, I have so many ideas and so much of the rest of the game scripted out and world building done.
Currently working with my doctor to find some medication that lets me get back to writing, but cannot promise anything yet, unfortunately :(

Xenopathy has not been forgotten tho! It is definitely something I really want to finish

Thank you! SoulSoftEAs art is amazing

I have my laptop set to 125% size, which meant the game launched bigger than my screen and I couldn't access any of the options. I'd recommend either letting the game be able to launch in windowed mode, or having it fit to screen.

Please let the text parser understand things the description says, it said there was a metal tag on the chest, but "look at/read metal tag" did not work.

I'd also suggest a glossary or note book for the key words you can ask ppl about, tho the game might have this and I just didn't notice


Thank you for the interest in the game! Im trying to finish it as fast as possible, but I unfortunately do not have a release date atm. 

The current release encompasses the first half of the game, so if you wanna try that, it'll let you experience time with the first of the 2 hosts :) 

Thank you for playing and commenting! :)

Hi, thank you for the interest :)
Just posted a devlog with an update on this:

Sorry for the delay, hope to have it out soon!

Thank you for your kind comment! :)
The game was always planned to be "pay what you want", so we'll be keeping that for the full release