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ok I found the link to the discord invite on the profile page

Hello I test your game every 4-8 month, in vr only. The story is progressing and that cool but I found less erotic content each time Even in the part you unlock at the end.

and the survey at the end is ok but I have more things to say than just some stars.

I find your project very cool and would like to make precise and constructive report on what don’t work or bug and what is cool. do you have a bug report system ? a place to dicuss about that (discord, slack, whatever chat programm you use) ?

download link of 2.9 is dead

I was thinking about a game focusing on the medical experiment SS did in concentration camp there is a lot of things documented in wikipedia about that (experimenting and torturing all kind of people, men women children).

But an unfortunate event incoming sunday all day long and I don’t know if I will have the time to do that with my low level in game making and my bad level in graphic creation to make the game in one day and night :/

so if the idea inspire you feel free to try

if you don’t like nazi and ss stuff I had another idea. During the french revolution a lot of people where beheaded in public places. so the idea was to have someone under a guillotine or an axe an you have to chop the head, and let it fell on a slope so it get speed and basicaly play bowling like that, with splat of blood everywhere. You could ajust the direction of the head by changng the angle of the guillotine, adjust the force applied to the head at start depending of the blade the player choose, etc ..
to stick better to the jam, Mariane could be the executionner, she is often pain, half naked

does that help you ?

Is there some limit to not exceed ? I’m mean about being trashy and using very controversial and sensitive subject.

So we can't do anythig 

By the Way, First Jam ever, and first time on unreal engine
that was hard but really fun.