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Lol...Go for it!

No ;) 

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We just launched Dynalinx! Dynalinx are easily programmable digital like legos of the future!

You can quickly build all sorts of cool functioning robots and contraptions with this basic kit. Use our visual programming interface to setup controls and simulate your creations in real-time. Discover different ways to build and power your creations. This is just the beginning! 

Let us know what you think and what might be valuable features you would like to see in expanding Dynalinx

Check out this 3 Wheel Dynalinx Buggy we digitally modeled and simulated in Dynamo: 

We weren't expecting this kind of response this quickly :) - Hit me up on our community portal or twitter  and I will shoot you over some kits! 

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Hi, It's a safe download :) We have a good amount of people playing Dynamo. I think in terms of the user with the black screen issue, it's something to do with their registry prior to installing. If you are having any issues, please connect with us on our community or IM us on our website. We will do our best to help! 

Nice...I think Voyager is pretty dope as well. Has a retro 80's feel to it. 

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Hey Josh! Love the video…super cool & thank you for trying Dynamo :) Yea, we will be releasing more kits shortly. It would be awesome to see more kit build videos from you. If you can DM me or contact me via our website…I will send you over some interesting kits we plan on releasing shortly to play with...It would be cool to get your thoughts on them as well. 

When it comes to the Dark Side and the evil droid, you can add any of the mechanisms you build into that kit. Simply, add the mechanism parts from any kit to your scene with the evil droid.  

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Hi! You can move up and down via R & F on the keyboard. You should be able to move pretty freely…Let me know if that helps? We designed controls around typical First-Person. You can also access the controls via settings (icon) for keyboard/mouse or game controllers. I just posted a link to a visual of the controls. We wanted to make things simple to start with kits and getting a hang of our visual programming interface for simulation. We will be releasing more complex kits and programming actions. Thanks for your feedback!

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Dynamo is a new easy-to-use physics simulation platform (sandbox) that allows you to accurately and realistically simulate anything 3D. 

Game On

  • Level up by earning points and achievements through building kits, solving puzzles, and completing fun challenges that are also educational. 

You can learn more about Dynamo here:

We've packed Dynamo with a variety of kits to easily get you going. Can you achieve "Bot Builder" status? 

Enter for your chance to win an Oculus Rift & Touch VR system. Simply download Dynamo and achieve Bot Builder status! Enter Giveaway

We’re still ironing some things out, but let us know what you think!

Check out some of the cool and interesting things you can simulate with Dynamo: