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Super great. Would love to buy a few bucks for an enhanced version. However I sometimes run into a fatal glitch where a stop near a wall but the ball hasn't officially stopped. Enemies continue to approach me and can't shoot the ball again.

Big fan of the general idea here with non-violent chess strategy and units with a couple abilities each. But feels a little bit too cheesy/naiive at times (as opposed to happy snake stuff which feels more sincerely cute), and also too much short-term tactics... I would like it if there were less pickups, longer cooldowns, and more emphasis on getting pawns across or other long-term goals. Maybe fewer abilities for the first few levels, too? Level 1 shouldn't have me flooding the board with chips and sodas and scrambling to micro-manage four abilities! Perhaps give pawns a single ability? (You do say they are "simple".)

I love the timer mechanic, except I'm not able to see more than a sliver of the clock! I want to know what things take up time, and how much time I have left!

-Jeremy, from my developer account

Also: The music is nice, and I like getting to choose a playlist. Though I'm unsure whether I like mixing the music and strategic stuff. Perhaps have a hard mode that takes out those special abilities, for those who want music/gameplay segregation and fewer pre-game options? Though it is a cool mechanic, and it's neat how the music can remind you what strategic phase of the game you're on.

Great little game! Can you maybe add local multiplayer some time?

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Really love this game. Short and sweet, with a lot of story depth, I thought. I wish the clay/lathe were a tad bigger, making the molding just a little slower (more zen?) but less finicky. Or maybe that was just me not using full-screen.

Is there a way to turn ghost back on? I thought it was a nice feature.

Wish I could repay the guy who I stole the raft from. I offered him the coin.

Hi everyone,

As the game is still in Beta, I would love to hear any feedback you may have. Levels you got stuck on, confusing dialogue, issues with the UI, requested features, or just about anything else. Keep in mind that the Almanac and gem designs are not complete -- each stone from 2 to 100 will eventually have its own name, sprite, and sensible flavor text.