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Level 10 (the middle one on the sidebar) seems impossible?

Thanks for releasing your best mobile games onto itch. It's great to have a version I can download now and play any time in the future, so these games won't be lost.

I found the Bunibon games frustrating at times, but I loved how the level design introduces and iterates on the different mechanics. Fun little game.

Got 12! Good challenge!

I got 11. I think that's the best possible?

The new new C11 also has a novel solution... this one is pretty interesting though, so I think it's fine. It has an isolated black square in the upper-right corner and the rest is 2 intertwining paths.

It is annoying to try figuring out the puzzle mechanics when puzzles are spaced so far apart and the controls make experimenting difficult. It would be nice if entering and exiting a puzzle was easier (e.g. mouse-only controls), and if the first 4 or 5 puzzles per section were all in a row.

Not sure what the intended solution is, but the new C11 told me I had a novel solution:

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It sounds like your main objections to golf are that it uses a lot of labor and resources. 

However, your solution of seed-bombing golf courses will probably just cause *more* labor and resources to be spent in order to remove the seeds. Seems unlikely that the owner will just give up and turn it into a nature preserve.

So while your analysis seems fairly reasonable, your conclusion is actively harmful.

I found TWO similar novel solutions to C11, where you blacken the entire 2nd row (the one with the king).

When I pushed a block into an infinite loop, the game froze : (

I wish the game saved. (It would just have to store coins and checkpoints, right?)

Up until that point, really enjoyed the game. The grid-based design is great for making interactions clear, and not finicky.

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The drag-and-drop is broken... dragging a tile onto another takes me to a page labeled or similar. (the number depends on the tile)

edit: I think this is firefox only, because firefox makes all images draggable by default.

Aside from that, I actually really like the game. Normal pinball feels unsatisfying because I never know what score is "good", especially with modern score inflation. Playing a series of stages until I beat them in one ball is really fun.

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I know it isn't Christmas any more but can I have a stage restart button?

Janky. Ball got stuck in the middle of stage 3.

Amazing game! Finally got all 15 stars... I had to look up a hint for 4,12, but figured out the rest.

This does not seem "short"   : /

Looks like this has existed on Steam since 2019, and updated May 2020, if I understand it correctly.

Why so attached to the potion bottle? It's a kinda weird metaphor for health, especially when there's also magic as a resource. You could just use 5 hearts that can be cut in half.

I finally finished all the levels. Found another novel solution (D6)

Awesome game! Very similar to a puzzle game I made for a game jam last year, except way better and more polished.

I found a novel solution to B9:


On an n-by-n grid, you can get up to (n)(n-1) points if n is even, and one less point if n is odd.

8x8. Didn't notice there were other options!

Oops, nevermind, definitely not 98. Currently have 56, probably can't go much higher than that. Has anyone gotten 60?

Stopping at 50... I suspect the max is close to 98 though. Good game : )

Thanks! Even though it was a quick project I spent quite some time making sure there was variety in the randomly-generated challenges. There's also new types of blocks patterns after 100 and 200 points.

I notice the enemies will eventually cluster in the exact same spot after a while. Maybe they could each have slightly different behavior, like Pacman ghosts? Some could be slightly slower or faster. Some could travel towards where you were a few seconds ago, or where they think you'll be a second in the future. One could move at random. Stuff like that.

Although if the plan is to give the player a weapon, that might not be necessary.

Got it!

Awesome game! Balanced, elegant, good difficulty, and so many things to explore. The 3/2/1/2 gold system is perfect, and I love how the 3 games use similar rules yet feel so different. Now that I've gotten the Platinums, I just need to figure out how to be a Power Gamer.

- Waving Fox

Here's how I think of it:

If adding content or progression to your game makes players actually get more out of it, then its fine and perhaps even good. If not, you're right to think that it's gross.

For example, a lot of games have power-ups that drastically alter gameplay. Giving that to the player after a certain amount of play can lead to really interesting discoveries about a system, like realizing that removing certain mechanics breaks the game... or that certain powerful-looking upgrades don't actually affect power level very much.

Even with regular "numbers go up" upgrades, it can be (slightly) interesting to recognize and compare additive, multiplicative, and exponential growth.

For example, I played Clash Royale a while back, and thought it had some clear examples of good and bad gamification:


- Give the player more units over time. (Especially since players start with simple units, and are slowly given more complex ones, AND everyone gets units in roughly the same order, so players can see how the metagame changes when reaching a new "arena" where everyone has access to new units.)

- Give the player achievements/rewards for trying out different types of units.

- Reward players for winning, so everyone on ranked mode is actually trying to win, and the player feels interested in playing the game as intended (trying to win).


- Reward the player for things unrelated to the real game, like opening chests or playing a certain amount per day.

- Give the player upgrades that increase a unit's stats by 10%.

The gameplay was simple but fine

For a 4-hour game made in twine
But I think your rhyme scheme
Clashes badly with theme
I was just looking for a fun time

Thank you for your feedback! (...and hosting the jam of course!) I will increase the resolution of the circle sprites, and swap levels 5 and 6... I knew 5 was too hard, but waasn't sure what level to put in that spot... on further thought, 6 seems like a good candidate. You're totally right I should have put cake in the end screen... I wasn't sure if I could make decent cake though and wanted all my own graphics. But yeah, maybe I'll make the end screen possible and add something.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I'm currently working an adventure/card game set in the same universe, though it could take a while.

It took a while to get the hang of it, but then it was pretty fun... got through the "now things get tricky" level by sheer luck, but now I think I've got it. (Haven't beaten it yet, could take a while.)

Yes, I will fix that after the jam. I learned about the issue right after the deadline : (

Really great levels and use of the theme. I had a lot of fun on just about every level, particularly the early-ish one with four boxes to push. One suggestion: Could you add a different sound for when you press a key but no character can move in that direction?

I liked the art style and the combination of limited time, moves, and restarts, but the levels all felt pretty same-y... I wish the purple and green obstacles did something other than just blocking the way or killing you.

A super neat and original idea, and the music feels fitting if a bit irritating after a long time. I love that you implemented custom levels, and that you included a cheat mode (though I got an "index out of bounds error" when cheating).

The game does get tedious after a bit, so I feel like this would be best as part of a broader puzzle game, maybe an Escape the Room type game.

One UI suggestion: Place a dot on the screen where the player clicks the first time, so they know the game has registered that click.

The rotation mechanic was fun, but the enchanted book theme didn't really come through, and it felt like just a platformer rather than a puzzle-platformer. Also, it was odd having a 100 second timer that reset every time you die, but also no penalty for dying.

Thanks for letting me know. I think I know how I can improve the performance a bit. Or it might not be true lag you're seeing, but the fact that the line is created in segments rather than smoothly. I'll probably change that eventually.

Fun concept, but the levels were a little weak. I wish there were multiple pieces of iron to collect, and I'm confused what the coins do. I'd love to play a later version of this.