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On an n-by-n grid, you can get up to (n)(n-1) points if n is even, and one less point if n is odd.

8x8. Didn't notice there were other options!

Oops, nevermind, definitely not 98. Currently have 56, probably can't go much higher than that. Has anyone gotten 60?

Stopping at 50... I suspect the max is close to 98 though. Good game : )

Thanks! Even though it was a quick project I spent quite some time making sure there was variety in the randomly-generated challenges. There's also new types of blocks patterns after 100 and 200 points.

I notice the enemies will eventually cluster in the exact same spot after a while. Maybe they could each have slightly different behavior, like Pacman ghosts? Some could be slightly slower or faster. Some could travel towards where you were a few seconds ago, or where they think you'll be a second in the future. One could move at random. Stuff like that.

Although if the plan is to give the player a weapon, that might not be necessary.

Got it!

Awesome game! Balanced, elegant, good difficulty, and so many things to explore. The 3/2/1/2 gold system is perfect, and I love how the 3 games use similar rules yet feel so different. Now that I've gotten the Platinums, I just need to figure out how to be a Power Gamer.

- Waving Fox

Here's how I think of it:

If adding content or progression to your game makes players actually get more out of it, then its fine and perhaps even good. If not, you're right to think that it's gross.

For example, a lot of games have power-ups that drastically alter gameplay. Giving that to the player after a certain amount of play can lead to really interesting discoveries about a system, like realizing that removing certain mechanics breaks the game... or that certain powerful-looking upgrades don't actually affect power level very much.

Even with regular "numbers go up" upgrades, it can be (slightly) interesting to recognize and compare additive, multiplicative, and exponential growth.

For example, I played Clash Royale a while back, and thought it had some clear examples of good and bad gamification:


- Give the player more units over time. (Especially since players start with simple units, and are slowly given more complex ones, AND everyone gets units in roughly the same order, so players can see how the metagame changes when reaching a new "arena" where everyone has access to new units.)

- Give the player achievements/rewards for trying out different types of units.

- Reward players for winning, so everyone on ranked mode is actually trying to win, and the player feels interested in playing the game as intended (trying to win).


- Reward the player for things unrelated to the real game, like opening chests or playing a certain amount per day.

- Give the player upgrades that increase a unit's stats by 10%.

The gameplay was simple but fine

For a 4-hour game made in twine
But I think your rhyme scheme
Clashes badly with theme
I was just looking for a fun time

Thank you for your feedback! (...and hosting the jam of course!) I will increase the resolution of the circle sprites, and swap levels 5 and 6... I knew 5 was too hard, but waasn't sure what level to put in that spot... on further thought, 6 seems like a good candidate. You're totally right I should have put cake in the end screen... I wasn't sure if I could make decent cake though and wanted all my own graphics. But yeah, maybe I'll make the end screen possible and add something.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I'm currently working an adventure/card game set in the same universe, though it could take a while.

It took a while to get the hang of it, but then it was pretty fun... got through the "now things get tricky" level by sheer luck, but now I think I've got it. (Haven't beaten it yet, could take a while.)

Yes, I will fix that after the jam. I learned about the issue right after the deadline : (

Really great levels and use of the theme. I had a lot of fun on just about every level, particularly the early-ish one with four boxes to push. One suggestion: Could you add a different sound for when you press a key but no character can move in that direction?

I liked the art style and the combination of limited time, moves, and restarts, but the levels all felt pretty same-y... I wish the purple and green obstacles did something other than just blocking the way or killing you.

A super neat and original idea, and the music feels fitting if a bit irritating after a long time. I love that you implemented custom levels, and that you included a cheat mode (though I got an "index out of bounds error" when cheating).

The game does get tedious after a bit, so I feel like this would be best as part of a broader puzzle game, maybe an Escape the Room type game.

One UI suggestion: Place a dot on the screen where the player clicks the first time, so they know the game has registered that click.

The rotation mechanic was fun, but the enchanted book theme didn't really come through, and it felt like just a platformer rather than a puzzle-platformer. Also, it was odd having a 100 second timer that reset every time you die, but also no penalty for dying.

Thanks for letting me know. I think I know how I can improve the performance a bit. Or it might not be true lag you're seeing, but the fact that the line is created in segments rather than smoothly. I'll probably change that eventually.

Fun concept, but the levels were a little weak. I wish there were multiple pieces of iron to collect, and I'm confused what the coins do. I'd love to play a later version of this.

A fairly similar concept to my game, so I definitely approve of the core idea : D

Your game is definitely one of the most well-polished, and the graphics complement the gameplay very well. The solutions started feeling similar towards the end (and the animations were kinda slow), but for such a short game I think that's fine. Controlling two characters helping each other felt very satisfying.

My favorite puzzle concept so far, and the 3 puzzles are quite good. The Full Screen button in the corner was annoying, though, and it needs a restart button! I got stuck at level 1 and had to refresh.

The controls aren't always responsive, but I enjoyed the puzzles. It's a very simple, intuitive concept but surprisingly deep in terms of variety of puzzle design. Two little things: The numbers are quite hard to read at times, and the "Next" button is rather small given how important it it.

As an after-school math instructor, this is the kind of game I wish teachers assigned instead of addition practice sheets. (Though it would need to be a lower difficulty of course.)

It's a fun concept, but even as someone who plays Hearthstone and similar, it was hard to understand what to do at first. And then when I reached the dark portal level, it started glitching out and I couldn't restart or continue!

Good puzzles! And good difficulty curve... That last one was quite tough. I immediately muted the music though :/

I forgot that I couldn't re-upload today, so I tried to remove the old versions and re-upload but of course I couldn't during judging. Not sure why saved "delete file" before I hit "save", but my game is now gone from the internet : (

Is there any way I can re-upload?

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The puzzles seem good but I didn't get very far because of issues with the controls. Sometimes they wouldn't respond, and sometimes I would move multiple spaces. It was really punishing since one wrong move makes you start over... I wish that shrubs and shards just acted like walls instead of instakills. I'm also confused what the point of the red-eyed shrub monster is, since leaving the path kills you anyways.

The intro was confusing, but once I got the rules it was great... the procedural generation was basically unnoticeable - it felt like perfectly good handmade levels. And I quite liked that puzzle ruleset... I don't think I've ever played Kuromasu before.

One thing I'd suggest is having a logarithmically decreasing score so I don't get zero if it takes me a while to solve : (

Very polished game, and very nice controls! I loved zooming around on the arrows, it made large levels go by faster than in many other puzzle games. One thing that seemed weak was the puzzle designs... many levels were large but very easy, with almost any path I took being a valid solution. I don't mind easy games but having so many solutions felt odd. Also... the colors are great, but it doesn't feel like it matches the theme.

Out of curiosity... When I first started playing, I assumed I was supposed to cover *every* tile. Was that your original idea? I notice the first few levels have the player cover all tiles.

Yep, I finished the game except for the cake... though I didn't write down my time. It might have said 260 seconds? Or I might be totally off, that seems short. I will say the duration of the game seemed good for a short jam game. And none of the levels felt too short or long.

Neat puzzles, though I feel they would be much better with non-ASCII graphics... as-is some of the controls/rules took some getting used to. The level design is quite solid for a jam game.

Got to like floor 7, I think... anybody found an ending to this game?

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Super great. Would love to pay a few bucks for an enhanced version. However I sometimes run into a fatal glitch where a stop near a wall but the ball hasn't officially stopped. Enemies continue to approach me and can't shoot the ball again.

Big fan of the general idea here with non-violent chess strategy and units with a couple abilities each. But feels a little bit too cheesy/naiive at times (as opposed to happy snake stuff which feels more sincerely cute), and also too much short-term tactics... I would like it if there were less pickups, longer cooldowns, and more emphasis on getting pawns across or other long-term goals. Maybe fewer abilities for the first few levels, too? Level 1 shouldn't have me flooding the board with chips and sodas and scrambling to micro-manage four abilities! Perhaps give pawns a single ability? (You do say they are "simple".)

I love the timer mechanic, except I'm not able to see more than a sliver of the clock! I want to know what things take up time, and how much time I have left!

-Jeremy, from my developer account

Also: The music is nice, and I like getting to choose a playlist. Though I'm unsure whether I like mixing the music and strategic stuff. Perhaps have a hard mode that takes out those special abilities, for those who want music/gameplay segregation and fewer pre-game options? Though it is a cool mechanic, and it's neat how the music can remind you what strategic phase of the game you're on.

Great little game! Can you maybe add local multiplayer some time?

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Really love this game. Short and sweet, with a lot of story depth, I thought. I wish the clay/lathe were a tad bigger, making the molding just a little slower (more zen?) but less finicky. Or maybe that was just me not using full-screen.

Is there a way to turn ghost back on? I thought it was a nice feature.

Wish I could repay the guy who I stole the raft from. I offered him the coin.