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are you going this way or that way?

Not sure if it fixes your issue, but we just released a tiny bugfix for an input-related issue:

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Sorry about that. We‘d like to fix that, but we can‘t reproduce it. It would be great to get your Unity player log file. Could you send a mail to so we can investigate?

Here's some info about how to find the log file:

That shouldn't happen, there should be an intro animation playing instead. Which OS are you on?

weird... fixed it

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Hello Peter! You can read about our process here:


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Hello jusedeaf! No, unfortunately it will likely not run on a chromebook. :-(

Really enjoying this short interactive ride! Congrats!

My Exercise is out now:

Let a chubby boy do his exercise and sink into a dog's body. Maybe animals will come to cheer him up.

My Exercise is a festival of private comforts. Subtle secret elements are hidden delicately.

My Exercise is the first game by award-winning animation filmmaker Atsushi Wada. This short game was developed in collaboration with independent Japanese developer Ryoya Usuha and the Playables team.

Play time: 15 – ∞ minutes

Could you send the game log file to  Maybe there's something hidden in there.

It should be here:

This can happen when your driver ignores the vsync settings of the game.  Try switching on vsync in your driver settings. What platform are you on?