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Hi, The cards in this game require a custom cut. So sleeving is not really possible sorry. I recommend this technique to have a durable crafted game : I hope that helps :)

The whole game is about discovering how the cubes can work ;)

Thanks you for looking through the rules :D Very happy that no big questions arrised!

If you want there is a playable online web version of Macaronade here :

It is a public room (everyone with the link gets to the same table) so that is why i decided to not put it on the downloads of the project.

hi Zakaria, yes the PDF files are files to print out, then you have a boardgame ;)

The steam link is a digital version but you need to have a 20$ software called Tabletop simulator.

I also included links to a web platform where you can play it directly, you'll find these in the project description @ .

But I totally understand that you reject it, I looked at your channel, and this would become a very different video from the rest.

Thanks for checking it out :)

This is a lovely project!

It was really difficult to get into !

But after the 2nd level i kinda started getting the feel of it. But it was really frustrating at first. I think you should add some levels before, whjere the knot is not always there, maybe only in a part of the puzzle, so one can already learn to move 2 different characters, learn that you can jump on top of each other, etc... Your knot mechanic is really complex, so a player needs to master all the other mechanics before that or he'll loose interest because of frustration.

Other wise very good looking, intriguing, fun, puzzling ! congrats a very good game !

this is really cute and fits the puzzle category very well ! I could not understand what the darker squares meant, those did seems to change anything ? I) might have missed a bubble though as i could not get back to the first cube bubble even on restart.

At first i thought because of the theme that i have to slide until i collide with a dark side (a mechanic very often seen with the ice theme), so i feel like the theme while looking really good, is not a good match with your gameplay.

Overall really good quality game ! very well polished and works well :) I personally just did not go past level 4 as i did not enjoy the mechanic so much.

This is amazing ! If i could rate it i'd give it 5 stars :)

Two things:

1) maybe add a "why suspect" to the suspect files, as i was wondering why those persons were suspect in the first place.

2) add a "option already clicked" so one does not click thrrough the whole dialogue again to see if that unlocks anything :D

It even is replayable, amazing man ! 10 out 10 !

I used chrome, and had focus :)

If you need more ideas, how about colored waterfalls, when you have the corresponding color you can swim them up slowly :)

So i tried your game out and managed to get to lvl 9. No clue what i have to do there :O Especially with the blue teleport where i seem to die but don't why (Maybe add a death timer/animation so people can see where and why they die).
Otherwise the concept is supercool ! It works really well !

I couldn't play in the browser for some reason, it wouldnt take my keyboard inputs.

It would be cool to have the spacebar for the jump, i had some difficulties with my jumps ^^

I'd love to go beyond lvl 9 but i'm stuck pls send help :D

Hi Synzorasize,

i actually made 3 very puzzle inspired physical games. Am i allowed to join with all 3 of them ? ^^'

thanks for making the contest open for physical games :D

Hey Zakaria,

would you also feature physical games?

If so i would love to see you play any of my projects if any peeks your interest @

I wish you best of luck climbing the youtube algorithm ! :)

Congrats on a beautifull game ! Good luck in the contest :)

I am a Programmer myself so i am really intrigued by it :D
I hope to find the time to play it soon.

One question though, you say its playable up to four, but can you play it solo ? The rules don't really tell, and seem like you can't.