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This page design looks great!


Could you please try downloading the file I just added to the Itch game page labeled “(Patch)” and put it inside the game subfolder (Pizza Game/game/[put the file here])? That should disable snacks from popping up.

TIL this is on itch. I played it back in 2013 and it stuck with me quite a bit. Replayed again this year around the week I got my second COVID shot. I only got 5 hours of sleep the night after but was like, “That’s fine! I’ll just get up and play some more Doppelganger!” Cue me being so invested I’m fighting through a fever trying to play this game 😂 It’s really great, thanks a lot!


I just started but the fact Lucren’s name box has STONKS in it is sending me. That’s awesome.

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Sorry for the late response, I haven’t looked at Itch in a hot minute.

  1. In the game folder find the renpy/common directory. Open the file called 00console.rpy in a text editor.
  2. Change line 108 where it says config.console = False to config.console = True
  3. Open the game and try pressing Shift + O. A console-looking thing should open up. (If it didn’t, maybe try deleting 00console.rpyc and relaunching the game, forcing it to recompile.)
  4. In the console, type persistent.true5_choseEnd = False and hit enter
  5. Restart game

whOa, cOoL ReNpY hAcKs!


Do you guys have a changelog anywhere? It’d be nice to keep up with even like little stuff that gets updated

Cool cool, excited to see the finished product


I think I have the same problem; I’m getting the same “I touched the orb”/“I gave it to the shopkeeper” options whether I do the key or the pickaxe route.

Also, the glitchy boss behind the painting in the last area won’t actually die when he’s defeated. It just bumps me to level 11 and makes combat impossible LOL

Oh hell yeah it’s Missingno time

I keep making all my assignments self-portraits because Froshmin is just so hilarious to draw

I knew that kid and the layout of the building and those clown statues were all so familiar! It took me until the post-completion room to remember One Night at the Steeze. At least now I know I'm not going crazy.

Anyway, that was a nice four hours. Shame there's not a wiki for this game yet.

the ppl on twitter said it would be the downfall of western visual novels and it hurt my feelings a little bit

Pizza Game! community · Created a new topic Bug Rreprots

Hello pizzas,

Even though Pizza Game is perfect game, there is chance you may find a bug or other problem in it. Thesse were deffinitely intentinoaly added to game, because otherwise if my game were perfect all the other games on Itch would be sad that they were not as good as this game. ;)

You should file bug report if you encounter:

  • An exception scren in game
  • Accessibilty issue (like keyboard navigation not working as expected)
  • In-game camera-related errors
  • Issue with game crashing and opening traceback file

Just fill out the "Report a BUg" form here. It's very easy. Select your version of pizza (full or demo, plus the version number visible on the home scren) and then describe the steps you took to find the bug. If the bug gave you an error scree, you can upload a picture of it or copy the error text to clipboard and paste it in the description box.

Aha! Got it, thank you.

I have a soft spot for anything 999/VLR-inspired, but please... add a text speed option or something... or the ability to skip to the end of the current text statement on click. ;^;

I did it! I am a successful murderer.