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yep, I totally agree. A difficulty curve would make the game more interesting, challenging and fun. Thanks for the feedback ;)

I like how you switch sides and you have to try and keep control over two sides while only being able to move one square at a time. It's a unique idea and it might actually have some potential. I didn't like the top label displaying the switch key. Purely gameplay wise it wasn't fun for me to always look at that label. What I would've done instead was having one switch key, but with some more rooms so even though you don't have to look at the label you still feel like you have to take control. Sound was lacking I think :/ But that's fine, 48 hours isn't nearly enough to make an overall perfect game. The UI and other graphics were fine in my opinion. In short, well done and good luck with the game :)

Very original concept. The music was ok but not amazingly good. The art was pretty good. Especially the robot and the background. Too bad the background didn't move, although that might've been your intention. It's hard to say what you did wrong as you might've put it in the game on purpose. The portal could've been better I think. The gravity could've been a bit better so it feels more smooth to jump. And UI could've been more polished. with that being said though, there were over 15 000 sign ups and about 5000 entries. So you did better than 10 000 people already. I think the game is fun to play for a few minutes, but I don't see much potential beyond that. And that's perfectly fine for a game jam submission. Good work and fun little game!

I like the mechanic this game has. It just shows how fun games that are based around one cool mechanic are. The art was good too, simple but the game looked polished. Normally I like some background music too but the sound effects were sufficient to cover the audio for this game. Well done!

I enjoyed playing the game for a few minutes. I would've loved some background music. Sound effects were not that special but I think the most important thing is that they are there. With some polish,  I think this could make for a nice and simple mobile game actually. Someone commented that it doesn't fit the theme very well but I disagree. This is obviously a game made to fit the theme in my opinion. The gameplay is really basic so an in game tutorial instead of the wall of text would've been better I think.  Overall,  good game !

I like the idea. Gameplay wise I didn't enjoy it that much but nevertheless it's a unique mechanic and it has its place. I also really liked the art and sound effects. Good job!

Hi, first off, the assets look gorgeous! Are they under any particular license? I saw you appreciate crediting. are there any obligations/rules to follow regarding crediting?

Thanks for the quick response :)

hey, what license are these assets under?

Hey, under what license are these assets?

hey, can I use this in a game? and if so how do I have to credit you?

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I've got a lot of feedback on the non intuitive controls. Thanks for pointing that out. It makes me realize how important that is :)


Thanks for the feedback! I might change some of the stuff you mentioned

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You've got the sickest mind I've ever seen. But still funny

I'm not sure if I'm going to change that volume because I don't think I've got enough time. Thanks for the feedback though :)


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Thanks, that's good feedback.

I'm aware of that

Glad you like it ;)

Thanks, means a lot to me!

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Pretty interesting, however, it's easier to just not shoot at all and play the game just running away and leaving the enemies behind you, maybe you should make multiple possible ways to go so the enemies come from all sides, and you can't just leave them behind you .