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This generator makes standardized B/X D&D characters It uses a variation on GRIDFLIP to give scores that add up to 71 points, range from 3-18, with an average ability score of 11.8. Based off an analysis of the pregens in the B-series of modules.

#ttrpg #osr #dnd

News to me, I have seen slightly similar names generated for characters in Two Point Hospital though.

Ah, a fellow student of Dr. Toboggan I see.

Thanks - I usually add names in big blocks if at all, so some of these might make it into next update!

Neat short puzzle game, gave me good memories of the old "Return of Heracles" on the Commodore 64, but more intuitive. I support the idea of adding some music.

That's so great to hear, thanks! Clown Helsing was a labor of love but also a very niche game - so it's rare that I hear about anyone playing it. But if it was easy to play and you found a way to have fun playing it, I am overjoyed.

Thanks! I'm glad people are getting a kick out of it. I meant it to output kind of vaguely unsettling but somehow passable names and Moist Sorbet is a good example.

Oh noes, back to the mines!


Check out a @_TheUglyMonster review of Figment here, as well as other games in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality:

Youtube video explaining these techniques, plus a similar one from 13th Age!

It moist be detecting your natural moistness?

("moist" is actually only in the input list once, so it's probably chance)

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Hey, thanks for checking it out. I remember you from lurking the Fictioneers forum. Most of the tricks refer to the Twists and Raises options. Others may emerge but for now I think that is plenty to digest.

Finally, someone did something clever with zombies!

This game totally changed how I am thinking about running at least one of my monsters in another setting.

Thanks, not to review a review but that was very insightful!

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Thx - Let me try and fix it.

(should be fixed now)

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People use this all the time but never rate it?

I'll add one name for each 5 star rating I get.

Very nice.

16 downloads for GRIDFLIP vs. 10 for BARFLIP... do people like GRIDFLIP more or is it just an artifact of low numbers?