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Great game! Fun, fast paced and challenging.

Creativity award! Great game!

Great game! I Love it! Well done!

Nice concept! I liked a lot this game. Very creative.

Very nice game! I liked a lot!

Great game! I Love it! Fun, fast paced, really good music, what more can I say? Congratulations!

Nice game! Well done!

The concept is amazing! Very fun indeed.

Great game! Cool graphics, cool gameplay! 

Great game! I loved the concept and game mechanics! Just amazing!

I liked a lot this game. Simple, fun, and have a great visual. 

It's amazing how a simple game can be fun! Great job!

This game has potential. The concept is very interesting.

Thank you. It was really fun to make this game.

Nice concept. Simple but fun. 

Nice game! 

Great game! I loved the gameplay, creativity, puzzles, etc. 

Well done! Great concept and gameplay!

The game is fun. I liked a lot the concept! Well done.

Great art, nice gameplay. I liked the concept of the game. Well done! 

I liked this game a lot. The game is fun, nice gameplay and very interesting the combination of tds and card game. Well done!

Nice game! I liked the concept. Great work!

Nice game. I had fun for a few minutes with this game. I would suggest to increase the size of the game, or change to become an endless game.

Nice work!

Great game! I liked a lot the concept, grafics and playability. To be really great, I would suggest some sounds and music.

Bom, mas fica complicado o evento presencial. Fora isso dá de boas

Thanks for playing it.

Thanks. It was really fun to create this game.

Great work! The game is really fun! I liked a lot the graphics, sounds, music...


Nice game. Was fun playing it. Congratulations!

Thanks. I had a lot of fun creating this game. 

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Hello. Will you finish this game? I am asking for rating purposes.

Pena que não é na minha cidade esse GameJam... Mas gostei da idéia.

Abraço e boa sorte aos participantes.

Nice game. I liked. Its fun. I took some time to understand the goal of the game, but I did.

Mini Jam 4th Edition community · Created a new topic Colors

Can I use any four colors to make the game? Or must be shades of green?


It is possible do overlap sprites?

Very nice game! I enjoyed a lot. Add more levels, a menu and you will have a great game.

Great Game!

Practice math basic operations and have fun at the same time!. It's a fun game to play with friends and family. Try to reach a really high score in all four basic operations!

There are 5 Leaderboards, one for each operation and one for the sum of all.

Languages available: english and portuguese (BR).