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There it is!

Have fun!

Great game! Small but incredibly fun!

Amazing! Great backgrounds!
I made a game with this art:

Hello! Guess what. Yep, another one with one of your musics!

Have fun!

Hello Friend! Another one!

This time I made something that I never did before.

Have fun and thanks for your musics!!!

I really liked this game. Simple and very funny.

The controls were designed to give some chanlenge. But when you get used to them, it's pretty easy to aim properly.  I wanted to make controls that use keyboard only for a change. 

Thanks for you reply. In all my tests, the controls always were 100% responsive. Wich browser are you using?

Hi. What can I say? Another one:

Have fun!

Thanks. I am improving a bit every game I make. I will make a game for this game jam:

If you have any ideas/sugestions...

Hello again. Another one:

Have fun!

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Thanks. Glad that you liked! What's your highscore? Mine is 6...

Nice concept. Not really an idle game, as you change the character actions during a fight. I love it!

Same as I. I really don't know the problem. I will see what I can do.

Congratulations! This game is awesome! 

Really nice game! Fun and challenging (shooting grenades all the time became difficult to move around).

Wich browser are you using? 

My Highscore is 5.

Hi, made one more game with one of your music:

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My anti-virus detected  a virus in your file...

You have a nice game in hands. But need a score system. And you must think of something to avoid player to stay in a corner shooting everything (because its very easy to survive for eternity this way), probably some enemies could shoot the player?

Nice game. It's a good game to relax.

The money is out of control???

I liked this game. Good gameplay, fun, bice visuals and sounds.

If you add a music, will make it awesome! 

if you add some kind of boss, that spawns every 2 or 3 minutes, would be a nice addition to the game as wel.

Good job!

I updated the game. Check it out.

Thanks for your reply. I will change a lot of things in this game in the near future.

I updated the game. Added another character class, added rotation speed adjustment and a few other minor things. I will add another class (scout) and some new enemies.

Nice ideas. I will create a test version for this changes. When I have something playable, I let you know. 

What kind of level up are you thinking about? And about the rotation speed I am thinking on adjust with mouse wheel while playing.

And describe what you thought about a weapon system, please.

Hello again. As you are giving feedback, whats is your opinion on add some features to the game?

I thought of:

1) The player could move faster when running forward and slowed when backwards;

2) Add another player character to chose, like sniper - high damage, piercing bullets, but with a smaller clip and fire rate;

3) Add aim by mouse (but leep the rotation speed), so the player can choose one or other input for aiming

Hello again. I am working on an action/shooter space game. I could send you a preview when I have something playable. 

Thanks. Tomorrow I Will adress these bugs.

Hello. The rotation with arrow keys is this way by design, just trying to do something quite different and not mouse dependant. First I started with mouse aiming, but I changed. 

Thanks for your feedback. :)

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The enemies always spawn close to the player, because the map  is infinite. While testing, I haven't any problems like you, but this problem will happen depending on player play style. 

I will fix it.

I will greatly increase enemy speed when far away of the player to solve this problem.

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I really don't know what happen when you played. I checked the code, tested the game... Reached wave 20 without problems more than once...


Hi, I made another game with one of your music: