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Thanks for the detailed critique SplitHare! I think in the next couple of months we will balance the physics of the lamp and the speed of the candle. It was our first Jam and even if the game is not nearly close to be finished, we had a lot of fun creating it. These are some good points you're mentioning, especially the last one, we will definitely keep them in mind. Thank you for playing!

A little bit confusing with so much bullets, and a tutorial would be helpful, but overall a nice idea!

Very good concept, you should return to the game after the jam and make more levels (And maybe improve the music, its a little bit annoying)! It's fun, well done!

Its a little bit too hard for the first levels and you should improve the collision, but I like the idea, a stealth game where you need to think and also react fast. Nice job!

Cool concept, I have no mouse at the moment and its hard to play with a trackpad, but I think with a normal mouse it would have been easier. I also like the music!

Thanks SyllabusGames for your feedback. These are very helpfull points, which we will improve. 

At the end of the Jam, we were in a bit hurry. So we couldn't put much love in the leveldesign. The same issue with the candle-timer, which we will adjust to the levels soon.