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This is a well made game! I think the premise describes a rhythm game more than a bullet hell, but I enjoyed the game regardless. 

Despacito Royale!

LiTeRaLlY mInEcRaFt lOl

In all seriousness: great work on this solidly made game! The crafting thing is pretty intuitive, but I still don't get how to kill the enemy. Some sort of explanation or prompt would have helped.

This is an amazing concept! This easily has the potential to become a full game- maybe even with a real language instead of a fake one! Using language as a vehicle for exploration was really a good idea. Getting through those first two rooms made me feel like a genius! My biggest complaint would be the red herring of the purple monster poster. There were a lot of different ways you could interpret that poster, with one word being unused altogether.

This is a great concept that is well executed! The addition of the pools of water is what really puts this game over the top- it really made me think about each puzzle spatially! The greatest criticism I have for this game is the constant movement. The constant movement is there to show that the game is snake, but I don't think it fits with the puzzle vibe it's going for. 

Holy Batman there are a lot of controls. It would have super helpful to have that controls menu as a popup in game. A better way of handling this might have been to introduce toggles slowly. Cool concept! I made a similar game for this jam, "Genre Mechanic!"

This is a good, polished game with a solid concept! One nitpick I had was the levers, because they made it so I couldn't see my traps working. 

Haha I love that you can eat the shark!

Wasn't able to complete the game, but I did appreciate did the long-necked dog! Maybe a bait mechanic would spice things up a little?

I wish the game ended...

Neat concept! To me, it didn't seem like a text adventure per se, but more of a regular top-down experience.